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Aug 02

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mossop says:

Instant liability worry

Hi least Thursday I was hit when filtering past a stationary line of traffic. A car pulled out of the line without indicating and just before a filter box for a right turn. Basically he'd decided to go up a rat run and pulled out before the box and without looking or indicating. I hit his front wheel. I has doing 10-15 mph max . I have a witness who gave me his details. The next day the guy that hitme,s insurance company called saying they accept full liability and also offered me 1200 cash for injuries as I banged my head. They wanted to settle quickly and deal with the whole claim to ave costs. They said I would be liable to hire bike charges as they won't accept the charges by my insurance.i said I would speak to my insurance company . Wheni called them they basically said that it's a dirty trick . As after 4 weeks or so the ops insurance company change their mind over liability and I am left high and dry. They also said that if they didn't accept the hire charges my insurance would not pass the cost on. So did I do the right thing by not accepting the other parties insurance? I just was worried as they seemed too quick to settle it all as I have yet to even fill in the claim form and description of the accident. Any advice or reassurance would be good.

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 July 2012 23:28)

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Mar 09

Posts: 8890

jaffa90 says:


Welcome mossop,are you insured fully comp?

If so it`s your ins com against there ins com.

Keep all correspondance from there ins com for your ins com.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

His fault

so his ins should be paying up.

You say you banged your head - have you notes from hospital or a doc that you can submit to ascertain injuries etc?

You have a witness, which helps; the more you have, the better.

As for hire bike policies, these can be riddled with pitfalls for the unwary (for example you get offered a hire bike while yours is in for repair but entitlement can change if its written off - I'll try and find a link with more info).

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Aug 09

Posts: 2707

MarcusMarsh says:

Insurance settlement

There is too much about this that just isn't right.  How can the guys underwriters accept liability and make you an offer when you have not even submitted your claim/ accident report?  For a start they are not in full posession of the all the facts.  In respect of the injury claim it is impossible for any offer to be made.  In the first case they do no know that you are even making a claim for PI (because you have not yet submitted your accident report) and secondly, any payout would be based on medical evidence as to the extent of the injury and any long-term effects arising from it. 

The whole situation stinks. I can assure you no underwriter is going to call you the day after an incident and accept liability.  No way!  Report the accident to your own insurers and deal with everything through them.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2

mossop says:


Thanks yes idid bang my head but not to any degree I had a sore hip and bruise but that's fom landing nd it was a low speed .

I'm only 3rd party for my insurance as bike is 10 yrs old but it is a blade so will be written off with a cracked and broken fairing all though that's the only damage.
But I was just concerned. That it was just too soon and too good to be true . These things are never so easy are they! I've stuck with my insurer but leapt a screen shot of all calls especially the one where they accept liability , just need to complete the claim form now :)

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Oct 10

Posts: 306

Cyclonite says:


They try and get you to accept damages right away to lower their costs for the claim.

The third parties insurance will pay for a hire bike, replacement equipment, all repairs (or the write off) and any damages you suffered, physical as well as psychological or emotional.

ProTip - go to the doctor and report every injury.

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