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Steve Farrell  says:

Bike test doubts after reshuffle

Plans to improve the motorcycle test could stall following the government reshuffle, the British Motorcyclists Federation has warned. Former Roads Minister Mike Penning was the architect of plans to scrap an off-road part of the test in which hundreds of learners have crashed attempting manoeuvres including a swerve. Penning, a former biker, announced a review in MCN aimed at creating a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (06 September 2012 09:20)

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Nov 10

Posts: 9

Haydn2613 says:


This in my opinion is a good thing because the two tests allow you to train accordingly, yes it would be nice to get it out of the way in one test but hey the current system prepares you more. Crashing in the swerve? The swerve is a gentle bend with many roads a lot worse than this, this swerve is great preparation especially what comes after it.

Also the more delays for tests the better as I dont know if this is still coming into the effect but the whole pass your test be allowed 400cc then you have to do your test again for more is retarded. I could pass my car test and get a buggati veyron if i wasnt poor. 

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Sep 09

Posts: 894

Rogerborg says:

Yes, the 3rd Directive licensing is still coming

January 19th 2013, it's done, dusted and legislated.

To be honest, I also preferred the 2 part test, but that's because I was sitting on my own 125 and the site was fairly local.  It lets you get the opportunity for silly foot-down fails out of the way for £15.50.

However, its different if you're paying bike hire to a training school, or need to travel a long way: costs can quickly ramp up.  There's also something rotten in the state of the module 1 test, since the pass rate for men is nudging 70% but for women it remains in the mid 40s.  In module 2, the female pass rate is marginally higher than for men, so it's not that they can't ride bikes.

But the most significant factor is that when the new 2 part test came in, the number of newly licensed bikers (literally) halved, and has only recently started a slow rise again.  That happened at the same time as the economy tanked, and the result was a catastrophic fall in sales with loads of dealer casualties that aren't done yet by a long shot.  The bikes that are being sold are overwhelmingly 125s going to perpetual L platers, or litre+ bikes going to geezers.  That's not a basis for a healthy industry.

All this came about because the cretins in charge when the 2nd Directive was implemented apparently didn't realise that 50kph is more than 30mph, and then they went and gold plated the hell out of the required test elements like good little OCD spackers, making it appear much harder and more burdensome than it really is.  It's not a hard test, it just puts people off even trying.

Penning, bless him, just sacked off that 50kph limit and said 48kph (= 30mph) is good enough for a pass. Shut up, that's why.  And he was pushing to get it all back on road again, none of this cones and speed gates bollocks - examiners can and must use their judgement for every other aspect of the test - they can say "Go on, swerve around that manhole cover" and judge 'fast enough' by eye.

Now that Penning been ousted, I imagine the Sir Humphreys will bury the review and assure us that everything will be just fine the way it is.  It's not, but that's a rant for a 3rd Directive thread.

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Mar 10

Posts: 1035

bmwgs says:

better for only learing on the road makes you a better rider

i did my bike test 5years ago and it was all on the road. with that you rode to a quite bit of road and then learned the U turn, hill start and the emergency stop  and i found you got more road time with an instructor. plus you get more use to riding round town and on  main road plus getting use to doing 60 in a 60 ect.

plus in my test i was told NOT to swerve round the front of a car and was told to brake and then if you cant stop to swevre behind the car.


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Jun 06

Posts: 42

stevowarrior says:

New drivers

If they put new car drivers through a similar learning and qualification process we wouldn't have half the accidents on the roads AND insurance premiums would be a lot lower for everyone. Why they don't restrict the BHP and cc performance of cars for new car drivers in a similar way to bikes is beyond me.

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Nov 11

Posts: 203

jimbo8098 says:



A fully on road test is a bad idea but so is letting any tracksuit sporting ned on a hayabusa. There is some reason in the old methods with the CBT and THEN the full test. The new method is too restrictive for all involved but a fully on road test is completely out of the question.

When I did my CBT , it was about 1 or 2 hours off road then about 4 hours actually on the road. It makes sense. Do the first part of your test away from the public so if anything happens , the worst that will happen is you will break a wing mirror or make a dent in the tank cos , lets face it , where is a 125 (or a 50) gonna accellerate to within about 10-20m? You arent gonna be a risk to other road users and you arent gonna get run over by a truck if you can't keep your balance beside them. The best thing to do is just as we have been doing for years and simply do an off road section then come on road if the trainer sees fit.

The new way of doing things means that you essentailly do the same test 3 times just with a bigger bike. You do a CBT each year on a heavier bike than last. What is the use in that? Slow control is down to strength and learning techniquie (which you would already know). When you get up to speed , sure , it goes faster , but in most cases , it is no different to driving around a little 125. When you have experience on a big bike , you could flick it around just the same.

Like many of you have said , instead of forcing this training on a much smaller group which (as has been proven) are more likely to be killed by a car driver going into them rather than through a fault of their own. So surely something like this is just sweeping the issue with car drivers not paying attention and giving appropriate respect to such a machine under the carpet?

I'm not a fan of the new test , can't see what is wrong with the old ways. Sorry government , not me. I'll go out and be a statistic on my VStrom while wearing a hi vis vest and considering advanced testing. We aint all boy racers on crotch rockets just as all car drivers arent neds/chavs in a corsa.

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Jul 09

Posts: 66

CaNsA says:


which hundreds of learners have crashed attempting manoeuvres

But thousands haven't.


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Oct 06

Posts: 57


That Swerve manoeuvre..

I've been riding since 1974 and I can't honestly remember ever doing such a thing as the test candidates are required to perform.

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Dec 10

Posts: 11971

preunit says:

"aimed at creating a single on-road test"

Bit like the old test then :blink::wacko:

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Feb 08

Posts: 160

davdamos says:

maybe he got moved cos the euro ministers didn't like how he was trying to change the plans they spent so much money on

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Sep 12

Posts: 7

AngelaW says:


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