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Nov 06

Posts: 1110

admin says:

You ask/You answer: Should I take my kid on the back?

My kids are aged eight and six, and the eldest is badgering me to take him on the back of the ZX-9R. Should I? Can I trust him to hold on properly? And what's the bare minimum of kit I should get for him (apart from a helmet, obviously)? Your advice could help. Leave a comment below and we'll publish the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (29 August 2012 12:59)

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Oct 05

Posts: 6

leo19 says:

On yer bike

Should you take your Kids on you bike?? how the F- are we supposed to know... they're your kids!

"Can i trust him to hold on?"  - if he knows whats good for him he will!

and "what equipment should i get him?"

Obviously you need to get him a bikini and a feather boa! - if you are talking about your children then the obvious answer is you get them to wear as much armour and protective wear as possible. especially if you think there a chance that he may not hold on!

seriously MCN - some of the Rubbish you stick on your site is Rediculous!



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Oct 05

Posts: 6

leo19 says:

Oi MCN... got a question for you...

"My bike has only got one wheel.The fuel tank is made out of marmalade and the suspension is made out of Spam.

do you think i will be allowed to enter it in MotoGP next year?"

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Jan 12

Posts: 3

lc72 says:

bare minimum??? surely you wouldnt even consider taking a child on a bike unless they were fully kitted out!, i have a 7 yr old and wouldnt take her as a pillion even if she was, they are not old enough to know how or when to hold on properly. i couldnt live with myself if anything happened and cant belive someone would even ask such a stupid question!

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Aug 12

Posts: 2

Sad to see immature knobs leaving unhelpful comments on genuine questions... Anyway - Judging what age is appropriate for your children to start riding pillion is really a judgement call which needs to be taken on an individual basis; you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll hang on for dear life when you start moving so really it's a case of making sure you have the appropriate kit and have made sure they know what to do. I would recommend buying a pair of pillion grippers ( rather than relying on the grab handle on your bike, as I find that the position leaves you needing to hang on more tightly than is comfortable for any more than a short distance - in addition it will help the kids to grow accustomed to leaning with you into the corners as they'll be following the movement of your body. Obviously a properly fitted helmet is the minimum requirement in terms of kit, and should really be backed up with a pair of stout boots, gloves, a good pair of thick jeans and ideally a kids' leather riding jacket. If you're going to be taking them often (and let's face it, they'll probably get the bug!) then it would be worth investing in a more comprehensive set of gear for them. They are, after all, probably the only things more precious to you than your bike! Finally I would say give them a talk before setting out on what to expect (just like any new pillion passenger); make sure they know to use the footrests, not to try and get on or off without asking you first, and to be ready for the acceleration and braking. If they're properly geared up and ready to go, it should be pure fun - I remember having the time of my life on my first bike ride on the back of a Ninja when I was 8 years old - I caught the bug and haven't looked back since! Safe riding.

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Dec 10

Posts: 11935

preunit says:


I agree with what you've posted, but surely your reply's just common sense to anyone who rides a bike? :unsure:, having to ask such a question is the worrying thing.:ph43r:

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Aug 02

Posts: 6

ianjd says:

My eldest is nine, & has been riding pillion on my GSX-R1000 since he was seven. He wears a 'proper' bike jacket with armour, decent boots, gloves, jeans & obviously a helmet that fits. Also a 'Pillion Pal' type device is a terrific help & makes it a lot easier for junior to hold on.

As far as I'm aware, the only legal limitation is if the passenger can get their feet flat on the pillion footrests. My 6 year old daughter can't quite reach the pegs, but when she can I'll have no qualms about taking her out on the bike as well (if she wants to). But then again both my wife & myself have been riding bikes since we were old enough to do so, & therefore it's no suprise that both children couldn't/cant wait to do the same.

When it comes down to it, only you the parent can make the decision I'm afraid.

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Dec 11

Posts: 5

Zoiks says:


My daughter is eleven years old. She was keen to have a go on the back so I got her a cheap(ish) helement from HG and let her have a try. She was waering my wifes old jacket, a stout pair of jeans, good boots and some way too big gloves. She loved and and saved her pocket money to buy proper trousers and gloves. She now looks the part and really enjoys riding on the back. I leave my top box on for my peace of mind as much as hers.

Only problem now is she badgers me relentlessly all weekend "Can we go out on the bike?" or "When can we go out on the bike?" and "It has nearly stopped raining can we go out on the bike soon?"

Beware, they may end up loving going on the back and you will never have a moments peace again...

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Jun 11

Posts: 16

prdh says:

There your kids

I first went on the back of my dads bike at about the same age, all I had was an old crash helmet which was too big, jeans trainers and a cheep leather coat from a car boot sale. Looking back knowing what i know now i would not do the same with my kids but times and attitudes change there your kids are they mature enough to understand if yes get the kit you feel is the minimum to start and if they want to continue gradually build up the kit to what you can afford. Also start with short journeys my first was 2 a mile circuit around the local housing estate going no more that 20mph. Finally make sure you and your kids enjoy it there is no point in having your kid on the back if it distracts you. Best of luck.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1300

SatNavSteve says:

Oi, leo19!!!

Your bikes not Chinese is it??  LOL.

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Oct 05

Posts: 71

mattiboy says:

I was bought up on bikes, used to go around with my dad sitting on the fuel tank and holding onto the bars etc probably from about 5ish years of age. Much of it off-road, but also some on road stuff. Certainly the kind of thing that would be frowned upon these days (yet somehow I survived). The problem is that in lieu of seemingly reducing levels of common sense these days increased legislation seems to be coming in, so everyone is assumed as being somewhat cretinous as a baseline, anyway I digress. The reality is that (as others have said) only you can know the answers to these questions. You may have a very smart 8 year old, a really stupid 8 year old, he may be big, too small etc. In terms of kit, i'd get them full kit, but then theres a trade off against how much cash you have, whether or not they are likely to like it and do it a lot. Think only protection I had were thick trousers so that my legs didn't get too hot from the engine. Again, only you can know this. Have you ridden with pillions before? Are you a good rider? Probably discuss signals etc and practice in a car park, or even better a soft field

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