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MCN  says:

You ask/You answer: I think my biking mates may be dangerous

For the last year I've been going out on rides with a group of people I got talking to at a local bike meet. To start with I didn't really see them because I was so slow that they just cleared off (I only passed my 18 months ago). But now I'm getting a bit quicker I've seen what looks like...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 July 2012 13:18)

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Jun 12

Posts: 18

ghostmikey says:

Ride your own ride

You should ride your own ride. Too often when one person goes for an overtake the rest blindly follow seemingly regardless of the risk. In my opinion you have 3 options, you either a. Stop going on rides with them b. Talk to them and tell them what you think, and that it's making you uncomfortable or C. Just tag at the back and get there in your own time. You don't need to be experienced to identify unnecessary riding through junctions & dangerous overtaking, if it looks dangerous, hazards must be obvious enough to lead you to that conclusion. Like I said, ride your own ride, they can wait for you if they want to ride like that. DON'T get sucked in. Its better to arrive 30 minutes late in this world, than 30 seconds early in the next. Mike

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Oct 10

Posts: 10

redcatchris says:

What ghostmikey said. Ride for your enjoyment, and to your abilities. Sounds like you aren't necessarily enjoying riding with these weekend warriors, so don't.

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Apr 06

Posts: 191

ERP30 says:

Stay Away

I think you should find a new group to go on spins with.. If your not comfortable then you might end up in a ditch or the front of a bus ...

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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:

Ride your ride

1) Ride at a speed you are happy with.  If that is w-a-y slower than everyone what; it's the road and not a race track.

2) What they are doing might not actually be dangerous, but that does not mean you should replicate it.  They could be looking much further ahead than you, getting signals from lead riders that it's clear.  Or they could be twats.

3) If you do not feel comfortable riding with them - don't.  Find another group (this really is point 1 again).

4) Get more training.  I would avoid the IAM at all costs and go with RoSPA or at the very least, bike safe.

5) If you genuinely feel they are dangerous then either call them on it, or inform the police.  We do not need arseholes giving bikers a bad name and I will report a dangerous dirver; regardless of vehcile.

Item 5 does not make you a tattle-tale, it makes you an adult.

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Jun 11

Posts: 22

ewanhind says:

Stay safe yourself

As @HairyMuppet says, they may be riding in a way that looks dangerous because of your lack of experience but is actually well judged, or they may be twats, either way don't try to imitate them, ride for yourself. Personally, I only enjoy riding with people who a) I respect and b) are not either much faster or much slower than I am. If you don't respect the way these people ride, then ride for yourself or find another group of people to ride with who have a more similar pace and attitude to you. I agree 100% about getting advanced training, but I certainly wouldn't rule out the IAM. My local group is excellent, but I think different groups across the country have different styles that suit different people. Go along, you might find it's a great way to get some excellent training at a very low price and meet some great people, you might find your local group isn't for you, either way it can't hurt to find out.

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Sep 10

Posts: 11

vannvanner says:

Personally, I prefer to ride on my own. When I'm out with a group I sometimes end up with a "follow the bike in front" mentality, rather than fully reading and engaging with the road, which takes much of the fun out of it for me. However, half of the time I do go out with others (obviously it's fun) although I try and keep to 3 or 4 bikes max and nobody really bothers if one of you wants to go like the clappers or perhaps hang back and enjoy the scenery.

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Jul 08

Posts: 179

Fomancu says:


Very refreshing to see such positive comments--to which I can fully endorse. Ive been riding bikes for over 40 years--still have a "sporty" steed and Im certainly not the fastest in whatever group I ride in--but I am the safest-simply because I have always refused to play "catch up"--and whatever that entails be it legal or otherwise. Remember the saying--"slow in--fast out: fast in--shit it"--its true


Just ride within your parameters--not theirs--and enjoy

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Oct 11

Posts: 20

JKF011 says:

Stay away. This is why I ride alone. I am a not a slow bloke. On the rare occassion I have ridden with others or at the track I am decently quick but every time I ride with others they take way too many chances and almost every sunday ride my local group (formed on the internet) there is a bunch of "funny" posts about close calls and, last year, one guy died (no funny posts on that, mind). advice - ride alone or with only one other rider you explicitly trust not to be a nutter.

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Feb 10

Posts: 199

wesley01 says:

One does not need to ride like a maniac to be fast, stay away and do your own thing and then find other riding mates who you can ride with on a level.

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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

Film it and shop them to the local traffic

Or disable their bikes.

Neither of which you will actually do, so just stop riding with them and let Darwin have a say.

Now, does anyone else have any bleedin' obvious questions they need answered?

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