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Nov 06

Posts: 1122

admin says:

You ask/you answer: Should I ever try to out-run the police?

You ask, you answer: Should I ever try to out-run the police? A friend of mine claims to have out-run the police who attempted to catch him when he was speeding on a dual carriageway. I think he's telling the truth. I ride a Blackbird, and must admit I'd be tempted to gas it if I thought they hadn't got my...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 August 2012 12:44)

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Feb 11

Posts: 87

draper12807 says:

If there's a police helicopter within 50 miles of then you are fucked as most forces wont chase a bike encase he crashes, they use the helicopter to follow you untill you stop. But try it and let us know.

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Aug 11

Posts: 1

Throttled says:

Stupid question, stupid of MCN to even post the question and sadly many stupid replies.

Whats next? Should I bother to insure my bike? Should I ride whilst drunk? FFS.


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Nov 11

Posts: 203

jimbo8098 says:

Sure we COULD

probably outrun the mondeo cops but the risk would be too high. In any case , you are getting pulled over for doing something you shouldnt have been doing so the odds are already not in your favour. It's a bit of a stupid question to be honest. , you can get pulled over for speeding , heres your fine and points , have a nice day sir , but running away is only gonna get you in more trouble.

Nah , don't bother.

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Sep 11

Posts: 11

MartinZ says:

a different question

An average sports is designed and capable of exceeding 160mph safely and with a big margin for an error. We ought to ask should police chase bikes exceeding speed limits or focus on traffic offences that actually lead to accidents?

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Jun 12

Posts: 14

jahtlR says:

I Did it....Didn't end well!

I'm normally quite a respectable individual with an offic job but 2 years back I passed a van doing 40 in a 50, there were solid white lines so no overtaking but the van moved across allowing to pass within the same lane. The police were parked in a layby facing me and when they saw the pass put the sirens on. I knew they hadn't seen my plate so went for it on my 636!

On the sweeping roads into town I was miles ahead and confident Id lost them but as I got into town and started to pass schools, shops children etc I thought it would end in tears unless I slow I did and they caught up which resulted in them pulling me off my bike in full USA style while holding a taser and braking my mirror stalk in the process.

The copper told me he would personally make sure I lost my license, it went to court and I got 3 points for overtaking on  solid whites despite arguing the van allowed me to filter and I didnt beak the lines and enter the oncomming lane. Considering this incident involved a 100mph + chase through rural nottinghamshire I got off very lightly but look back and can't belive the stupidity of it, there is somnething about a fast bike that turns you into a bit of a hooligan.

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Oct 08

Posts: 97

dave80h says:


Yes you are quite right, modern sports bikes can easily and safely exceed 160 mph as can top end sports cars. The speed and machine are not the issue, it's the numb nut controlling it that is. With regards to the question MCN has posted, failing to stop for the police I would imagine would create almost a state of panic in a persons mind. As such they stop thinking about observations and other hazards and only about getting away from the police. Like many have said people might get away with it a few times but eventually something will come back to bite them, be it the police or simple physics. MCN print questions like this which in my opinion is almost egging folk on to try it then they criticise the police for stopping bikers. If you fail to stop it gives every other biker a bad name and of course the police are then going to start picking on bikers as a whole.

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Dec 07

Posts: 93

britri123 says:


MCN what are you thinking? Dont we get enough crap for riding bikes without this. The answer is NO.

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Sep 11

Posts: 19

likesitfast says:

MCN talking crap!!!

Another obvious, stupid question made up by the staff at MCN to fill the columns and pages of the website. Stop putting this sort of sh!te up and gain a little more respect as a motorcycle news paper

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Jul 08

Posts: 179

Fomancu says:


"We ought to ask should police chase bikes exceeding speed limits or focus on traffic offences that actually lead to accidents?"--surely speed is one of the factors that lead to accidents--?

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

@snev. Everyone knows that fizzies were quick, but my mate toasted one on his Fantic Chopper.....honest!


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