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Sep 04

Posts: 2620

tiamo69 says:

'Near Death' Experience, lunchtime today

‎'Near Death' experience on Motorbike today!

Old biddy drove car straight across dual carriageway (College Road) to park in their drive without stopping or looking! Slammed on anchors (60/40 Rear Braking), front wheel started to lock with rear of car about 2-3 foot away. slightly released front brake & managed to move sterring slightly to right & missed rear end of her car by Milimetres! She Didn't See Me!

She pulled straight out of Moor Lane (ironically by the Cemetery!) & drove straight across to park in corner house by Crossway Lane.
She had absolutely no idea that i was there, that i almost hit her or that she'd driven straight out in front of me! Didn't even notice me in her Rear View Mirror, as i fought to bring bike to a controlled & safe stop!

Parked Bike, flipped up Shoeii lid & ran to her door and screamed at her (as you can imagine).
She was completely oblivious & totally surprised to see me and had no idea how close she'd been to sending me to Hospital, or worse...

Manadatory Driver Retesting from 55 & Motorcycle / Cycle Awareness training to be included Now!
The worst bit for me was, that i was on my way home to grab car & then pick up 5 year old Valentina from Tennis Club. Imagining what could have happened today was really scary!!!
God i hate Unobservant Drivers!!!
I've totally lost count of how many collisions have been avoided thanks to the increased awareness & skill i've learnt / acquired form riding M/Cs for over 20 years... 

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  • Posted 2 years ago (01 August 2012 18:12)

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May 12

Posts: 111

LearnerRider says:

I know the feeling

I have only been riding for 7 months now, but have had my fair share of van drivers. That either don't bother to look or just bully you because your displaying L plates. I agree with you that something motorbike related should be included within the driving test, especially as motorcyle ing is becoming evermore popular.  I always where my hiviz in the hope that this will atract attention to me from those car drivers who just don't bother to look.

Glad your ok 

Ride safe!


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Jul 12

Posts: 21

spongebob1 says:

look but dont see ya

same here i ve only been riding for just over a year, i find some car drivers look but dont actually register that you are there:mad:ive  had many a tight but hole on ride out s in the last year:shock:

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Aug 05

Posts: 7563

babyblade41 says:

Ey up Tiamo

Talk about near death experiences, I've done the Gatwick run 4 times in the past week and I can only thank my lucky stars I was in my Bongo.

Unfortunately the perpetrators were all people in their advanced years on the M25. God knows if I was on my bike I don't think I'd be in one piece.

I think the difference with more mature people who ride bikes are far more observant of their surroundings than the same age who have only driven a car.

One in particular was in the central lane doing 35, can you believe it, I saw a lot of undertaking and must admit I did it to:blink:

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Jul 09

Posts: 1351

davemdixon says:

Time and again

I come across cars travelling at no more than 40mph on a 60mph road. This causes frustrated drivers to take chances overtaking and once one has overtaken the following herd have a go too. You are right about the older set, one drove straight out across the front of my wife two weeks ago, drove off never seen her at all.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

Round here

the fuckwits favourite trick seems to be to try and cut you up at roundabouts.

Best one though, was a so-called "professional" driver (taxi driver) who decided to pull out of a junction looking only to his left and oblivious to what was on his right (ie, me!).

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Aug 05

Posts: 7563

babyblade41 says:

All I can say is

our reflex actions must be pretty darned quick.

Both my girls had quite nasty accidents on their bikes, my youngest by an uninsured driver, took months and months to get anything back and certainly didn't cover the loss of bike or injuries

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Jul 11

Posts: 244

MakemRider says:

An ex. traffic cop friend

used to say how many drivers drove at a speed they felt comfortable at, oblivious to their surroundings.

You will often see them drive at 40/45 in a 60 limit, then when entering a 30 limit continue at the same speed still unaware of what is happening.

These are often the one that will look but only for cars so will not see a biker.

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Dec 10

Posts: 11880

preunit says:

Sorry to hear this

my only tip...."'Near Death' Experience, lunchtime today"..........stay away from Mickey D's:smile

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

At least you avoided her

happens all the time. Few weeks back this muppet pulls straight out in front of me, and stopped at end of road 15 yards ahead. Only doing 20 (a side road) so sort of swerved and stopped to avoid her, then she shat herself when I knocked on her window and asked why she nearly fuc$ing took me out. Not a clue I was there


At least being on a bike you sort of get a second sense that everyones trying to get you so ride aware

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May 09

Posts: 91

Istate75 says:

Unobservant Drivers

I sometimes volunteer as a motorcycle instructor (when I can) and recently it's been more older students wanting to take their CBT's to get back onto 2 wheels for fun/ economy. So many who come back to train for their test after being on the road on 'L' plates say how surprised they are by unobservant drivers but also say they notice bikes much more when driving their cars, now they also use 2 wheels.

I'm all for re-testing of older drivers but would also like to see compulsory CBT's and a year on 2 wheels before being allowed to drive a car.

Biggest issue I see around here are foreign plated drivers who don't think they need to follow the rules of the road at all (HGVs are the worst). Particularly at roundabouts, they just go and expect you to stop whether you are in a car or on a bike.

A biker cop friend of mine told me that when he is on his marked bike, with super bright colouring, Hi-Vis and white helmet he still gets drivers pulling out in front of him (sometimes even when he had his blues on). As he says, if they can't see him (well. it's not that they don't see him, they just don't look) then what hope do the rest of us have?

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