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MCN  says:

Ben Spies leaves Yamaha

It's emerged this afternoon that factory Yamaha MotoGP star Ben Spies will part company with the Japanese firm's team at the end of the 2012 season. In a short statement on Twitter, the Texan, whose achievements include winning the 2009 WSB title, said: "I'm extremely happy to push for the rest of the season to my fans and myself[…] Next year...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (24 July 2012 17:29)

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Dec 08

Posts: 1982

thestig08 says:


To address your posting to me ,Have you ever heard of irony ? "it's better than acting like a drunk stupid teenager with a crush" ,thank you for your retort ,Hilarious:lol: ,If only you could look in mirror and see the fool looking back at you instead of Dovi,what a sad little Hedgehog you have become:upset:,Dick Emery would turn in his grave ,He loved Bikes btw,Now back to the topic, a few of you have turned your anger on Lin Jarvis,a clown a fool etc ,now I don't know the man nowdays, but I can tell you this much,Lin has worked for Yamaha for over thirty years,I had dealings with him way back in '81/82 he worked for Mitsui yamaha then and He was a decent fair man and true to his word ,I was more than impressed when he popped up in such a position ,but be assured he has been a loyal yamaha man and has worked his way up in the company, so credit to him .and his service and involvement in that time.means for sure He is no fool ,I have been in such a situation in a corporate world and sometimes that means you are the bearer of bad news or cannot make a decision based on your own opinions ,If I had my way it would be Cal on the factory bike end of ,but that call may not be his. and I am biased because I want a gritty Brit back on top ,but use your loaf and cut the bloke some slack ,He is an employee of japan.not the local bike shop. I wish The best wsbk rider I have seen good luck btw ,I also wish that Milky and Benny could string a sentence together ending with ,"Goodbye" ,looking forward to Laguna ,and Please Cal dig Dovi so hard in the ribs his Grandmother feels it:mad: !

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Aug 11

Posts: 2

LeonItus says:


Hate to say it but Ben is one of 3 guys who could say they were ligitamately faster than Casey for 1.99 races last year when the ausie was rolling at a totally diferent level than anyone is dominating this year or many others... Dovi can't say it, and Cal can't even mouth it... I really don't see how anyone who watches motogp with their own eyes thinks anyone not named Mark or Marco has shown anywhere near as much pace and potential as #11 had in his first two years in the bigs... c'mon guys, Crutchlow? really? his rides have really been that impressive? He's like a poor mans Hopper at best...

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May 10

Posts: 318

parris says:

Spies to Suzuki

I don't see Spies staying in motogp. Its fairly plain that motogp and Ben Spies just doesn't work. 

Spies is amazing in superbikes. Thinking about it I can now see why so many people got what now appears to be over excited by Ben coming to motogp. Bens Stats in WSBK and AMA are incredible and I suppose if I had thought about it at the time I also would may have expected Ben to clean up in motogp. But then again how many times have we seen people murder wsbk and then just not gel with motogp. 

As far as the brits are saying "I told you so" at the moment, the reason they are saying this is because they have a more recent memory of Brit riders having exactly the same great performance at superbikes and lack of success at motogp. The Brits were a little more cautious and knew that you can't draw logical conclusions or expectations for motogp. Conversely the Americans were over confident, and gave it large to all and sundry, just because they haven't had a rider go wrong on them recently. Anyway, winners are grinners. 

The Yamaha is the anti-ducati. The Yamaha is the bike everyone can ride and ride fast. The ducati well is the ducati pos and no one can ride that thing fast or fast without falling off it half the time. 

Anyway, my point is that I can't see Ben's problem being the Yamaha bike. 

I can't believe the conspiracy theories about Yamaha hamstringing Bens bike. Firstly, Yamaha didn't neeed to do this to Ben bike, Ben was sufficiently off pace all on his own to not be threatening Lorenzo's points. Secondly, Yamaha needed Ben to be faster in order to buffer between Lorenzo and the repsol boys and to take points of Casey & Dani. 

You can't discount the theory his crew/team is just incapable in setting up a motogp bike. It does look at though his crew are a little like "the good ol boys" and maybe Ben is fiercely loyal. What I have problems accepting is that Yamaha wouldn't have stepped in and said "your settings are idiotic, you obviously have no idea what you are doing" and gotten rid of them. 

I can't see Ben going to Suzuki. I mean why would Suzuki want to take a rider that is not performing on the sweetest handling bike in motogp. Suzki want to be successful and will take the best possible decisions to make that happen. 

Why wouldn't Ben go back to the series that he was killing.

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Mar 11

Posts: 477

It's Hawking CCB

I can't speak for Cosher but perhaps a battle of wits between two unarmed men would aptly describe yourself and Elbowz.

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Mar 11

Posts: 477

Parris you are quite eccentric

Are you the funny Euro guy who drives the Fiat 500 rossi replica I see at the track sometimes? As I said very eccentric.

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Aug 02

Posts: 554


I disagree with you there , Spies has won a MOTOGP race and only got pipped @ Valencia in the drag to the line with Casey, for some reason he is not gelling with the Yamaha, although @ Assen he was on for a podium until his tyre chunked ( like another riders did also ) and was much more to the front.

If Suzuki came back to MOTOGP of course they'd look @ Ben, not many riders in the MOTOGP class have won one, and some riders have only won one or two in near ten years in the class, give the kid a break.

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Jul 08

Posts: 179

Fomancu says:

Rossi,s ride for 2013

will be with Yamaha and Gorgeous George---you see :-)

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Jul 12

Posts: 3210

wosihound says:

Man up Yanks..

Ben did this. Ben did the other..blah-de-blah.

On maybe the best bike this year, he's done sweet FA. That's the bottom line.

Jarvis said recently that an upturn in form would be "welcome". He wanted to sign him and if Speez had performed earlier, the deal would have been done when Jorges was and there would be no seat available now.

He's had every chance but his head ain't in the right place so, Stoner style, he's spat the dummy.

Some say he's in love, that he's lost his focus..time to move on, just spare us all the whining tears of a victim.

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Jan 11

Posts: 300

yzrm1 says:

"Sick Of It"

yes spies said sick of it.!

But i hope he means sick of not getting the grip with the Yamaha M1.

That he just can't perform like other wsbk rider couldn't in MotoGP.

I hope he doesn't complain or gonna moan about it because MotoGP is way different the wsbk.

i thought he could do it but he can't and after hi's motogp adventure he should be saying sick of it, if he's the one that can't perform.

it doesnt matter were he's going to.

hope Rossi will join Yamaha.

Honda was running scared and quickly say Rossi can come back with factory support, Honda knows they wont stand a change if Yamaha have Jorge and Rossi. Yamaha won't be beaten for at least 4 year!


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Jan 04

Posts: 287

R6nutter6 says:

So is Rossi going to Yamaha or what? I hope he does go back to be honest. What he did on that Yamaha was pretty good.

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