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MCN  says:

You ask/you answer: How often should I scare myself?

When I was learning I enjoyed every minute of riding, but now I've bought myself a Yamaha R6 I've started scaring myself almost every time I go out. I've never fallen off, but I sometimes think I might and when I stop my hands are shaking. Is this normal? Do other people like it? Being 53 I don't really enjoy being...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (08 August 2012 13:57)

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Aug 12

Posts: 2

kwak2000 says:

scaring yourself

when i went back to biking after 35 yrs off at the age of 55 i got myself an old GPZ and rode that for a year,so if i throw it down the road it did not matter to much as it only cost £500,

I then moved on to a ZZR 600 and kept that for 3 1/2 years,and now ride a ZX9R and 1200 Bandit with no problems at all which i still have at 68 yrs.

i think you have to learn to walk before you can run and build yourself up the R6 is a little extreme for a novice

being a track  bike on the road.

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Sep 07

Posts: 2878

James600zx says:


When I bought an R1 as bike number two I was half-expecting a monster, but I was surprised to find that the motor was easy trickling around town or cruising on the motorway until you decide to wring it (at which point...!).

My point is it's not so much about power, it's more about the radical riding posture and in particular the "quick steering" which I'd read about in magazines but never really understood.

Initially I was "50p-ing" every bend because the bike turns in so rapidly, ie: I was turning too early. It turns out that you have to go deeper into the corner/bend and then turn it. If you've previously ridden bikes that like to be readied before the turn and tipped in early (I actually prefer that) the racier steering bikes are a bit of a worry. You'll get used it though.

People often talk about "adrenalin" but that's a fight-or-flight drug and has no place in confident motorcycling. If you arrive and think, "Wow, that was good!" it'll to be endorphins which are coarsing through your veins giving you a feeling of satisfaction, not adrenaline fear.

Stick with it, go easy at first but work out how to ride it.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Got fast bike, scared of going fast

I think "Herp a derp" about sums it up.

Get a Divvy, ER6 or similar: 95% of the time it'll be all the bike you need or want.

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Nov 10

Posts: 11

andyathome says:

Occasionally - a bit...

Hi Mate,
I took my direct access two years ago in time for my 50th, and then spent a few months on an old VFR750, before upgrading to a shiny new gixxer 750 – I now have an Aprilia RSV4.
At each step of the way, from the ER5 that I took my test on, to the RSV4, there have been the odd scary moments, (like last weekend when a tw*t in a camper van pulled in front of me on a dual carriageway and preceded to do an emergency stop!!), but I have taken comfort from the fact that I didn’t panic and rode through the situation - another valuable lesson learned….
You need to analyse why you are scaring yourself; are you riding too far out of your comfort zone? Do you not feel completely in control? The cure for both of those is to slow down and get more miles under your belt, and build your speed progressively.

I tend to disagree with those that say you should never scare yourself (and I mean “scare” not “terrify”) because your skill level will never progress unless you occasionally push the boundary a bit. Your R6 is a sweet handling bike that doesn’t make silly power; it’s not like litre bikes that can high-side you if you are clumsy with the throttle, so spend as much time on it as possible, riding at a speed you feel comfortable with and you will eventually start to really enjoy riding again.

The best piece of advice I have ever been given (and one that saved me from a potential crash) was this: the bike is far more capable than you are – if you do find yourself piling into a corner too hot, don’t panic, don’t reach for the brakes, and look through the corner to where you want to go, chances are you will get through fine.

Occasionally I have gone out for a ride only to find I’m not really enjoying it and have ended up making mistakes – the best thing then is to turn around and go home.

I have felt at my safest on the odd occasions when I have been going seriously fast, totally focused and feeling completely in tune with the bike.

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Jul 07

Posts: 87

1motion says:

ride the road

I ride an 05 kawi 636... i used to scare myself all the time but now things that used to pucker up the asshole i dont even think about... sport bikes are touchy on the street, road surfaces are to shoddy and unpredictable for proper fast riding.... i about put it in the ditch just yesterday while doing some riding in anger... came through one of my favorite sections of road... roadkill in the apex... wider line made me run over fresh paint lines which in turn made me push a little wider than was comfortable but i know my bike and knew i was fine as long as i kept turning.... but in the same situations unexperienced riders would have ended up in the ditch.

Ive always said you have to be a slightly insane to ride a sportbike well on the track or on the street... if you arent totally into learning the science of riding a sportbike well and dont like the tought of eventually ending up ont he ground at some point  get rid of it and get something more comfortable to ride... plus, the amount of shifting you have to do around town on a 600 is redonkulous... as much as i love my bike its a pain in my ass around town






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Mar 06

Posts: 18

jack_knows says:

Hi, any bike, well within reason is going to be fast enough for you, an R6 is too extreme for your average new 53 year old rider, not all but most, I have been riding longer than I want to admit to, and it takes me a good year or longer to really get to know a new bike! but you just ride at a slower pace and build up!

if your not enjoying it go test other less extreme bikes till you find one you can get on with.

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Aug 02

Posts: 105

tl1000kid says:

Do one thing everyday that scares you! Also, wear sunblock...

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

buy a rsv4

and scare yourself some more, at least you would have lived!!!!ride on dude.

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Jan 04

Posts: 157

venturer says:

are you scared you drop it taking it off the side stand, the question is very open to interpretation. The staking hands stuff should only happen if your go totally ballistic, if you not then i'd say get a slower/ lighter bike like an nc30, i couldn't recommend a slower heavier bike as you might crash it. you could think about doing some 1 on 1 road training, they will tell you if your dangerous or just easily scared or even tell you a type of bike that might be better for you.

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Aug 12

Posts: 3

thomaslechat says:

how often should I scare myself?

There's no need to "ever" scare yourself just to enjoy the ride. Always ride within your own comfort zone. If those you might be riding with ride faster or more dangerously than you're comfortable with then let them go ahead and you can catch up later if you like. Ride your own ride! If you find yourself riding on the edge of scary then slow down instead of pushing your luck. You make the decision on how you ride. Don't let others make that decision for you and possibly get you killed or injured. ALWAYS "RIDE YOUR OWN RIDE!"

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