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MCN  says:

Poll: What puts UK Fireblade buyers off ABS?

Quick question for you: how many new Fireblades were sold in Germany without ABS last year? Answer: none. Every single one bought was the ABS-equipped model. For Britain, 35% of Blades had ABS, in France it was 20% and in Italy and Spain it was just 5%. Setting aside the racial stereotypes for a moment, let's concentrate on the UK, and...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 July 2012 12:04)

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Aug 09

Posts: 2716

MarcusMarsh says:


I reckon the cost is the main prohibitive factor.  ABS is a good idea but personally I would not be prepared to pay £700 extra for it. 

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Apr 06

Posts: 191

ERP30 says:


I couldnt afford the extra €1000 for abs equipped zx10r  :upset:.. so standard brakes it had to be .. but im happy cause i never had it before and think i will be fine without it ..:biggrin:

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Aug 02

Posts: 315

cthwaites says:

I bought a 2012 Blad without ABS... the color options for ABS in US were dismal

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Oct 10

Posts: 10

redcatchris says:

Cost is the problem? Really? Last I checked, purchasers of brand-new litre sportsbikes weren't making a frugal choice. I think a lot of it is the usual pub bore nonsense about it slowing down the rider or not being as good as the rider...

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Jun 12

Posts: 18

ghostmikey says:

I personally don't like ABS, yes I understand and agree it is definitely a safer way of braking, but I prefer to be in control of the bike myself, not I pull the lever however I want and the bike will find the most suitable form of braking. I'm just a simpleton, if I want the bike to do something, i'll make it do it, I don't need a computerized committee decision after I tell it to do something, and the bike take its own angle on it.

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May 08

Posts: 213

SHIVA_ says:

You are not as smart as ABS

It's always interesting for me to read comments from people who are totally clueless about two-wheel braking on the ABS.
You heard them say: "I don't need it." "I want to be in control of my bike." "I want a pure sport bike." "I am very good at braking why do I need assistance."

All silly comments by riders with no real ABS experience. ABS is totally transparent and only kicks in during an emergency. And in emergency braking, where every fraction of second matters, ABS can prevent you from going down, from losing your front and from saving your life.

It isn't really possible to out brake today's ABS equipped bikes in the dry or the wet, but it is specially impossible to out brake the ABS in an emergency. That's where ABS really shines. When you are in an emergency situation you have no time to ponder how much pressure you are applying to the front tire. All you should do at that time is to pull on the brakes as hard and bring the bike to a stop in the shortest distant possible. Without ABS you can't do that. And without ABS you'll lose the front.

I was talking to a guy who had a cruiser and he was bragging about how he is competent enough rider to know how to low side his bike in case of emergency. That was his tactic to prevent dying, by low siding his bike. This is the mentality of some of the people who are ignorant about the real magic of ABS on motorcycles.

ABS is totally transparent, meaning it will not affect your everyday riding, until that emergency moment, where a fraction of second of extra front brake pressure is needed. ABS saves lives, prevents crashes and does not detract from the fun of riding.

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Sep 09

Posts: 893

Rogerborg says:

It's all about the Bosch

Was Fritz Fireblade even offered the option?

Bosch are just after being caught "lobbying" an MEP to try and get ABS mandated on everything down to 50cc.  I understand it's a nation that believes in strength through unity; indeed, they can get positively frenzied over it.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8233

snev says:


That told us then........ To think I have been clueless for so long. What do you think about Traction control? or these new fangled air bag jackets?

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Aug 02

Posts: 69

slparry says:

Shiva ...

Well said.

I guess some would also have complained at electric start, disc brakes, the loss of kickstarters and advance/retard levers :)

For 99.99% of riders ABS is a must!

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Jul 08

Posts: 134

kennygorrie says:


Well said mate, why would anyone be against ABS? Like you say it's totally transparent and will only really work in an emergency situation, To which that could be the matter of sliding under an hgv or not, I have an s1000rr (2012) and can't seem to get my head round the breaking power in the wet even on a turn that I'm fully aware has fek all to do with abs, but, when u know it's there u WILL push it. I can think of a list of times when I've shit it to hit the brakes mid corner because it looked wet all of a sudden and ran over the other lane, lucky no hgv was there eh?

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