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MCN  says:

You ask/you answer: Am I safe going to bike meets?

I've just passed my test and have been reading lots of motorcycle websites, mostly interested in the bikes I might buy next. I've noticed that a lot of people commenting seem to be very rude, sexist and angry. I was thinking about going to a bike meet, but as a female I'm not sure I'd feel safe. I want to know if...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (04 September 2012 14:07)

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

If you're adult enough to ride a bike, surely you're adult enough to go along and make your own mind up?

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Aug 10

Posts: 66

muddybus says:

I started going to meets, but soon realised i wasn't one of 'those' bikers. Too many ego's, too many hero's, lots of back-stabbing, lying, shit-stirring. Now, I tend to ride to dealers who will have tea vans outside, have a chat over a cuppa, pick up the odd solo rider and have a blast, but tend to keep at arms length from  the whole biking scene. It suits some, not others. For me, I like riding more than I enjoy standing around flexing my bravado!

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Nov 10

Posts: 264

Homer40 says:

In my experience.....

.....on here(MCN) some of the posters are good guys and girls, some of the newer crowd are just website trolls and probably don't ride.

As for real life bike meets i've found most are really good never had a bad one yet, I ride with mates whom i have known for years but just recently i've started riding with some poeple who i have met through biking and not known for long, all are friendly and quite helpfull, all with different levels of experience.

The main thing you need to have is a good sense of humour and an outgoing personality. What you need to remeber is most bikers are family people with kids and jobs to be kept so normal really, they just enjoy riding.

By the way, I'm off to France with my mates on Saturday for 5 days, we will see how the French Police behave with all the recent new laws, got my breathylizer kits (still can't work that law out????)

Get riding and enjoy


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Sep 10

Posts: 1315

SatNavSteve says:


My wife is a counsellor, would you like me to make you an appointment?  You are a biker but not one of 'those' bikers, whatever one of those bikers is. And you like to hang around tea vans and pick up other bikers?  Is there more that you are not telling us? Do you have any buried under your patio? Try  to be a bit more broad-minded mate and accept people for who they are.

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Jan 12

Posts: 3

lc72 says:

am i safe going to bike meets

get used to your bike and build up confidence on your own first as you dont want to pull into a packed bikepark and do something silly like drop your bike or parking somewhere ridiculous in front of all the men expecting you to do just that. i went out with friend a few times before i went in a group ride. but have to say the guys  were all very nice and understanding and  i kept the pace pretty well. i have though, pulled in to places packed with bikes and get stared at when they realise im female and you can almost feel them willing you to do something stupid. building up confidence first really helped and i dont sweat buckets any more when ride into a busy biker place.

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Sep 12

Posts: 3

Canterbilly says:

You'll be fine. Like all meeting places in society you'll find people you like and people you don't. There are a few  inflated egos at some bike meets but they are easy to spot so ignore them and gravitate to like minded folk. It won't be any more nerve wracking than walking into a full pub when you don't know anyone in there....and much like a pub there will be loads of normal, easy going people and the odd dickhead.

A good way to meet people you'll enjoy riding with is to find the forums for the make or model of bike you own, at least you'll have something to talk about.

Get out there and enjoy yourself :)

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Jun 07

Posts: 89

Harry44 says:

Most of the rude people on websites are trolls. You won't find them at bike meets cos the don't ride.

Just go you'll be fine. You will meet arseholes, but you'll also make new friends.

Somebody said don't go  in case you drop your bike. Wrong ! The best place to drop a bike is where you are gonna get help.

Just be yourself don't pretend to vast experience look listen and learn.



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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

This is not 60s rocker culture

Most bikers of today are 40,50, and 60 somethings who run a family car too and lead a steady life. They are true gents and great company. Most of the rude hotheads claiming to do 200mph on their Fireblades and R1s don't even own one. Go along and enjoy yourself. You'll be made very welcome.

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Feb 11

Posts: 87

draper12807 says:

From what i can gather bike meets are full of old couples on goldwings with matching gear, drinking tea on a sunny sunday afternoon that are more than pleasant to talk to.

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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:

I'm with Muddybus

It all depends on whether you bike for your own personal enjoyment or because you're one of those people who want to be 'part of something' and seek a whole new 'family' of 'biker' mates.

If you're riding for yourself and your own enjoyment, and don't really give a shit about the over-opinionated pumped up dickheads that ride a bike because they're 'hardcore(!!!)' then you'll naturally find yourself chatting to like-minded individuals and have a great time.

If you're riding because you think it's cool/hardcore/will make you appear more interesting, or any other ridiculous reason you can think of, then you are sure to meet many similarly minded big-headed people.

It's just like the car world... you've got your VW Beetle type meets, and your local boy-racer meets.  Two very different things with people at the opposite end of the pole from each other.  Just chill out and be yourself and you'll find your own niche  :biggrin:

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