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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner slams Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha return

Casey Stoner has criticised Valentino Rossi’s swift return to Yamaha after the Italian legend recently confirmed he will quit Ducati after a disastrous two-year stint with the Bologna factory. The 33-year-old has been a shock failure to perform on board a factory Desmosedici and will return to Yamaha next season to partner bitter Spanish rival Jorge Lorenzo. When Rossi arrived at Ducati...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (15 August 2012 09:04)

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Apr 11

Posts: 3357

Bultoboy says:


ok, if I misunderstood what you said about him retiring I apologise - but being able to spend more time with your family once you've retired isn't necessarily the the same as retiring to do that - he said himself he's sick of the politics, Dorna and the state of Motogp as the primary reason.

LS08 - I remember the incident in the winner's enclosure. Stoner was not happy with Rossi for some of the moves - noticeably down the pit straight where Rossi ran him to the edge of the track a couple of times - not fun at that speed. The attitude after was because of what happened between them in the race. When Rossi wouldn't get of his bike in the Lorenzo incident, there were no race incidents, he just sulked at being beaten.

They can all have a touch of the prima donnas to an extent but when Rossi does it there is never an issue, it seems acceptable. Anyone else, they get slated.

Rossi remember, has fallen out with just about anyone who challenged him during his career, Biaggi, Gibernau, Melandri, Elias, Lorenzo, Stoner. People sweep under the carpet his behaviour towards Gibernau and his rather surly and big-headed statement that Gibernau would never win another race. Gibernau's crime? He did nothing, Rossi's team CHEATED by tampering with his grid slot to create more grip. Gibernau's TEAM protested - quite rightly - Rossi got moved to the back of the grid and then crashed out during the race which Gibernau won (I think) None of this was Gibernau's doing but Rossi's reaction to him was utterly hostile, unwarranted, childish and ended their friendship.

Rossi has done far worse to other riders than what Stoner is perceived to have done here.

Bottom line is, if Rossi had kept his big mouth shut when he moved to Ducati instead of unecessarily lambasting Stoner, this situation wouildn't have occured

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Aug 12

Posts: 2

stonerFAGGOT says:

casey stoner interview:

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May 10

Posts: 318

parris says:

Casey Stoner Boooooooo

Casey Stoner Boooooooo

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Jan 10

Posts: 1

para3 says:

Hi,I am a Valli fan,but you have got to give credit where credit is DUE,Stoner won races on the Duke,where Valli was never like winning,the guy is a top rider,it's a pity his personality,din't match his riding skills

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Jul 08

Posts: 1573

jamieg999 says:

X2 Glider

Great post sir " Kind of like competing in the special olympics.  Even if you win, you're still retarded. " Genius in it's purest form, I salute you.

For what it's worth here's my inflamatory contribution, Casey Stoner is a tit, Valentino Rossi is a tit, everyone in the GP paddock is a tit, everyone on this thread is a tit (especially me, I want to be head tit), everyone in the world is a tit, discuss....

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Nov 05

Posts: 1

westy162 says:

What a load of shit, Rossi "The Doctor", pah utter tosh, upheld by a load of mindless sheep. Stoaner has at least got balls to win on the Ducati.

Actions speak louder than words, i`ve seen him many a time riding the nuts of that Ducati, Honda, pure talent, and as to the other small minded talentless, no life, critics who think they know better, eat shit.

Its always easier to critiise than do the job!!!

If Rossi was that good then the bottom line is he would have made it work, chirst even all the other Ducati riders are better.Dosent any one actually watch the races???

Ohh poor poor Rossi, what an over rated tosser.  (in the present company)

Hmm who through their toys outta the pram cos someone had Bridgestones etc, i think you`ll find that Rossi is the Moaner!!

Never read so much bullshit.

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Mar 07

Posts: 276

Unworthy world champ?

He is paid to ride motorcycles as fast as feasibly possible. If he sells millions in merchandise then good for him, more money in his coffers, if he winks at the camera and wears superhero outfits when he finishes a race, then great, his humour would have shown through, but as I started this comment, he's there to ride a bike and this he does very well. As for his comments, so what? He is only throwing back in the faces of those which put him down almost 2 years ago with the comments of "he's not trying hard enough" ,"80 second fix" and no doubt, plenty of others I can't recall. As for sly comments and digs at other riders, I remember all to well how a certain other rider has spent the last 11 years putting his rivals down at every and any opportunity. Every single rival, Max, Sete, Marco M and Casey as well as the garage wall and not sharing any race data with Lorenzo. This was petty, childish and rude to the point of actually hating many of his fellow riders. There are mind games and then there are games which no sportsman should carry out. Some people have a very short and blinkered memory.......!

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Apr 11

Posts: 3357

Bultoboy says:


Your no better than Rossi was in his prime and are clearly jealous of his popularity and success. Dont be such a coward , sign up for Ducati and prove your words. Scared of an old man beating you on his Yamaha perhaps????

He more than proved himself at Ducati, there is nothing he has to prove. You can harp on all you like about the 2007 bike being the class of the field. The rider that could so easily have won the 2006 title, Capirossi, therefore no mug on a bike, couldn't ride the 2007 bike - so you can end your bike advantage argument there.

The difference between Stoner at Ducati and Rossi at Ducati is that Stoner never made any great proclamations of how he would develop the bike, neither did he criticise the previous rider for not trying hard enough or of not being able to set the bike up. Therefore Stoner had nothing to live up to when he went there. Rossi on the other hand did - by his own doing. Another example of his big-headed and ungracious attitude towards another rider which was totally uncalled for. He set himself up for a fall and boy did he fall.

Some are of the opinion that Rossi has got to Stoner and that Rossi has nothing to be jealous of about Stoner. I disagree. It must wrankle like hell with Rossi that Stoner has managed a title win on the Italian bike and he has failed in his Italian dream of being an Italian rider to win a title on a Ducati. And there is nothing he will ever be able to do about that one.

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Nov 11

Posts: 178

Chrisb970 says:


I really do hope you didn't make that video because if you did its rather sad and a little bit too far?? Jeeez a little bit crazy and sick in the head??

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Mar 10

Posts: 117

Adeninja says:


Casey dont retire at the end of the year race on and we may have a cracking 2013 , the 4 aliens back , ok i may be dreaming with Rossi being right back up there but we will soon find out ,

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