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Nov 06

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admin says:

Biking roads could be hit by 40mph plans

Popular motorcycling routes could be among those affected by plans to reduce 60mph rural speed limits to 40mph. Councils should consider the reduction on roads with ‘many bends’ and a ‘considerable number’ of vulnerable road users including ‘motorcyclists’, the government proposals say. Ian Mutch, president of the Motorcycle Action Group, said: “MAG is anxious about the danger of this giving support...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (16 July 2012 17:15)

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Jun 11

Posts: 22

ewanhind says:

Roads Budgets

@Hedgehog5 is dead right, if you impose limits that aren't respected then people stop obeying the limits all the time. If you want motorists and riders to comply with speed limits then the limits have to be sensible and proportionate. The limit has never meant it is safe to do that speed at places on a section of road at all times in all conditions - judging a safe speed has to be up to the driver/rider. Unfortunately in these cash strapped times councils are all too keen to reduce speed limits, not because of possible revenue from speed cameras but because the requirement for surface quality is less onerous the lower the limit, so it costs less to maintain a 40 or 50 limit road than a 60. Unfortunately once these limits are applied then road maintenance suffers, reducing the safety of the road rather than increasing it.

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Jan 11

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snev says:


I would love to know the percentage of damage to road surfaces caused by different vehicle types as I suspect that HGV's driving at 40mph, cause way more damage than Cars or Bikes travelling at 60mph. Are there any statistics for this or for that matter any statistics to back up these latest proposals ??? The vast majority of the UK is rural and is mostly free of the normal grid locked traffic that can be found in towns and cities. Why is this? because of all the restrictions imposed, Traffic lights and roundabouts built and a farcical approach to road planning........ £9 billion on railways???

 Bad drivers will always be Bad drivers whatever the speed limit. I see them all the time (as mentioned by many other posters).

Why are the powers that be, so Hell bent on Bringing this country to a grinding halt ?

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Sep 09

Posts: 847

Rogerborg says:

Do I detect a hint of doubletalk, Mr Penning?

BRAKE will read his statement and assume that he means "40mph everywhere is OK with me".

Understand that Mike Penning is a lifelong biker though, and you might read a slightly different meaning into it. ;)

Eh, sod it, it'll just mean more Speed Tax to pay, and will have sod all effect on KSIs, same as since at least 1907 when the speed limit was raised to a dizzying 20mph, followed in short order by speed traps. I quote Lord Russell in Hansard:

"Attention is not directed to that which I think your Lordships all agree is of importance - the safety of the public. Policemen are not stationed in the villages where there are people about who might be in danger, but are hidden in hedges or ditches by the side of the most open roads in the country. [...] It has been found that motor trapping is a very profitable employment. East Sussex has gone in for an elaborate electric timing apparatus, which has earned its original cost many times over; and this system of trapping is now being extended all over the country."

Plus ca change.

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Jul 11

Posts: 42

cdlacey says:

Another Countryside Tax

I live in a largely rural area, the continuing war on the motorist via fuel taxation is already a sore point. With no alternatives in the form of decent reliable public transport, private vehicles are generally the only way to get around. The area I live in is also a tourist area, so during the summer months the main carriageways are crammed full, so the locals take the old roads instead. If you reduced the speed limits to 40 from 60 you will increase the journey time by a substantial margin, further penalising communities that already have next to no infrastructure.

I religiously observe speed limits where posted, but the national speed limit sign means that I ride to the speed that I feel comfortable with. Sometimes this is 50, sometimes a fair bit more. The comment about crying wolf with ridiculously low limits in those areas leading to people ignoring the areas that require more attention is absolutely bang on.

How about MCN get behind MAG on this and start an online petition so that we can get it thrown out of the house of commons before it gets any ground.

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Dec 10

Posts: 15

there must be a route to a protest on this. Bikes and cars have come a million miles from the man with a red flag walking in front. Perhaps one of those facebook petitions or direct contact with local mp's. I live in Cornwall and theres precious little enough roads for riding as it is without adding more restrictions. One minute the government are looking at raising the motorway limits and now this. Its just fortunate down here that the police are so little in evidence that it probably won't matter but it shouldnt have to be that we ignore the law..and it will be bad law. Add up all the speeders in the UK caught on camera...doesnt that say that the speeds limits are wrong in just about every case...I don't know exactly how many people get caught for speeding or how many go to many don't get caught?  its millions and millions of journeys. Lets face it we all know when we are going too fast and when we are totally out of control and thats a minority of riders. It will be bad law thats all i can say...

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Mar 10

Posts: 2

bigustwatus says:


97% of traffic accidents are not speed related...governments own why is so much time and money wasted on 3% of us..when 97% are trashing the place up...should we not be concentrating on this huge amount of idiots...accidents are caused they dont just happen..and humans are the key...a twisty road has never caused an's humans being arrogant,complacent ,racing,texting,drunk, speeding, and a multitude of others which amazingly are blamed on magic..not more fines and restrictions..i have ridden for thirty years, i had 3 little off's, 17...i was full of it..but not had any since..55 now...i learned...those that dont..sad..but it strengthens the gene pool...but it's easier to fine and restrict effort or thought needed...i will ignore these idiot signs...i know whats safe and what is not..i am not stupid..and resent being treated as such...

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Jul 12

Posts: 17

maxyam says:

Biking Roads could be hit by 40mph plans

As with many other laws etc. depends how it is framed. If it only applies to so-called "unclassified roads"- ie. not A or B roads then I think it is a good idea. There are loads of these in the rural area where I live, and most of them are narrow- almost single track -especially for HGVs, Tractors and b** 4X4s, with blind bends, high hedges and almost no passing places- in a lot of cases even 40 mph is too much. Yet there is a significant minority who drive at well over 40- I know it would be almost impossible to police BUT if there is a incident they will have one less excuse!  I get thoroughly p** off when I meet them on my bike- they seem to assume that two-wheelers don't need any space, and can always go on the verge or up the bank!  Incidently you rarely see another bike -apart from off-roaders who ride like ??,   so it should not annoy us too much. There are a few A & B roads that are great round here- but have a 50 mph limit- [partially because of the sports bike idiots who think they are on Cadwell Park & have upset the council]- but all the little side roads off them are the National limit of 60mph!

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Jan 11

Posts: 7645

snev says:

60 mph in a morris minor in the 60's was probably quite scary, 40mph on a Hayabusa nowadays is pure farce. Bad driving will always be a factor which will not be addressed by any government due to costs. If you own a gun and kill somebody with it, you will probably get "life". If you kill somebody whilst driving a car the punishment is pathetic. I'm getting more and more frustrated with the way this once respected country is being turned into a joke.

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Sep 08

Posts: 264

Waddy24 says:

Road Deaths 2010

were did the other 51% of deaths occur ?

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Nov 08

Posts: 118

rcraven says:

Personally i have no problem with a new overall speed limit on unclassified roads out in the country

The 85% percentile rule will mean that most will understand that its there for their own protection and it reduces overall oncoming speeds from 120 mph to 80 mph which should give better braking distance and time  should it needs to be used.. It also means that on blind bends with  15 ft high hedges like in devon and cornwall ,or anywhere else for that matter ,there will be a greater opportunity to avoid an accident whilst in a turn. It will make overtaking a doddle without going as fast to obtain the open road ahead.

However it will not stop the idiots who are the minority from pursuing their kamikazi antics , it will show them up for who they are, but then we all know someone like that dont we.

As most KSI happen to motorcyclists on such roads it should or could bring down the death rate so hopefully more more riders will enjoy the open road, the countryside and the freedom they have without the need to concentrate on just the road. Maybe just maybe more will make it home to their loved ones. wife and children.

On the other hand it will not be enjoyed by some journalists and/or publishers of some motorcyle mags or weeklys who regularly talk in terms of 120 mph rides out first thing in the morning on their local roads or who believe that sped on the bike is the only reason we ride them.

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