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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner slams Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha return

Casey Stoner has criticised Valentino Rossi’s swift return to Yamaha after the Italian legend recently confirmed he will quit Ducati after a disastrous two-year stint with the Bologna factory. The 33-year-old has been a shock failure to perform on board a factory Desmosedici and will return to Yamaha next season to partner bitter Spanish rival Jorge Lorenzo. When Rossi arrived at Ducati...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (15 August 2012 09:04)

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Nov 11

Posts: 109

Finicky Ducati?

It's not finicky it's hugely flawed. Rossi could have fixed the bike as could burgess in seconds simply "make a new one" this design has worked for no rider other than Stoner and that was quite a different bike with trellis chassis and older engine design and lets not forget Stoner did nothing but moan about it and had a lot of front end crashes. The only reason it won was Stoners riding style and adaptability but as soon as he stepped off it onto the Honda he could win without the huge problems and conventional usability. Rossi and burgess turned the Yamaha into a winner but it was fairly conventional. The Ducati is not and the engineers obviously think they know better than Rossi, Melandri, Hayden, Burgess and they also did not listen to Stoner at the end and riding that bike was probably the main cause of his stress related illness. Hayden does OK but he drops back and has to try that hard because of lack of options. I know they made different chassis etc but still the same fundemental design. Stoners rant is understandable he's basicaly saying I told you it was shit.


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Feb 10

Posts: 16

jaybe says:

Just what is about Aussie's? Stoner's arrogance is matched only by fellow aussie, Doohan. No wonder a lot of British fans hate the pair of them. Rossi has done more for Motorcycle racing than Stoner can ever dream of. It is a shame that Rossi is leaving Ducati though as I believe it was the only thing left to prove by being an Italian to win a World Championship on an Italian bike.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:


"Just like to watch Rossi as he clearly enjoys racing and shows it."

Good... you clearly don't listen to him 'cos he's been moaning for the last 2 years &, if you're saying this article is a moan, then Rossi's been doing it for a lot longer ("not trying" anyone?)... if you switch off to Stoner's comments too you'd probably enjoy racing a lot more.

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Aug 12

Posts: 2

StonerHater says:

Agreed but

I can agree that Rossi should of stayed quiet too but there is a line of a certain level of remarks towards one another, theres a fine line. Rossi comments towards Stoner were nowhere near the ones that Stoner did at him, plus with Stoner history of falling back then when he was on honda and the way the Ducati was handed to him you really cant blame Rossi for comments. At the end this is racing and comments do fly but to a certain extent and respect. Stoner would have something to say about Rossi no matter what, just like at the epic laguna race when it was clearly a clean race, aggressive yes, but also clean, just as Rossi told him after trying to shake his hand of which Stoner denied and Rossi told him "this is racing".  

Ironic is that Stoner in a recent race passed and hit Bautista I believe and wasent even man enough to admit he screwed him. Instead he went on saying that he is sorry but it wasnt all his fault, bautista had something to do with it. Then also has something to say towards CRT which is also just classless. Sure you can say something but not the way he does really bashing on them as if he is the only rider following his dreams.

Rossi tried to keep it diplomatic with a word here and there but Stoner took it to another level. This stuff didnt happen with JL, there were words but respect always remained

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Jun 11

Posts: 233

Smackbum says:

So we're all agreed then?

Casey's comments are 100% factually correct.

Everything else is opinion and being an open forum you get everything from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Most of the 46'ers don't even believe half the shit they write - but they are hurting so bad they have to re-write the past, make excuses for the present, and really go to LaLa Land about the future.

I note that VR and JB are making no grand claims about their imminent return, even though they will be moving from MotoGp's problem child onto the premier bike.  At least they have learnt that lesson!


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Oct 09

Posts: 222

ruxxy says:


If this is the case Moaner, how come he changed to Yam the first time around and turned a mid pack runner in to a title winner you quitter!

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Aug 12

Posts: 1

nighthawk06 says:

Stone Slams

Ouch!! Nice Slams Mr Stoner

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Aug 12

Posts: 44


Agree totally and there not off to any premiere bike there of to THERE premiere bike

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Oct 08

Posts: 590

hello4646 says:


Heghoggg At least Rossi has the balls to admit he cant make it work rather than fooking off home a.  As i said Yam will be glad of that as there will be no chance of Casey fooking that bike up too..  But dont you think there is a difference in moaning when like Casey has always done when he is at the front, Vs Rossi moaning when he's mid pack.  And to be fair lets not forget how Casey slagged off Ducati when he left.  So far Rossi has not really slagged them off and said that they dont listen to him. I will ask you this ? Do you think Ducati hasgiven Rossi a bike that he can win on.  Cuz you dont go from being right up the front to the back in 5 months

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Jun 06

Posts: 42

stevowarrior says:


"Valentino obviously doesn't want to push limits and ride a bike that is not perfect. He has admitted that." Let's be honest Rossi has not been the same since he was involved in the incident that led to the loss of his close friend Simmoncelli. Sad, but it is understandable that he does not want to push limits and that he wants a 'safer' option. 


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