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Steve Farrell  says:

At least you’ll crash within the speed limit!

It’s a massive pothole on a bend but at least you won’t be speeding if it makes you crash.  A council has been accused of compromising safety to catch speeders by painting the white line in the pothole instead of repairing it. The line is needed for the speed camera in the background to catch offenders breaking the 40mph limit...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (16 August 2012 13:42)

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Jan 12

Posts: 6

fattybatter says:

I knew posting would be a risky move.  But thought the generalised attack on councils was unjustified.

In the past maybe councils were involved in cameras but not recently.  I do use suffolks road, and also the A14 alot where i recently burst a tyre on a pot hole so I know exactly what people are cross about and I agree with them.

I wouldn't poit anyone to the CSD we page as it is the bain of my life and makes twice as much work for my.  People are much better off talking to their local county councillor about their concerns than coming to me to complanas I have no control over budgets so can very rarely help you, beyond sending a subcontractor out to put some temporary material in to avoid anymore claims.

And there in lies the problem.  Too many councils are selling off their departments to the private sector which is why less and less is being done.  A contractor will not make money doing work, anyone can see that.

Suffolk will follow suit next april so expect less to be done around this way.  This will result in hundreds of people being transfered to the private sector, loosing thier so called gold plated pension which they have paid in to but will get a lot less out of and more than likely also loosing their jobs.

I have been boh rivate and public and can say that private firms are run 10 timesmore efficient which is where the problems of the public sector come from. 

I have seen both sides and do not dissagre with anyone but also want to remind peopel that the council is a big place and to just blame the whole establishment is wrong. There are a lot of people who work their arses off to make sure the roads are kept to a high standard but too many hurdles are put in ther way and there are too many times where they are made to feel like crap whilst doing above and beyond their duty.  A few small changes would make a big difference but would not suit the people in power so they don't happen. 

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Aug 02

Posts: 537


I live and work in the Bracknell Forest area in Berkshire, if i've found a pot hole i send a mail to the Customer Service e-mail address on the website, tell them where it is, what road etc and it is usually dealt with promptly, this is the best way of getting it actioned according to my mate who works for them, he identifies,highlights and files the report for the potholes and the repair team to come in and fix it.

However, they don't deem it a pothole unless it is 50mm deep !



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Dec 10

Posts: 2

cdn954 says:

Highlighting the pothole

This doesn't address the politics involved, but in my home city of 1 million+, our road crews are all "armed" with flourescent orange instant dry paint and the ability to report the issues they spot as they are travelling to and fro other repair projects. If they spot a pothole or other anomoly, if they are not equipped to immediately repair the pothole, they highlight the area with flourescent orange paint making it easy to spot day or night, then report the issue themselves to dispatch and its usually fixed in 24-48 hours. Brilliant! Is it too much to ask that other cities "arm" their repair crews with a $5 can of paint and the ability and incentive to report road hazards they spot while on the job?! It works very well in my part of the world.

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Jun 09

Posts: 110

nigel966 says:


The lifeguard must have been asleep when you slipped into the Gene Pool . Your spelling is appalling and your grammar even worse. Is it any wonder that the roads of Suffolk are in such a state when we are reliant on imbeciles like you to keep them road worthy. I pay too much in tax and am sick of looking at this country falling apart whilst people like you try to defend what is a public service not fit for purpose.         

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Jan 11

Posts: 7558

snev says:


don't hold back mate, say what you really think !!!

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