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MCN  says:

Poll: Should race exhausts be banned from sale?

There's no denying most bikes sounds fairly poor with their restrictive standard exhaust systems and aftermarket exhausts help make them sound much better. But are some exhausts too loud, and should the be banned from sale? pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (15 August 2012 10:27)

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Dec 09

Posts: 164

eltomo says:

Err excuse me!!

We actually need race cans for racing, they're not designed for the road! just because all the road riders take the p1ss with loud cans doesnt mean people who race and ride on the track should suffer not being able to source a race can. ANYWAY - there is no possible way you can ban them. at all.

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Jun 09

Posts: 110

nigel966 says:

Loud cans

Nothing quite says "Look at me , I am a prick" quite like a loud can . Why anyone would fit something that does nothing to enhance the riding experience but is just going to upset the public and give the police yet another excuse to pull you is beyond me . Instead of alienating everyone why not just wear a hi viz with a dick drawn on it. The message is the same.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8428

snev says:


Nothing quite says "Look at me - -- - ---- quite like a loud can". I agree but drawing a dick on a hi viz ?

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

Looks like I started something with that Harley comment. I wasn't expecting so much agreement.

They are a dreadful din. thrapp, thrapp. Who could ever think they sound nice.

P.S.  I take back my comment about all Jap 4's. The crossplane crank R1 sounds gorgeous with carbon Akropovics fitted. Probably the only Jap inline 4 to sound nice. 

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Jun 09

Posts: 110

nigel966 says:


Fair point. I guess a hi viz is a bit extreme but the point still is valid, Most of them ride complete heaps and cant even ride that well. They seem to compensate for their lack of skills by being as obnoxious as they can by making a lot of noise. Just proves the old saying..... An empty vessel makes the loudest sound.

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Mar 06

Posts: 253

stu_sp2 says:

Not sure why some are giving Harley's some stick, low revving V twins aren't offensive, its the bell ends on IL4's who scream through 30mph zones giving us the bad name!! greased up bikers on harley's don't get a second glance from mrs dorris as they rumble past at 30 mph... Nowt worse than an inline 4 being ridden by a dreamer....

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Oct 11

Posts: 2662

Piglet2010 says:


Here in the US, a lot of Harley’s would not be allowed on a race track because they are too loud. Many of them must be having unburned fuel go off in the exhaust, since they make the painfully load “crack” similar to a race car that runs really rich just off idle. The worst part is you will get a group of weekend warriors who will “warm” their engines for 10+ minutes, then rev them at every stop sign and red light. Cops generally let them get away with it (no way you would not get ticketed on a sport bike that loud) too. : (

Normally I am against cagers running motorcycles over, but I would not cry if some of these anti-social idiots were taken out.

As for loud pipes mostly annoying people following, I make it a point to keep ahead of these morons (not hard, since Harley’s are slow), and not let them in front of me.

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Oct 10

Posts: 306

Cyclonite says:


LRN 2 PHYSICS! or Stop being such a troll.

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Jun 09

Posts: 7

multimark says:

Race Exhausts

Yes Lads & Lasses, we have some lovely toys between us (V twins and Japs) and we want to get noticed, BUT we can also be a pain in the ass for those of differing views. Some are jealous, some are stuck up, some are just downright hostile. They all however have a voice along with their opinion and if that voice leaves us in a minority we have to be sensible to continue to get the freedoms we desire. Think, foxhunting, shooting, "dangerous" dogs etc. all those fraternities have lost freedoms by not attending to converting rather than appeasing the masses and using effective PR rather than shouting louder and complaining harder after the damage is done. We have to be sensible, LOOK fast, mean, cool, aggressive, and BE all of them but just loud, come-on. I do ride a bike with modded exhausts (990 SMT) it is a blend of the above and not offensive yet to anyone Ive met. M

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Aug 02

Posts: 2755

spondonste says:

Open ended question

Please define what is too loud. Some systems do take the proverbial but other non road legal system when used with consideration are ok.

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