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MCN  says:

Ben Spies leaves Yamaha

It's emerged this afternoon that factory Yamaha MotoGP star Ben Spies will part company with the Japanese firm's team at the end of the 2012 season. In a short statement on Twitter, the Texan, whose achievements include winning the 2009 WSB title, said: "I'm extremely happy to push for the rest of the season to my fans and myself[…] Next year...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (24 July 2012 17:29)

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Jan 09

Posts: 960

RawDawg says:


I don't see Cal at Yamaha unless Dovi turns it down. Yamaha told Cal to not talk to the media about contract negotiations yet he continued to talk about Ducati. From what I've read Yamaha was not impressed and have all but closed the door on Cal and had no talks with him at all. Now, last week Dovi expressed his frustration with Yamaha and said that if he doesn't get the factory ride he will go to WSBK were he has offers. He expressed no desire to stay at Tech 3. Maybe Dovi is signing with a WSBK team and leaving the door open for Cal? But for Cal to land at Yamaha besides Jorge the Rossi deal would have to be just a rumor and Dovi would have to turn it down too.

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Aug 10

Posts: 523

shawno76 says:


Rawdawg, if that's true that Ben snubbed Yamaha before his announcement, it' seems to point there is something bigger we are not privvy to yet.  We are fact finding at the minute and putting 3 + 2 together mixing in opinions and speculations.   It's great fun, but hey - there's a solid reason you tell the world your shutting the door on your careeer with one of the top manufacturers.  More to this than just playing 2nd fiddle to Jorgé me thinks.  Agreed there's only Dovi or Rossi for that seat.  Cal has talked himself out of the small chance he had  Another year with Tech 3 looks the only option for Crutchers, he'll take it.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:

Talking therapy..

Ducati reject Melandri has turned his career back round and is on fire. Sure as eggs is eggs, he will hand the American his ass.

Yup, it's JD for the Yanks and Antipodeans. Banished from top flight competition, never to return..Homesick and too mentally fragile.

Round of applause for the hedgehog too, who feels well enough to discuss seeking therapy openly and without fear of ridicule..congratulations!

A new pair of wellies are winging their way to the valleys as winner of todays reformed character you can practice that well known Welsh cultural the leisure centre.


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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

Hello..Yawl rang ma bell?

So here I am. WTF happened. Did not see that coming.

“Big things are happening from the horses mouth! not the Internet sites haha. Gonna be fun that's for sure Ill keep ya updated!

“U can say next year will be a bit diff I'd say. excited at all prospects stay tuned.”

"dramatic like all the sites and reporters are haha"

"maybe nothing changes except to be back where we are meant to be!"

Well Lin Jarvis, you got what you bitched for at the start of the year. The Factory seat is vacant for whatever you wanted at the beginning of the year. No need to send veiled threats to Ben. It will be fun to see an underperforming Brit with nary a podium fighting an also ran Italian with 1 unworthy and gifted win, for the honors of a Factory seat.

Hope you like explaining to Yamaha why the will lose more money, the next two American rounds. If Ben was not going to be re-signed, below is the just the way to tell your boss, "TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT".

"Yesterday I made a comment on Twitter to cause a stir. (Today) I'll be more in saying that I have chosen to leave Yamaha after this season for a litany of reasons. I will explain more when I feel it is appropriate. I'm discussing my situation with my sponsors and they are behind me. There are a few people at Yamaha who I hate to leave. And they know who they are. I wish Yamaha the best. I won't make any further comments until the official announcement comes out."
"I'm extremely happy to push for the rest of the season. To my fans, and myself, next year starts a new chapter. And yes I'm pumped."

Time will tell what underhanded bull shit Lin Jarvis was doing or wanted to do. I hope Ben spills the beans on this ugly bitch named Lin Jarvis. I hope it’s not about underpaying or unequal bike.

Glad that Ben Spies Sponsors are in agreement with him. Hopefully, Yamaha is not going to lose more Sponsorship dollars. That would be some stinky eggs in Lin's face.

Good luck Ben "the Predator" need for AMA, no need for WSBK. Been there done that. It's Motogp or bust. The only man to pole, or win a Motogp race, aside from the Fantastic Four in quite a while.

All may not be lost for Spies as his roots where it all began, is quietly doing some revamping. You never know!!!!

Spied! 2014 Suzuki MotoGP Prototype!

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:

A Welsh weak..

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


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Sep 11

Posts: 2289

YamahaGYTR says:

Ben the predator Spies I like that sounds better then Aliens.

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Aug 11

Posts: 437

Rossi announcing this weekend where he'll be riding. Make of that what you want guys.

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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

Ducati reject Melandri

Its a shame Ducati did not have the political will nor clout to reject #46 based on the same piss poor performances delivered back in 2011 as Melandri's in 2008.

Yamaha reject Spies. Nevermind. Jarvis is surprisingly quiet. I would have expected a response by now.

Shanghai 5th for Melandri 2008. Mugello 5th for Rossi 2012,2nd year running and umpteen updates. Impressive stuff indeed,rejects.

Rejects accepted on one hand and defended on the other.

What the hell? Blame Preziosi and laud Furasawa.

That factory Yamaha seat is wide open for occupation at any rate.

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Apr 06

Posts: 1217

CosherB says:

well well well elbowz ....

i didn't see this coming, particularly with Laguna coming up this weekend.  Spies generally seems to come across as a generally level-headed and likeable kind of chap, however, it now appears he needs, at the very least, some social media training.  he had his 'pot-kettle-black' moment a few weeks ago accusing Marquez online of being a passport rider in MotoGP, when there were plenty of people touting Spies' GP future hanging on just such a fact.  and now this ..... the timing does make it look rather spiteful, whatever the 'issues' he may have with Yamaha.  he's not only put a massive two fingers up at the Yamaha MotoGP effort, but also the Yamaha family that has invested three years of their premium machinery with him.  he'll do well to remember that people have long memories.  he's also scuppered any attempts Yamaha had of promotional work with Spies in California this weekend, as the whole media circus will be asking him only one question - why?

it sounds like he's got something lined up for next season, so we'll have to wait to see what it is.  it may yet be another MotoGP ride - i wouldn't rule out some kind of a Ducati ride but i'd guess that's unlikely ..... and this Suzuki story does seem to be getting up a fair head of steam at the moment.  whatever he decides to do, i wish him the best as he has plenty of talent and time on his side.  just not enough talent to rank alongside his peers such as Lorenzo and Stoner ..... and Dovi.

and so to my mate elbowz.  i'm afraid you put yourself on a very high perch to be shot at in the winter with your bold claims of the 1000cc M1 being ideally suited to Spies due to his superbike experience, and how he would 'own' the 'Honda reject' Dovi.  small wonder that you're now getting it in the neck with this news.  i daresay whatever i write on here will elucidate a foul-mouthed retort as has become your raison d'être over the previous months ..... but i won't gloat, all i will say is .....

i told you so.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:

You're being silly now Bootlicker #27..

This is Valentino Rossi we're talking about..not Stoner, Speez, Melandri, Hayden or Edwards. 

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