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Nov 06

Posts: 1113

admin says:

You ask/you answer: Should I ever try to out-run the police?

You ask, you answer: Should I ever try to out-run the police? A friend of mine claims to have out-run the police who attempted to catch him when he was speeding on a dual carriageway. I think he's telling the truth. I ride a Blackbird, and must admit I'd be tempted to gas it if I thought they hadn't got my...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 August 2012 12:44)

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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:

Years ago when I

was in my teens I was giving it some beans along a 30 stretch (naughty I know, but I was 18 and a tearaway so your lectures are wasted on me).  A car started to pull out of a junction on my left and I was about to give it a handful and fly right past it giving the driver the bird, when I clocked it was an unmarked traffic car with two plod inside.  Instead, I hammered the brakes and turned left down the street they were coming out of - full knee-down round the corner, the lot.  I was going to quick for them to clock my number plate as I went round the corner.  I wellied it the half-mile along the road to my estate with them coing after me having done a quick about turn.  In my estate, I nipped through a couple of streets to my parent's house, stuck the bike in the garage, legged it into the house and chilled.  They started slowly cruising around the local streets looking in all the driveways, open garages, gardens etc.  Saved myself a strong lecture at the very least and no regrets about bolting.  Wouldn't do it now though as need my licence for work. 

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Nov 10

Posts: 296

COZ69 says:


i have done it hundreds of times and never been caught

i also have had sex with Kelly Brook a few times!! best 10 seconds of her life

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Jun 09

Posts: 110

nigel966 says:


What it shows is dibble cant actually catch criminals unless they get 18 attempts. So the message from this farce is..... You have a one in eighteen chance of getting caught. Of course you will see that this guy got 9 years for managing to make dibble look like a bunch of key stone cops so maybe another lesson is that rather than break the speed limit go and break some OAPs jaw whilst mugging them and get a much lower sentence (again you will get , on average, 18 muggings in before they catch you).

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Jan 11

Posts: 8079

snev says:

nigel966 saved me having to spell it out. On occasions I have exceeded the speed limit too, Do I feel like a criminal? well no actually because I don't agree with the blanket limits set out by those that be. On a quiet road on a sunday morning I'am more than happy to have fun..... thats all, it really shouldn't be a crime. Stealing, rape, burglary, fraud, violence, now those are real crimes. Speeding? well no not really. fomanchu you didn't actually answer my question. But you did highlight the priority of the police.....speeders are at least 16 times more likely to be caught than "REAL CRIMINALS". And another thing 180mph even by a low life dumbass didn't kill any body. ?????

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Mar 09

Posts: 52

oily1984 says:


There's a reason speeders get hamered. Simply most people caught speeding are generally law-abiding citizens therefore have something to lose jobs, houses etc... However what does a thieving junky rapest have to lose? Alot of rules imposed on motorists seem set to criminalise us such as setting 30 limits on an out of town dual lane road when 50 or even national speed limit would be more suitable or using hidden rader traps on long straights as they know 90% of the people they catch will just accept the punishment and it keeps the figures looking good on conviction rates and alike.

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Jan 10

Posts: 201

nickyb65 says:

WTF are you righting MCN

Its obvious a rider should not outrun the Police. Most Police riders are for a start a 1000 better than most riders anyway, not only that there bike's are in better condition than most of the tat' on the road. Grow up MCN.

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Mar 08

Posts: 130

tman39a says:


they only need to get within a few hundred yards to get your plate and evading the police is far worse than a speeding charge. On some bikes it may be possible to outrun them but they have blues and horns to help them cut through traffic...the speeder has FA and just risks being a fatal statistic.....also look up and see if your really alone since most counties have a police helicopter on call if the officer feels its unsafe for him/her to pursue and thats one cop your not likely to get away from.

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Jun 09

Posts: 110

nigel966 says:


You have hit the nail on the head.. Truth is if you do something that makes dibble look stupid (which is not difficult) then they will throw the book at you . Do something that they have to make an effort to investigate and chances are they wont bother and even if by some bolt of luck they do you will get a easy sentence. The police are as bigger disgrace as any public service and seeing them crowing on about how clever they are is just one piss take too many. Its about time these inefficient and incompetent public services started to be held to account.

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Jan 04

Posts: 150

venturer says:

traffic police where

like, the policing on UK roads is at at all time low, all any one is interested in is speeding, you have arseholes in vans on motorway bridges catching people doing 85mph in perfect weather conditions on the motorway and it makes news paper and TV headlines, but generally driving standards are going down hill because as there is no road policing, just think when was the last time you saw a traffic car or motorbike NOT ON THE MOTORWAY NETWORK, the dedicated skilled traffic officers are now being used to do other police work, this is leaving our roads open to abuse and very poor driving standards by car driver cutting corners and stuff. as for out running the police, I don't think it's a good idea, but then if you didn't see them then that's another issue, motorbike mirrors are very bad.

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Aug 11

Posts: 437


Fuck me MCN, your scraping the barrel here arn't you.  Not only that maybe a little coal for the fire towards anti bikers in talking such shite.

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