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MCN  says:

You ask/You answer: Does getting your knee down improve your riding?

I passed my bike test a couple of years ago and ride a GSX-R750, which I love to bits. I've recently done a few track days and I'm amazed by how many people get their knees down. Does sliding your knee really make you a better rider, or is it just showing off? Hailwood never did it… Your advice could help. Leave...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (24 July 2012 18:04)

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Apr 11

Posts: 857

Richnotrich says:

There aint half some shite spouted on this site

Knee down - did it once by accident up in Scotland on my GPz900r. Knackered my leathers because I didn't have sliders. As far as I can see, its just dick measuring. Not done it since. No need (or is that kneed?).

I ride with several that do it as a matter of course and all I know is, I'm as quick as all of them and quicker than some.

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Jan 11

Posts: 304

TomRR says:

Richnotrich /SNEV

Rich... your so right...

Last summer I popped down to Box hill, Sunday ride out , nice cuppa tea and bacon roll, I was on my own just enjoying the day, no racing but fast ride,,, any way I was sat on one of them bench tables outside, on this table was three blokes, 20-30 yrs old,  and what a load of crap came out of them , they was talking about getting knees down,, well to cut a story short I just happened to leave at the same time, there was two GSXRs and a R1  I was on my old thumper Ducati 748bip,,  they got going and what a bunch of dicks, sliding around the bike,all over the seat trying to get over, jeez it was horrific, we was going quick but not that quick I was just popping along happy behind them, nice and safe, one Idiot on the GSXR almost lost it going up the hill near the roundabout, , I had enough drop a gear ,, never seen them since ,, in my early days I once got my knee down, it hurt ,

I believe there are places for stuff like that, on the Highways is certainly not one.. keep it on the track, Its just like you say,,, MY COCK IS BIGGER. Yeh right. Bet Ginxercarl was one of them…..Eh Snev.

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Jan 04

Posts: 157

venturer says:

rear brake

riding on the road, why would I need to press my rear brake. If the roads are wet and your riding a wild-ish 2 stroke twin, you can use a little bit of rear brake coming out of a corner to take the edge off the engine as it comes into the power band. any bike If you have a dry road with a selection of corners that can all be taken in one gear but a few are slower, you can use a little bit of rear brake but just keep the engine speed/load a bit higher than road speed, this way the top of your chain stays tight and you can then get on the power without unsettling the bike. If the front end of you bike goes up over a bump on full power you can dab the rear brake to bring it back down without closing the throttle. but if you feel that riding on the balls of your feet is better than that up to you, I might even give it go myself. old dog

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Jul 12

Posts: 1

Wivvy says:

there are two schools of thought; those who can - do & those who cant - bitch about those who can!

those who can will tell you it's an invaluable art that offers plenty of feedback as to what the bike is doing mid corner, how much grip is left, how fast you are going etc.

as to whether or not it has any place on the road is a completely different question and not inferred in the original question.

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:

angles of dangle

I was following a guy on a yamaha yr5 years ago ,i was on a cd 175 hardly a sporty thing ! i was right on his tail as we went into a sweeping right hander i was well within my limits and he seemed to take a wild line to get max lean and lost it in a shower of sparks,i was genuinely shocked,i remember thinking what the hell was that all about.i used to try and copy hailwoods style (BADLY I HASTEN TO ADD)the other point is that the lads who get their knee down arent leant over that far like stoner etc ,they hang right off the bike and dangle a knee looking to make contact,fine if thats your thing but it seems pointless to me.

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Jun 07

Posts: 89

Harry44 says:

More Balls

I've always ridden with the balls of my feet on the pegs. It's more comfy and looks neater than having your feet sticking out like a duck's


If you see me wiv me knee down it's cos I just fell off. All help would be appreciated

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May 09

Posts: 2576

ally600 says:


one of my favorite moments on a bike:wink: (not that it happens that often) my opinion it promotes better body position, better control of the bike mid corner and a lean meter so you know were your limit is:wink:.................. every one on here whether for or against has correctly said its body position thats important.....................only difference is some stick there knee out and some dont:sunglasses: ..............anyway the weathers nice and im finished my shift on the work bike and rather than do what a lot on here do and talk the talk im off on my gixer to walk the walk:biggrin:

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Aug 11

Posts: 43

muddy686 says:

While getting your knee down at a trackday is undeniably cool, on the public road it leaves very little room for error.  All it takes is a dodgy road surface (all too common) or something else unexpected and things can go very wrong very very quickly.

Getting your knee down doesnt improve your road riding, but on track its a useful skill to have in your inventory!

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Jul 09

Posts: 149

burningbush says:


Getting my knee down on my Bonneville would be too vulgar to contemplate LOL!

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Jul 11

Posts: 21

BobLeDuc says:

Duck feet on the pegs

Me too. Always makes me shake my head when I see a  a sportbike rider with 2/3 of his feet flappin' in the breeze

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