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MCN  says:

Triumph Trophy 1200 first ride: "Hugely impressive"

Triumph’s new Trophy 1200 is currently being tested by MCN’s Phil West in Scotland and after completing 250 miles yesterday in the Highlands he is now riding the bike down to the Triumph factory in Hinckley. This is what he’s got to say: "It’s been 21 years since Triumph re-launched at Hinckley with their first new model, the original 1200...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (07 September 2012 10:27)

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Dec 10

Posts: 11971

preunit says:

I'd have one

over the Explorer any day.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8250

snev says:

preunit ......

That sounds So Wrong !!!

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Dec 10

Posts: 11971

preunit says:


lol.That'll be the "NEW" pearl ltd edition then.:biggrin:

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Oct 11

Posts: 2548

Piglet2010 says:


The Triumph Trophy 1200 is huge, all right.

I'm still waiting for a 450 pound sport-tourer.

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:

ave it

got my deposit down.go well with my sprint st and speed triple.might need a divorce lawyer mind ,doh

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Jan 05

Posts: 1

450Lb Sport Tourer

I have one, tis actually a smidgen less than 450, does 155, from 30 , in 6th, out torques 600's/750's even the odd thou can be caught (changing gear), handling is ok.........averages 54MPG..........can do 270miles to a tank...if takin it easy.... and it's English......... It's the 955 Mk2 Sprint RS....sadly, discontinued, by Triumph......oh, and I bet a tenner a Trophy wouldn't get near it!!!!!!!

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Sep 12

Posts: 12

DemiT says:

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Jun 10

Posts: 13

cyclelife says:

Trophy too big for me!

No doubt it's a good bike but it's ugly as---- Why give up on the Sprint's success? I just want a Sprint GT with the 1200 engine and shaft drive - will Hinckley listen to their customers - no sports tourer in the line up!!! The Sprint must have been one of, if the biggest seller for T ??? I will now have to change brand when it's time to replace the old girl - shame :(

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Jun 12

Posts: 4

steviewo says:

Taking this bike on a 300m ride doesn't really prove anything, any modern tourer is going to manage that without too much trouble. Are you going to take it on a proper test? Like 250-300m per day for 7-10 days no motorways like a proper user would? And also please explain why we need all these electrogizmos, my wife and I just did 2,500m in France & Spain, 250m only on Mway, 500m+ on mountain roads, rest on A/B standard on a Sprint GT. It was fantastic, the bike never missed a beat, we were comfortable and had loads of fun. If we want the radio/iPod we have it in our helmets, as for the rest of it we can dial in +/- preload, we have ABS, don't want linked brakes (i'll use the front if I want to, ok) and can't see the need for cruise. We're right in the target market for a Trophy, it looks great but why should I spend so much money, what am I going to get for it? I'd like to see a test where you explain the value of these gadgets and take it for a proper long run. I should add, I was interested in a 1200RS for a while until the salesman described it as a car on 2 wheels, that's when I made my mind up and bought the GT, is this Trophy a bike for bikers or just a niche filler for people with more money than sense. You can get a brand new Sprint GT now, same luggage (or so it appears), a great bike for £8.5k, what does that extra £5k get that you could ever actually need?

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Sep 12

Posts: 2

nemopete says:

New Trophy

384 miles,8 hours, one bike was the big head line ! Did the guy put it into second? A lot of writing about the country side but not a lot about the bike, a lot of facts and figures given out from triumph .Come on MCN get down to the nitty gritty like you normaly do and give it a proper test. If I am going to invest in one I  would like a second opinion and not all the " gumpf " given out by the manufacters.   Nemo

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