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Matthew Birt  says:

US MotoGP: Valentino Rossi talks about potential Yamaha return

Valentino Rossi has given his views on a potential return to Yamaha’s factory squad in 2013, with speculation rampant in Laguna Seca that he will reject a new two-year offer to remain with Ducati. Rossi has been negotiating with Yamaha and a return to partner bitter rival Jorge Lorenzo could even be confirmed prior to the next round in Indianapolis. Rossi left...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (30 July 2012 07:59)

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Dec 08

Posts: 1982

thestig08 says:

achievement ?

I dont't think anyone can argue with his past results and record ,But for me what cast a very long shadow was his antics both on and off the track in the seasons with Jorge, and then into his pathetic perioud at Ducati, there was no need for his games and unsporting demands as he was a great rider ,However you have to question his impact and effort at Ducati ,I never believed the "I made the Yamaha" claims they did a fantastic job for him and he rode it very well ,but they have kinda' done ok without him ,Yet all forget the Duke was a front runner before he got on it ,Stoner got little sympathy nor all the changes Rossi had ,now to be fair you have got to say the Ducati is not a slow bike so it is a question of developing the fine tuning, I just dont think Rossi has been capable of the development needed and it has made him look very jaded ,For my money He will never be held in the same level of genious he previously enjoyed,Nor do I believe the all beating days will return we will see flashes but not The "Doctor" we knew, more a "receptionist" But it will be rewarding I am sure for Jorge and for motogp fans

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Nov 03

Posts: 2232

saturn392 says:


Let's not forget that Jerry Burgess is the acclaimed development guru having been with the best riders and bikes with Honda and Yamaha but even he has not been able to do anything with the Ducati. Let's not forget also that the Ducati Stoner rode was an 800 and a completely different bike to the 1000 now being raced, can't compare the two.



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Jul 09

Posts: 279

AdieMonk says:

Let's also not forget that the Ducati that Rossi rode (badly) in the early part of 2011 was an 800, and very similar to the one Stoner rode (and won on) in 2010. I'm convinced that Rossi would do well on a Yamaha, winning some races (but not all races as someone has already suggested) and having a shot at the title. He's still got the talent. Granted, Lorenzo was beating him in the championship in 2010 when Rossi crashed and got injured, but he was hardly trouncing him as some Rossi-detractors on here suggest. I'd like to think the pair would be evenly matched on equal machinery, I hope so. It's a shame Stoner is retiring at the end of the season, would be good to see him go head-to-head with Rossi on similar-performing machinery.

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Aug 11

Posts: 698

Bootlegger says:

Clutch straws Hugs

Honda/Gresini/Rossi ? Won't happen,by Rossi's own admission. How the hell is his humungous ego going to accept a sattelite Honda with rookie Marquez. on the same grid. It won't happen.

Stoner touted surreptitiously,that Marc would be a good replacement for him with good reason. As for Rossi and HRC, the silly season is over,they don't want him. Get over it. More likely,if funding comes from Germany,Bradl will enjoy some special attention and richly desereved attention.

Yamaha is Rossi's best bet.

I would sign Dovi for that ride,however. If I were head Honcho at Ducati I would fire Rossi. Piss poor performance and can do nothing better than to moan about his employer. The sense of entitlement. I hope he opts out of Ducati quicktime for Yamaha. He still thinks he can hold the world to ransom and he's missed the boat,but can't admit it. Yamaha would be wise to turn him a cold shoulder aswell. Give Dovi the factory ride at Yamaha and sign Calvin in Rossi's place at Ducati would be my picks.

Dorna have other issues,mainly yellow and Euro recuperation within the realms of the GP2012 and future hence. The entire GPC are viewing this with a more jaundiced eye I hope.

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Jan 10

Posts: 431

rlf3 says:

Stick to their guns

Rossi once said that he wouldn't stay at Yamaha if Lorenzo remained.

He was right, he didn't stay, Yamaha elected to keep Lorenzo and ditched Rossi.

Yamaha would be daft to go backwards in re-hiring Rossi, they should be looking to bring on new talent for the future.

Top level motorbike racing is and always has been a young man's game.

For proof, look at the list of all time 500cc and MotoGP winners and see how many of them won championships at the age Rossi will be next year.

Just can't see Rossi winning a MotoGP championship again no matter what bike he gets.


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Nov 05

Posts: 279

look out

He's going to Yamaha with money.  Rossi does not waste words.

The Audi link is interesting though- a sport scar race berth in the worlds sports car championship might swing it.

What I am looking forward to is Stoner tesying the Ducati fro the hell of it when is out of contract. Will he smash the lap record and hail the bike good enough to win?

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Oct 08

Posts: 610

hello4646 says:


Here is the list of 500/MotoGP champs - the table don't fib all facts and not all of your expert opinions.  He may not add another one, but lets wait and see shall we - One question i have is what rider are the Stoner and Ben fans going to support next year as Stoner is off feeding babies and Ben off to where ever.  Only see love on here for Ben, Stoner and Rossi in the main.  Not much written about any other riders.  Guess you will become massive Jorge fans overnight

1 Agostini, GiacomoGiacomo Agostini 8
3 Rossi, ValentinoValentino Rossi 7
10 Doohan, MichaelMichael Doohan 5
3 Hailwood, MikeMike Hailwood 4
6 Surtees, JohnJohn Surtees 4
8 Duke, GeoffGeoff Duke 4
12 Lawson, EddieEddie Lawson 4
19 Roberts, KennyKenny Roberts 3
19 Rainey, WayneWayne Rainey 3
6 Read, PhilPhil Read 2
19 Spencer, FreddieFreddie Spencer 2
32 Masetti, UmbertoUmberto Masetti 2
32 Sheene, BarryBarry Sheene 2
32 Stoner, CaseyCasey Stoner 2
19 Lorenzo, JorgeJorge Lorenzo 1
32 Hocking, GaryGary Hocking 1
32 Crivillé, ÀlexÀlex Crivillé 1
50 Graham, LeslieLeslie Graham 1
50 Liberati, LiberoLibero Liberati 1
50 Lucchinelli, MarcoMarco Lucchinelli 1
50 Uncini, FrancoFranco Uncini 1
50 Gardner, WayneWayne Gardner 1
50 Schwantz, KevinKevin Schwantz 1
50 Roberts, Jr., KennyKenny Roberts, Jr. 1
50 Hayden, NickyNicky Hayden 1

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Jul 12

Posts: 11

xavi says:

Let's hope not

@ hello4646 let's hope not.

I never understood why Rossi fans around the world tolerate Jorge Lorenzo, he drove Valentino from Yamaha. He done more harm to him and his career than fucking Stoner.

He isn't the most popular rider in Spain. Last year was Dani Pedrosa, this year is Marc Marquez. Spainards don't like him and Italians always boooo him...Jorge is slimy and he will never have a large fan base. He is just Valentino Rossi copy. Pathetic!

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Jun 11

Posts: 2564

PaceyCasey says:


One question i have is what rider are the Stoner and Ben fans going to support next year as Stoner is off

Lawson was my first love, Casey my second.

Do the math.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3451

Bultoboy says:

I never understood why Rossi fans around the world tolerate Jorge Lorenzo,

Do they tolerate anyone other than Rossi? And what do you mean by tolerate - what choice do they have?

The only person that did any harm to his career was Rossi himself. He ran from Lorenzo, to a team that he would again have undisputed no.1 status with and to a bike he thought would just need a few set-up tweaks that Stoner wasn't capable of and which would then give him the championship.

And that's Lorenzo's fault???

Some really bitter and unsportsmanlike feelings there

He done more harm to him and his career than fucking Stoner

Salt of the earth that Jorge, salt of the earth...

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