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Liam Marsden  says:

Valentino Rossi to leave Ducati

Ducati has officially announced that seven-time MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi will leave the factory team at the end of the 2012 season. Rossi joined the factory Ducati team in 2011 after winning four world championships with the factory Yamaha squad, but failed to gel with the Ducati, claiming a best result of second in the rain at Le Mans in...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (10 August 2012 09:23)

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Apr 06

Posts: 1217

CosherB says:

i daresay that, if the comments below are true, that the Germans (i.e. Audi) will take a rather more pragmatic approach, with an uncompromising application of science and maths leading Ducati forward - at least i hope so .... with Hayden on board, they aren't going to be short of experience on the 2013 bike.

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Jun 10

Posts: 288

bluehaze60 says:

Mezzer, you dont win 7 moto gp championships if your not that good remember when Rossi went to yamaha for 2004 they had just had their worst year in moto gp, end of 04 championchip won, rossi & burgess put Yamaha in the right direction & the m1 has won races every year since .

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Oct 08

Posts: 628

hello4646 says:

Nortro no nothing

Do you actaully like any riders or do you just like slagging and moaning on here. 

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Dec 07

Posts: 237

merv007 says:

great for Ducati

good news as a Ducati fan, he proved himself a bit of a pussy - needs a nice a soft Japanese bike to be able to go quick, the Ducati has always been the aussie hard man's bike, be it mr Bayliss or mr Stoner. I'm not saying the bike is brilliant (serves them right for dropping the trellis frame and using alien technology)but still think it's capable of regular podiums with the likes of Stoner and Lorenzo riding - speed traps show it's the quickest lets not forget.

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Apr 12

Posts: 185

aintnothin says:


Masao Furusawa:
There is a big age difference between Valentino [31] and Jorge [23]. Jorge is still young and a 'curious boy'. He is still growing up. So far he has almost no knowledge to develop the bike, to be honest, but I'm very much expecting to look at him for the next couple of years. He is changing a lot.

The first year he came to Yamaha [2008] he crashed so many times and he wanted to change the bike. So I talked to him and said 'please, adapt your riding style to the bike'. I said exactly the same thing to Valentino, and Valentino changed his riding style in just 10 seconds. Jorge was new to MotoGP so he took longer.

Our advantage with the bike is in smooth riding and being very fast in the corner. Not fast in a straight-line and stop-start style. So Jorge understood and then last year he learnt many things, had almost no crashes and was on the podium almost every time. Now he is so smart. More like Valentino.

Also Ben is clever and the combination with the two guys is very good. And, thanks to Valentino again, he and I developed the bike and all we need from now on is just a little bit of set-up and modification.

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Anonymous  says:

I've been reading all ur posts on here or months guys and there are clearly some who know theyr racing and some that realy havnt got a clue. Rossi is known worldwide as the goat for a reason. He hasn't always won on thr best bikes, he turned them into winning machines! As for being a failure at Ducati, well that's one way to look at it but it's not the way I look at it. The reason JB & VR didn't get the duke sorted is because Ducati did NOT LISTEN to them, they are very traditional and very stuck in theyr ways. They won't let go And actualy listen to what the riders are asking for. Are u guys forgetting how often CS binned that thing??? Ide love to know how many of u actualy ride a QUICK superbike, if u did then ude have more understanding and appreciation for what EVERY SINGLE RIDER on that grid does! They all deserve praise, even the CRT boys. I'm a huge Rossi fanatic but it's not all about him. Let's just say that this is the ultimate test for Rossi ecause there can be NO EXCUSES when he finally reunites with his beloved M1. We all know the bike is sound and we all know the bike was developed around HIS style, so bring on 2013-14 an let's see if he is actualy THE GREATES OF ALL TIME! Expect to see Rossi in WSB in 2015 aswel. He test rode an R1 for a certain wsb rider and was IMMEDIETLY ON THE PACE, gunna be a cracking fiew yrs in motorcycle racing ; ) Thankyou & goodbye........mark ; )

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Nov 11

Posts: 109

Top rider no go area.

I agree with the comments from anonymous. Engineers work in advancing technology but sometimes at the cost of the rider Cagiva had massive problems with their Carbon chassis wheels etc they appeared at the time to be the perfect design and material for light weight and strength but the riders did'nt like the feedback. Honda made a fuel injected 2 stroke 500 it made massive top end performance (first 200mph 500) but Doohan hated it and wanted it took off the bike. Then again a lot of riders don't want to change their winning bike at all and then you get left behind there must be a gradual advance of technology where the development riders and championship rider are fully involved. What Ducati has done is come up with an engineering that is technically amazing in both packaging and advancement but does not work when you give it to almost any rider Mel, rossi, hayden capi and all the team mechs and crew chiefs Stoner was the only guy who came close only because of his unique style and he had serious issues. The rider is the defining factor if after so many top riders you are not getting results and your engineers are being pig headed and wont back down then will end up with your bike that is a top rider no go area.

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Jul 11

Posts: 18

mezzer says:


"he hasn't always won on the best bikes, he turned them into winning machines" Any examples? And please don't say the M1... my understanding is at the end of 2002 Yamaha knew what needed changing on the M1 to improve it, Barros/Checa had been telling them all year. Rossi and burgess just confirmed what they already knew.

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Jul 11

Posts: 258

Ocdcbr says:

It's a shame

That Rossi is leaving ducati without himself and the bike being competitive enough to win, ESP for ducati who now have a bike that has only ever been competitive for 1 rider for a narrow period of time. Who will want to risk their career with a ducati?? I would not say Rossi has failed and my opinion of him as a rider is not lessened. It's the Ducati / Rossi team that has failed to bring in a solution quickly enough. At this level the goal posts move every week!!

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Apr 11

Posts: 3503

Bultoboy says:

More Rossi fantasies

Anonymoussays  -  re-read your 1st sentence and decide which category you fall into

Rossi has never turned a pile of shite into a winning bike. He got on race proven and race winning 500 Honda with 6 consecutive titles behind it and was also the first to benefit from electronic aids on the 500. He won on the V5 990 against outdated 500 2-strokes. Furusawa had already designed and built the M1 which had an engine design based upon Barros' recommendations. The bike was shown to be quick and competitive before Rossi ever saw it.

His move to Ducati was down to his own petulance at Yamaha over Lorenzo. He left and the only option was Ducati. He didn't leave Yamaha to take up a new challenge. It was his only option orther than not race in 2011. He ridiculed Stoner for not trying hard enough, Burgess suggested they didn't know how to set the bike up and they both thought they could do a better job than Stoner and his crew.  -  Ouch...

You have not one shred of evidence that Ducati 'didn't listen' to Rossi's list of requirements to improve the bike. They made change after change - all highly visible to the public eye and even gave him his perimeter alloy frame in an attempt to clone the M1. How is this ignoring his requests? You have not one piece of documented evidence of what Rossi asked for - all he has ever complained about is a lack of feeling in the front end, just like all the rest. You have not one shred of documented evidence that Ducati ignored any request he made - but you have evidence of the changes they did make.

There are many recordings, both video and written transcipt of Rossi giving interviews where he has personally stated (ie: conclusive evidence that can't be refuted) that he doesn't know what is wrong with the bike, he doesn't know how to fix it, he is a rider not an engineer and the solution is the job of an engineer, the bike can't be improved with set-up (until he used Hayden's) he and his team were lost and can only hope Ducati can fix the bike.

Now, you tell me, which part of that is Rossi giving Ducati clear and concise requirements of how to fix the bike and which of those requirements did Ducati ignore.

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