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MCN  says:

You ask/you answer: How often should I scare myself?

When I was learning I enjoyed every minute of riding, but now I've bought myself a Yamaha R6 I've started scaring myself almost every time I go out. I've never fallen off, but I sometimes think I might and when I stop my hands are shaking. Is this normal? Do other people like it? Being 53 I don't really enjoy being...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (08 August 2012 13:57)

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:


This has always been a puzzle for me.  Why has a bike got to be maxed out?  If someone gets a Jag or a Ferrari, is it assumed they drive it to the limit of its performance a lot of the time?   Does anyone examine their tyres and say, after whistling inward, "Doesn't look like you drive it as hard as you might, mate."

Yet this is the same tired old crap expected every time someone gets a performance bike.   Haven't roughed up the tyre edges to the last 1/2mm ?  Damn, you're a wuss!   Don't redline it 20 times a day - What's the matter with you?

Sometimes a performance bike is nice to have, just like  a performance car is nice to have.  Not because you think you're Rossi,  just "because".   And anyone with a problem with that has their own problem.

Upshot - get a performance bike if you want,  not to scare yourself, but to ride well within your own comfort range.

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Mar 11

Posts: 464

johnlad1 says:

if you dont like being

scared dont scare yourself if its the bike that scares you maybe you should consider a diffrent one maybe its just not suited to your riding style theres a reason there so many kinds of bikes and bikers we are all diffrent some like to ride slow and look cool some like to ride fast and look cool some like to pretend there euan mcgregor and some just want to get from a to b in a relaxed but fun way if your riding in a way that scares you and you dont like try riding a diffrent way if that fails get lessons if you still dont like it try a diffrent bike things like r6's arnt for everyone especialy if your scared of it you should never be scared of your bike you should respect it like you respect a wild animal treat it with the right amount of coution and patience and itle amaze you freak out because your scared and it will do something you wont expect and you or it will get hurt

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Nov 11

Posts: 75

HkUk says:

Eh ?

You know the throttle is not on/off switch ? If you don't like getting scared then why go so fast ? That's the most ridiculous problem I've ever heard of. How on earth did you get a licence ? My advice - lock yourself in a room and never come out. And to MCN - come on, really ?

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Jan 11

Posts: 304

TomRR says:

SCARED I will tell you SCARED

Scare,,, Scare,,, I will tell you Scared…
I was happily walking down the road, when I heard the unmistakable sound of a large TWIN “thump-thump-thump” glancing over my shoulder I saw a  Harley Davidson Glide special, the way the evening sun bouncing  off all that chrome like some dancing nymph.  the leather tassel things on the bars was intoxicating almost erotic, This was indeed a special HD in two tone blue flake and that lush cream color.
As the bike slowly rumbled past me the rider glance briefly over his stylish jean sawn-off jacket, he had that look on his chiseled face “you know that look” like as proud as a Chave carrying a stolen TV !  The Hog chapter rider had all the Harley Bling including all the delightful Orange wear, bandana / chaps,/ big boots and that strange long chain coming out the side pocket “what is that chain for” ?
Any way… the bike rumbled past , and for a fleeting second I imagined my self-cruising down some STRIGHT road with mirrored foster grants,  feet up leaning back,, Singing” BORN TO BE WIL—A A A A --I---D ,,, !
Then..ahhhhhh  :WTF: am I thinking,,, Scared – scared,  I almost shit myself… what am I thinking  you fool. ahhh  that was close!!!!! JEEEZ.
I dropped the tesco bags promptly rushed home, uncovered the Ducati, and  vowed to her to never- ever think of betraying all that is fun about FAST bikes, sweeping roads slapping up and down the gears, getting that crisp little speed wheelie out of a bend, whilst shouting in my helmet (that’s skid lid SNEV skid lid) I’m Guy martin and the reincarnation of Barry sheene, all in one blistering fast loud screaming skidding speed freak….. go go …


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Jan 12

Posts: 57

Preadator says:


If you feel you have to ask such a stupid juvenile question you really ought not to be riding a motorcycle. I'd suggest taking your cycling proficiency test. IDIOT!

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Apr 10

Posts: 116

tim8061 says:


You need to go faster and ride through the barrier, it's purely psychological. The harder you ride the easier it gets, faster is smoother and so much more fun! The bike will feel more dialled in and start working properly - grit your teeth with best quality grit, pin that throttle and you'll soon get the hang of it mate.

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Nov 09

Posts: 88

ginganz13 says:


Scared is good - shows you're thinking about the potential consequences - familiarity is more likely to kill you than fear - it's only a problem when it gets in the way of doing stuff - if it makes you tense or target fixated you're not going to be arround much longer - at least in your current state.

Buy your mum / wife / boyfriend a bunch of flowers and start doing some track days. Find out what you or the bike are capable of in a situation you are more likely to survive

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Aug 02

Posts: 2323

Hedgehog5 says:

It all depends what scares you...

... if you wait till you see god before jamming on the brakes every corner, save countless highsides & encounter near misses on every ride then you're on an everyday ride for a racer & should probably be pushing harder... but on the road riding like that then I'd be scared for you. On the other hand if you're having heart attacks every time a car driver doesn't look your way then get used to it or stay at home.

Learn the capabilities of your bike, learn to compensate for the inattention of other road users & learn what you are comfortable with... you should always find riders who have comfort zones more extreme than yours... don't worry about it until you don't.

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Mar 12

Posts: 1

rckeith says:

Big mistake

I had a Fireblade which I bought brand new and loved it. I got into a situation where I was hanging out with some nutters, all a fair bit younger than me and trying to ride like them. I'm now 56 and this was 10 years ago. One day I was travelling to work going over the A57 from Sheffield to Manchester and was taking quite a few liberties in overtaking. One such liberty nearly finished me off. I braked so hard I ended up doing a stoppie and managed to get out of the way of an oncoming lorry. Didn't feel too bad at that moment and I was nearly at my work in Manchester. When I parked up I had time to think about what just happened and it all started to sink in. I was now scared. I rode home a lot slower and very very nervous and never rode my Fireblade again. I still love bikes and now I really want one again, but it would probably be a cruiser now. But the wife is dead against it, and I can sort of understand that. My advice would be to change you bike to something a bit less sports orientated. Don't get me wrong I love sports bikes but I think when your getting on a bit its more about enjoying the ride and the like minded people company. What doesn't help is my next door neighbour has a brand new Triumph speed triple and its gorgeous. Frustrated old Biker - Keith

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Every morning

wake up and look at the wife - Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


Only joking (in case she reads this!)


Seriously different about being aware and being scared




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