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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner slams Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha return

Casey Stoner has criticised Valentino Rossi’s swift return to Yamaha after the Italian legend recently confirmed he will quit Ducati after a disastrous two-year stint with the Bologna factory. The 33-year-old has been a shock failure to perform on board a factory Desmosedici and will return to Yamaha next season to partner bitter Spanish rival Jorge Lorenzo. When Rossi arrived at Ducati...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (15 August 2012 09:04)

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

Don't believe your own hype

Fine words from someone who himself bailed out of Ducati. Strangely, Rossi is still going, while Stoner has given up. However, it's not to Rossi's and Burgess' credit that they believed their own hype.

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Jul 07

Posts: 16

Scooboo81 says:

right or wrong

there both brilliant at what they do no doubt, but Rossi is a people person, the fans love him, stoner is never bloody happy.......he's a dick.

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Aug 12

Posts: 2

StonerHater says:

Poor sportmanship

Stoner shoud really keep some comments to himself especially in public. Just shows you how much of a little _____ he is.

I dont remember him doing so well on the Ducati in the final years either. In fact his golden days on the Ducati were only the first 2 of which one he was a Motogp champion and it was clearly because he was on the fastest bike. I watched race after race and in many instances Rossi would pass him on turns or out brake him only to have Stacy Moaner pass him right back on the straights out of pure (extra) power, lap after lap, race after race. So yeah he was on a faster bike and most of the races he won in that era were on fast tracks due to having a better bike, this was well know and was talked about it throughout that whole season. Commentators would say the Ducati is like another bike faster then anyother on the grid and the only thing about the yamaha was that its on rails.

Then he got sick so I wouldnt know the outcome. And his final year in Ducati he came in 7th in the champonship with fall after fall and complaint after complaint,  Rossi is currently in 8th so you tell me the bike didnt get worse after 07/08. results clearly show it. You dont go from winnning a GP to 8th

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Jan 09

Posts: 960

RawDawg says:

Stick your foot in his ass Casey

This is what happens when you shoot off at the mouth about what's going on in someone else's garage. Casey has every right to kick Rossi when he's down and stick a boot up his ass - what goes around comes around. Rossi had fuck all business saying what he said about Casey ESPECIALLY considering Casey had more wins than Rossi. Rossi admitted that he couldn't push the bike and wouldn't "ride it like Casey" - enough said. I find it absolutely hilarious when Casey says "The amount of times that guy has had to eat his words is not funny but people still forgive him for it" because it's absolutely true and it will put the yellow brigade up in arms - how dare someone say the truth about their hero! lol

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Aug 02

Posts: 2320

Hedgehog5 says:

A few things...

Hello4646 - "One...Last moan before he fucks off."

Are you talking about Stoner in 2012 or Rossi in 2010? One moaned his opponent wasn't trying before he ever threw a leg over the bike, the other's moaning from experience.

CJeffrey - "Yes Rossi usually gets out qualfied by the other Ducati riders as Stoner mentioned but which Ducati rider crosses the line first more often."

Bad time to be mentioning this 'cos it's Hayden this year.

Stonerhater - "Stoner shoud really keep some comments to himself especially in public. Just shows you how much of a little _____ he is."

Sorry... you put mistakenly wrote Stoner at the beginning of this sentence & not Rossi or Burgess... for the reasons mentioned above. Those comments just keep coming back to haunt them.

Stonerhater - "And his final year in Ducati he came in 7th..."

Ah, you are talking about Rossi... Stoner never finished a championship on the Ducati lower than 4th... 7th was Rossi last year... after ripping him to shreds are you sure your name shouldn't be Rossihater?

:laugh: :laugh:

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Jan 12

Posts: 53

Preadator says:

Stoner heard early this year that Rossi would be going back to Yamaha thats why he quit MotoGP, he knew from next season with Rossi and Lorrenzo on Yamahas he would be lucky to place 3rd! Bless him for getting the digs in at Rossi but this just confirms what a sulky immature brat he is, i hope his mum reads what he said and gives him a damn good spanking for being so rude about his superiors. Roll on next season so we don't have to listen or read his childish rantings.



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Jul 11

Posts: 1890

CHRainmaker says:

Stoner Hater

What about the original comments from Rossi and Burgess - should they have not kept their thoughts to themselves - or doesn't that count?

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Sep 10

Posts: 188

CameronLeeds says:


I love Stoner's straight talking.

But what took him so long to say it?

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Anonymous  says:


stacey moaner 2 titles since 02 wins 37 since 02 in all classes in a 10 yr period

valentiner rossi in his first 10 yrs 7 titles and 84 wins in all classes on 2 stroke aprilia 125 2 stroke aprilia

250 honda 2 stroke 500 honda 4 stroke 990 honda 4 stroke 990 yamaga 4 stroke 990 yamaha 4 stroke 990 yamaha simple awnser stoner ur nothing m8  heres some more stats 08/wins stoner 6 rossi 9 09 wins stoner 4 rossi 6 2010 wins stoner 3 rossi 2 rossi broke leg and missed a few races and he finished 3rd in the championship stoner finished 4th stoner compeated in every round and still couldnt finish above vale i sit her totally lmffao @ stoner the guy is so eaton up with the deepest jelous rage and contempt at his inability to even have the guts to walk away fro a winning bike and develope a kak bike into a winner the best that has ever sat on a gp grid instead stoners legacy is this he allowed th ducati to get worse yr on yr on yr until he ran off to ride an already prepared and developed bike by danny pedrossa kind of matching exactly what lorenzo has done with the yam gifted good bikes not kak like vale inherited twice with the yam and the ducati and lets be totally honest stoner left vale the ducati in a shambles for vale to try and fix something ducati do not want to do they will now he left they will be told str8 by audi impliment valentinos recomendations so even thou many r having a go in the end vale and jb will have belatedly achieve d thier goal at ducati watch that bike improve no choice now if they dont duacti will be out of gp in deep trouble no far from failing vale has done it all stoner has a iserable record in gp 37 wins in 10 yrs its pathetic heres another fact for you mugs to chew over lorenzo stoner and pedros between them in 10 yrs have 117 wins and 8 titles valentino rossi in the 14 yrs he was winning wond 9 titles and has 105 wins on his own and 2 yrs of nothing but in the scheme of things its still a record of success that even if stoner stayed in gp he would be about 42 b4 he could ever equal that record but thats just aif cos he isnt even in the same league as rossi none of them willnever be in that gracefull world class legend status league never end of discusion

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Oct 08

Posts: 609

hello4646 says:


I said hedgehoggg i dont give a shit what he says or any other rider.  But Casey has always moaned throughout, even when he is winning he still moans.  Just like to watch Rossi as he clearly enjoys racing and shows it. Unlike Casey who has to go and kiss the boss, quick smile and get back to the wife, oh sorry the boss.  Will miss wathing Casey tuck the front end next year when he has two Yams closing him down, just like we saw so many times when he was on the Duke, or was it the bike, emmmm lets think about that shall we.  As i said in my other post, the 15 Casey fans will be able to enjoy watching him mow the lawn next year, ha ha

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