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Discuss This Valentino Rossi never an option to replace Casey Stoner at HRC MotoGP

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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi never an option to replace Casey Stoner at HRC

It was heralded as a potential HRC dream team with Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez together in a master and apprentice scenario for 2013. The reality though was Rossi was never even considered a serious option to return to the Repsol Honda squad for the first time since 2003. Having announced Marquez and Dani Pedrosa in its factory line-up in Mugello last...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (19 July 2012 11:10)

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Mar 09

Posts: 4965

Nostrodamus says:

Yes my little industrial boiler

that'll be why he insisted on different tyres to Lorenzo, insisted on putting a wall up between himself and Lorenzo, and why he issued Yamaha a 'Lorenzo or me' ultimatum, and ultimately skulked away when Yamaha said in essence "we're tired of your threats and games Mr Rossi. Ciao". There's none so blind as those that will not see... and Oompa Loompa's.

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Jun 11

Posts: 542

ratchetman says:


I think fire bird3 is spot on with his comments. Lorenzos and Rossis riding style are quite similar and while i think Lorenzo would come out on top at most circuits Rossi would still be ultra competitive. I also think that Lorenzo could turn into an even better rider (if thats possible) because theirs nothing thats going to make you faster than a team mate who is pushing you all the time. the only trouble is the competition isnt going to see which way they went. I personally would have liked Rossi to go to Honda with Marquez because no offence to Dani but Marquez isnt going to find it easy next year and apart from the Ducati which is fundalmentaly floored Rossi and Burgess have always been able to set a bike up Which would help Marquez

I personally think Rossi will stay with Ducati because he is no quiter. and he doesnt crack under pressure plus with Audis backing they might get the bike sorted    

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Nov 11

Posts: 776

Firebird3 says:


Yes you are right, Rossi did behave like a twat, there is no denying that, but that still doesn't detract from his riding abilities and I think the Ducati fiasco has brought him back down to earth a little more.

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Jul 08

Posts: 965

Agreed Nostro..... but

Have a bit of empathy for Vale. Any sportsman that had his rapid ascendancy, success, worship, and so much smoke blown up his arse would have reacted the same way. He must have been in melt down by the time the walls went up etc.

The black boxes, gyros, and Mr. Bridgestone of course made it (I won't say easy but that is kinda what I am implying) possible for a dozen guys to do lap times with unimaginable consistancy, sometimes varying less than .5 sec per lap, over race distance! His recovery in 08/09 probably exasperated his situation only just managing to keep Stoner and Pedrosa at bay. But then worst of all Lorenzo started to figure it out!  It has been a very long time indeed since a works super rider had so much competition in the same garage.

I still laugh when I think of.... what was it 2001 when Honda gave Alex Barros a pat on the back and said you can have a go on the 990 Honda at Motegi. Rossi having enjoyed the only litre Honda up to that point against the stagnant 500's and wimpering M1's. Well they must of had to get Rossi to breathe in a paper bag after Barros smoked him after having only 2 days practice on the thing! Vale upped his game again and again but by 2009 he must have reached the top of the ladder.

So... to jump off the ladder into the arms of the adoring fans and media, or climb down and fight for his scraps with the other wolves? Can't blame him too much can we? As the crowds taunted him.... Jump! Jump! Jump!

Honestly......... What would you do?


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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

A Dishonourable Game?

When Rossi humbled the mighty Honda by walking out on them (after they'd claimed he would re-sign) he had no intention of ever going back. I would guess that Stoner now wishes he hadn't gone back - after Mr Honda ungraciously had him dumped from his team, and slammed the door shut on any 2007 Repsol ride. It seems that some needle has developed again between Honda and the quiet Mr Stoner (who would never diss his employer's bikes). Any new rider would need to be an asset to Repsol i.e. he would have to be either Spanish (Pedro, Marquez) or someone with massive commercial clout - like a certain Mr Rossi. If anyone doubts the latter, then ask his paymasters at Philip Morris. They simply love the cheeky Latin, who ensures that many more beagles and 3rd-worlders are smoking their fags - well worth £12m. Basically, Rossi has no need of Repsol, when he has a ciggie firm ready to jump ship with him, wherever he may go. Mr Nakomoto may be right to suggest Rossi might get a satellite ride. Rossi still remembers fondly his one-man Nastro Honda team, and a life without team-mate or wall. Sensibly, either Yamaha or Honda could provide a works bike, if there was a backer with a sackful of lovely cash. At the moment a Honda does not seem a good idea, but remember that Rossi managed well enough when the Yam sufferred prolonged chatter - only Colin Edwards and the lumps missing from Rossi's tyre tread gave the game away. Most unlike another rider who constantly spilt the beans, and must now depart the sport (I hear Troy Bayliss's old job car spraying is up for grabs back in Oz).

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May 10

Posts: 318

parris says:


You sound so camp Nostril. "yes my little ..... blah blah blah" Where is this mythical spider frame. Sounds like you are capable of making up some more sales gimmick bullshit just like ducati does. Spider frame spider frame ....does whatever a spider frame does.

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Jan 09

Posts: 960

RawDawg says:

what are you talking about stompmyduke?

You say "Mr Honda ungraciously had him dumped from his team, and slammed the door shut on any 2007 Repsol ride". Stoner rode for and was paid by LCR - not Honda. He wasn't dumped - he choose to ride a factory bike! Nicky just won the title in 2006 for Honda and Honda's golden boy and double 250cc champ Dani who Honda had been grooming for years had just won rookie of the year. No one slammed the door shut on a Repsol ride - the door was never open to Stoner or anyone else. And to say "I would guess that Stoner now wishes he hadn't gone back" is rather ridiculous. Do you think he would rather be with Ducati? He won the title on the Honda already! He has won 3 races this year and was leading the title a couple of weeks ago. He doesn't have a problem with Honda - he has a problem that Dorna manipulated the rules to raise the weight limit to help Ducati and that Bridgestone took away the tire that their bike was design around.

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Jul 08

Posts: 965

Ooooh Errrr Missus.....

Nice ROAR RawDawg!

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Jun 11

Posts: 229

Smackbum says:

What I would like to see ...

Is Jeremy Burgess and Valentino Rossi to Honda - JB as crew chief and VR as test rider.

Then they could apply the 80 second fix to the chatter problems and retire as the legends they are.


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Sep 11

Posts: 2284

YamahaGYTR says:

Nice post RawDawg. I also seem to remember tjere was interest from Yamaha in signing Nicky to replace Colin not a bad swap but Hayden turned it down to stay at Honda which turned to be a bad decision.

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