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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi likely to race new chassis in Misano

Valentino Rossi is likely to race a new chassis when the MotoGP world championship resumes at his home race in Misano next month.The Italian spent a two-day test at the Misano track this week evaluating a new chassis and swingarm, which is the biggest single update on the Desmosedici since winter testing back in February and March.Rossi and crew chief...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (30 August 2012 10:07)

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Sep 10

Posts: 829

CBR11X says:

The new motor and chassis he'll receive at the end of the year should be a big improvement. Let's see if he f@cks that up.

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Apr 12

Posts: 586

that`s right wosi....

......and ducati did the absolute mother of all fuk ups by employing rossi......the worst disaster in motorsport history

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Jul 12

Posts: 3024

wosihound says:

simple lad..

I don't expect hating fangirls, with limited comprehension of the sport let alone life, to understand that it takes two to tango.

I don't expect you to acknowledge the fact that Stoners results were a downward spiral at Ducati and despite the end of season wins that gave him license to say the bike was competitive, it wasn't.

I don't expect you to see the duplicty in Casey's reasons for leaving, the frustration with the bike being the same at the end of the season as it was the start, bearing in mind it was supposedly a competitive, winning machine at the end but not the beginning.

It's probably gone in one ear and straight out the other that every single rider who cocked a leg over Preziosi's machine has said the same thing and, if not for Stoners sublime control, nobody else did any good on it.

Rossi said he would not ride the bike like Stoner before he sat on it. Yes, he was employed to get results but when it became apparent the bike actually wasn't competitive in his hands as a 7 time premier class champion, Ducati didn't find solutions and pull their finger out. It was too much for them. 

The development of the beam framed bike has been a joke this year. It has fundamental design flaws that are not being addressed. They are stubbornly resolute. It is a Ducati..who cares if we can't win?

But I bet Simon says..they were wrong to chuck the pipe-framed GP8 in the bin. Am I right?

Hold on..I can see your eyes glazing over. I'm losing you with talk that is mildly technical and goes a little deeper than your usual Rossi slagging drivel..

Let's get back to the usual shall we..dickhead?


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Sep 11

Posts: 2284

YamahaGYTR says:

As pointless as  'Jordan has a new boob job'....................

LOL most likely Ducati have a pain killing injection so it can help Rossi for the remainder of the season.

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Jul 11

Posts: 1824

CHRainmaker says:

Wosi, just when we were getting cosy again.. go and spoil it. Rawdawg brings up a number of very relevant and reasoned comments regarding Stoner's tenure on the bike, and you again fail to recognise them. Let's have a quick look at what was said: 

"He won less and less races year on year and finished lower in the standings" - hey genius, not only did this guy name Jorge Lorenzo come on the scene in 2008 but Honda and Yamaha both built better bikes and had develop cycles faster than Ducati. You post gives ZERO credit to the 2 largest and most success bike makers in GPs. They are only going to get caught with the pants down every decade or so."

 A fair point and one you didn't answer. 

In another post, you concede that it's down to the factory to engineer a bike for the rider, absolving Rossi for any blame as to Ducati's problems and yet this is the fundamental whipping stick you continually use to beat Stoner with. Again, a point you decided to avoid answering. 

But, and it's a BIG but, all of the above pail into comparison after this little gem.. "Rossi said he would not ride the bike like Stoner before he sat on it. Yes, he was employed to get results but when it became apparent the bike actually wasn't competitive in his hands as a 7 time premier class champion, Ducati didn't find solutions and pull their finger out. It was too much for them." And when exactly did Rossi realise the bike wasn't actually competitive then - from the very first test, the first race? - so, he's the highest paid motorcycle rider in the world and yet he refuses to demean himself by riding like Stoner to try and find a result, despite this being something other riders are asked to do all the time. He's happy to take the pay cheque and ride out the end of his contract on the back of his reputation without putting in the effort to make that bike work. 


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Nov 03

Posts: 2089

saturn392 says:


Orange pants, Yellow pants, Oompa Loompa's, Dickheads, homosexuals, etc. etc. - What has happened has happened,  What will be will be,  It is what it is,   all time-worn cliches I know but still relevant. At then end of the season Rossi will be gone from Ducati and Stoner will be gone full stop. The chapter will be finished. A new chapter will begin, and there is no such thing as team-mates only team rivals, roll on 2013. First rule 'Beat your team-rival',

So guys we are all bikers and racing enthusiasts  let's take a step back and RELAX and enjoy it for what it is.

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Jul 06

Posts: 2046

buelligan272 says:

So true saturn

If only it was reality.I am sure you are a racing enthusiast the same as myself and it would seem you are a fan of one of the greatest ever like me.
Mike the Bike.
It is such a pity there has to be so much childish squabbling on here and I wonder with Stoner gone next year and Rossi back on a competitive bike if it will stop some of the pettiness?
We can only live in hope eh!

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1293


Wosi, just need to point out to you that Stoner actually finished with more points in 2010 than he did in 2009 but don't tell too many people, it could fuck up another of the myths you so strenuously perpetuate. I wonder how many Flo fans actually new this? Not many I'll bet.

Now when you even consider he had 1 less start and 1 less win in that season compared to 2009 and you will wonder why I'm scratching my head as to how this is a downward spiral. So, by all the evidence and facts Casey Stoner actually improved in his final year at Ducati. Wow, what a surprise eh?

Another thing, Stoner had 1 year on the 800 Honda and if I recall he won quite convincingly and this years Honda is a new bike. So using yours and every other limp wristed excuse for a bike racing fan who insists Flo's duc bears zero resemblance to the bike Stoner could win on, you can't compare the results as there is no datum point. Simple or what!

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Jul 11

Posts: 1824

CHRainmaker says:

BB, fair enough my friend, but you're still missing the point..

You say: 

"That's a point that can equally be applied to Rossi's predicament. He went to Ducati and at the same time Honda and Yamaha role out fast, sorted machines. Ducati role out a bike with the same fundamental problems as the previous one."

  That's a fair comment, and by anyone's standards a reasonable point to make. The problem is, Rossi's lack of performance on the bike is always regarded by his fans as Stoner's previous lack of development for Ducati. Yet, at the same time, those same fans still tout him and his "legendary" crew to be the greatest development team in the paddock, able to virtually turn water into wine ( you can see where this is going..). 2 years in and they are still nowhere near a competitive bike against the Japanese and the whole sorry affair rolls on. Now even the most hardcore of Rossi fans have to accept, Casey's involvement in the latest incarnation of the Ducati is nil, but still they try and use him as an excuse. 

You go onto say: 

"Evidence that the Ducati has problems, and evidence that the potential for the bike isn't that great, in its current form." Why? after 2 years and the biggest salary in the motorcycling world has Valentino and his crew not managed to turn the bike into a regular podium contender?..


It's Rossi's lack of commitment on the bike that's potentially the problem, he's admitted it and so have his fans, he's not prepared to throw it down the road in the same way Casey was, if that was what was required to get a result..

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Jul 08

Posts: 1539

jamieg999 says:

Reading all that hurt my head

I think I'm officially bored of this site. In fact I think I'll just go back to enjoying bike racing and not give a fluck about anyone else's opinion or knowledge and leave you fells to it. Bye xxx

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