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Steve Farrell  says:

Warning over new £50 ‘super MoT’ for bikes

Bike MoT costs could rise to £50 under EU proposals, according to the Motorcycle Action Group. The current £29 test is set to be replaced with a more rigorous ‘super MoT’ if plans go ahead, the group says. A MAG spokesman said: ‘The proposed inspections go far beyond the current requirements for a bike MoT.  Riders and MoT stations would...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (31 August 2012 16:04)

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Dr Mengle


Apr 03

Posts: 34

Dr Mengle says:

Blame UK not Europe.

My French registered bikes are not subject to MOT in France, and I don't pay road tax either. And yes I took them to France, got them registered at my French address, same with the car. Now I do not contribute to the poorly maintained road system in this third world country. The car is MOT'd every two years.


Please don't blame Europe, it's rip off Britain you should be looking at!!

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Nov 11

Posts: 203

jimbo8098 says:


Thought bikes were completely excempt from MOTs in europe? Or is it every 2 years they get MOTd?

In any case , this is yet another strategy employed by the powers that be to target a group of vulnerable road users.

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Aug 08

Posts: 514

KWAKZ750S says:


Good point, but not only is the vehicle subject to less rigorous testing, the driver is as well.  No legal restriction on a learner driving a Bugatti Veyron if his parents can afford the insurance.

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May 12

Posts: 50

burnthouse says:

Eurocrats ride again...

What Eurocrats seem to forget is the customization and modification industry for both motorbike and motorcar employs 1000's of people in the UK and Europe... in this time of economic turmoil surely that last thing you'd want to do is put honest hardworking people out of work. Surely if the thought really hard they may realise that they had more important things to sort out right now... wouldn't they? Oh and incase you were wondering, this new MOT system is being forced upon the motorcar paternity as well.

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Sep 12

Posts: 3

Canterbilly says:

Think about it this way people. If you don't join MAG for 25 quid now then there may not be anyone to fight this sort of legislation and you'll end up paying much, much more in the long run.

Join M.A.G. now folks!!

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Jan 04

Posts: 7

Stand up for yourselves guys. I left the UK a few years back so now I can customize my bike, not wear a helmet (should I choose not to) - Speed cameras and Westminster parking charges are all but a hazy painful memory. And as for MOT it doesn't even exist here. My car MOT consists of checking the engine management system and if all is well you passed for another 2 years I'm sure a lot of it is total twaddle. You all remember the big leg protector debate in the late 80's... In all honesty - the fee might go up to 50quid cos thats the way of rip off UK but the test itself...maybe they will add an emmisions test - I cant see yer average garage wanting to start ripping bikes apart.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4771

philehidiot says:

The unelected

What is it with them and thinking all bikes are modified to hell and rust buckets? Yet another bag of shit proposal that will have no evidence for. If this goes ahead I'm doing two things: one, joining UKIP and standing for election to free us from being run by unelected wankers who demand money and in exchange legislate where it is neither wanted nor needed. Secondly, if we don't leave the EU, I'm leaving it. My bike is grubby but well maintained and has only a couple of modifications, such as the horn. If I want to, I should be able to take the engine apart, stick a big bore kit on there and mess with the gearing, the sprocket sizes, etc etc. It's called a free society. We're going back to the pre 1300s where we all did as we were told and nothing more. The EU seeks not to write in law what we can't do, but in fact what we can do. They even pushed through this treaty that gives them unlimited powers in the face of several referendums telling them no. The treaty required total support and they just brushed the results aside and did it anyway. Unelected, antidemocratic and utterly obsessed with micromanaging every aspect of everyone's lives. I don't need some smarmy cunt telling me I'm not bright enough to make my own decisions as the fact is I'm probably brighter than them and when it comes to me and my life, I'm a fucking expert. They're strangling our businesses, they're responsible for the closure of many post offices by declaring the government subsidies that kept them running illegal and so much more. They almost put my parents out of business with stupid new laws when the old ones were perfectly good. It's time to stop strangling the freedom of our people and our country to do what we want / need to do. I honestly urge you all to vote UKIP - it's the only party that'll get us out of this mess.

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Sep 10

Posts: 191

Something seems to be going -on ,it surely can"t be all about health& safety  ? . The price of the training & the bike test  plus  sky high  insurance and now the M.O.T. price creeping up  , is it the cost of modern motoring ? . They remove tax & M.O.T.  costs from classic older bikes [and cars] ,what do they want us to do ? all drive Morris Minors &  ride Douglas Dragonflys  . There is quite a lot to testing a car especially a modern one with emissions etc. - but how do they justify  £50 for a bike test  ? . On saying that tho I pay a touch off £ 40 now for my sidecar outfit .

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Sep 12

Posts: 7

AngelaW says:

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