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MCN  says:

Video: What is the new 600?

Ten years ago, speedfreaks were buying 600s in their thousands, runed on by their wallet-friendly mix of precision handling, insane engines and cutting-edge technology. But many have fallen out of love with these pocket rockets and are getting their kicks elsewhere - even the manufacturers seem to have given up. So what are the new 600s? Which bikes tick the boxes like...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (15 August 2012 17:40)

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Apr 04

Posts: 89

sj_edinburgh says:

Rogerborg is spot on Suzuki appear to be in real trouble here in the UK, largely because they don't sell (or bother to import) a great selection of smaller bikes - no sports 125, no cheap 125 scooter (only the Burgman) and no 125 roadster (except the VanVan). Is it any surpise that Honda sells more 125s than all Suzuki sales put together. This has driven my local Suzuki dealer to sell Sym and other even poorer "budget" brands, just to fill the gap. Honda seems to have grasped what people want, with a good choice of 125 and the new fuel efficient 700s.

But we have to remember that the UK is a relatively tiny market for bikes, with close to no influence on the major manufacturers. They might appear to be making bad policy decisions, from our perspective, but they're probably concentrating on the global marketplace, where profit margins are probably smaller per machine, but numbers of bikes sold are on a completely different scale.

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Apr 04

Posts: 89

sj_edinburgh says:

Back to original discussion, I agree with all the post so far, the sports 600 is on the decline for lots of reasons:

1000s being not a lot more expensive especially secondhand.

The foreign markets for these bikes stagnating or drying up - I'd guess sales of all sportsbikes are on the decline in Spain, Italy and the US (correct me if I'm wrong).

Fuel prices going up.

The average age of motorcyclists increasing, with many riders realising that sportsbikes are pretty impractical for our overcrowed and potholes roads. Adventure/more upright roadbikes are simply more comfortable at legal speeds.

A swing back towards bikes being transport rather than toys - the sales figures back this up.

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Dec 07

Posts: 61

tackyaccy says:


they are just to small unless yer a 7 stone pimply teen with a generous dad, the amount of times iv'e seen normal size guys drowning these little revved up bikes while squirting em on the twisties makes me laugh,especially two up ( usually a girl pillion ) hanging over the rider like a vampire about to take a chunk out of his head.Hell give me a Busa anytime.

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Sep 09

Posts: 12

KernelKeld says:

SPRINTMAN52 - don't let the FZ6 put you off too much!

Hey SPRINTMAN52. I had a 2009 FZ6 S2 and didn't mind it so much but couldn't help but think it wasn't quite what I wanted. I started looking around but decided to do some advanced training to make sure it was the bike I wasn't sure about and not my own skills! So I went and did the California Superbike School Level 1. Unfortunately, when I got up the next morning ready to try my bike with my improved skills (I did the course on one of their R6 hire bikes), my bike had been stolen so I never got the change to find out and the decision was out of my hands! When looking for a new bike I said to myself that whatever I got it wouldn't be Japanese, it wouldn't be a 600cc and it wouldn't be an inline four! Unforunately, because my insurance sky-rocketed because of the theft, I didn't have much in the way of options for bigger capacity bikes as I couldn't get insurance for them. Which ruled out my first choice which was a GSXR750. I had a test ride of a Triumph Street Triple R (the bike I always wished I'd got when I got the FZ6), a BMW F800R and a Suzuki GSXR600. After much head scratching as they were all good bikes, I ended up opting for the Suzuki and I love it! So to cut a (very) long story short - after the FZ6 kind of put me off Japanese, inline four 600cc bikes, I ended up buying another but it is a MUCH better bike. The new 2011/12 version has got great handling and for a 600 sportsbike it's quite comfortable and you don't HAVE to rev the balls off it to do anything. I commute to work on it from time to time and can ride it 'normally' and only rev it around the 5k mark. Obviously if you do want to go crazy, you have another 10k revs to play with ;) I also tried the GSX650F recently and it's ok but doesn't have any of the character or feel of the GSXR and I didn't find it that much more comfortable. Although obviously it's a lot cheaper. Would have like to have tried an 848 but again couldn't get insurance!

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Feb 09

Posts: 129


Getting older Kemelkeld

Not my style Kemelkeld the GSXR600,to head-down,arse-up for me but it really looks the biz and could have fancied it 30 years ago.

I to had a 2009 FZ6 S2 and tried the STREET at the time but you sit on top of the bike and i did'nt feel at one.Should have got the GSX650F it would probably have been better than the FZ6 which was to put it mildly bloody annoying.It would'nt go unless it was revved hard which i did'nt mind at times,great fun but a leasurely ride when you wanted gave problems with no power when you needed it.Downright dangerous

So you can see why i'm put off 600s.The bigger engines give you an easier life



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Jan 11

Posts: 8086

snev says:


Having read your post I can't help thinking that any 600 is the wrong bike for you. If your max revs are 5000rpm, try a Harley or a diesel car.... 600's are rev hungry and only really come alive at about 9000rpm.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2465

Piglet2010 says:


I would rather ride a Dullsville on the road most times over any sport bike, especially if I am spending any time in traffic around town. The track is a different matter, and there a 600cc bike is better than a liter bike for all but the most advanced riders.

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Mar 08

Posts: 130

tman39a says:


if you want a 600 then thats obviously what your going to favour. I've had one and the first major road rideout i had on it had me selling it the following week...i was in agony around tight twisty B roads with the constant gear changes to get the engine at the right speed....moved to a Busa and only lost out on the 600's corner pace. Now have the V4 Tuono and it can be ridden like a 600 if you want yet remains very user friendly...for me out of that bunch of bikes the 600 GSXR would have been is a good bike but has too narrow an appeal and as most 600 sports bikes are over £9k now i'd been looking for something a bit more special or buying 2nd hand.

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Apr 12

Posts: 12

rocketzx6r says:


All this knocking 600,s,sounds like a green party conference shall we all buy 21 gear mountain bikes,and heavily invest in lycra.The only problem with 600,s is the price they knock  for a fraction in the states but we get bummed by the big 4,The big 4 dont advertise on mainstream telly in the UK,not everyone can afford sky?The manufacturer,s are partly responsible for UK biking decline,or are more bothered about the emerging markets to give a toss about the  west

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