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MCN  says:

Poll: Will the new motorcycling licence laws be good for motorcycling?

Motorcycling licence laws are due to be changed yet again in January 2013 and motorcyclists starting at the age of 17 could potentially have to take three separate motorcycle tests before they're allowed to ride an unrestricted motorcycle on the road. This is what the new laws mean: Anybody under the age of 19 and at least 17 years old must pass a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 September 2012 15:07)

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May 06

Posts: 92

rmbridge says:

Never understood why motorcycles have to suffer from Dracanion laws when car drivers get off scott free.  I have no problem with limiting power to those under say 19 but why all the retests?  Another nail in the coffin of motorcycling.  Which in the end is really what the health n safety brigade want.

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Sep 12

Posts: 6

kierran87 says:

I'm currently 25 and looking to take my full test next year, how would this affect myself? I already have a CBT license which runs out in January 2013.

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Sep 09

Posts: 887

Rogerborg says:

Corrections (2nd try at posting)

Apologies if this appears twice.

DAS access to an unrestricted A (now aka A3) license will be at 24, not 25.

17 year olds won't have to sit a test, just do the CBT - which is training, not a test.  That's been the DfT's position up to now, and I've seen nothing to suggest that it will be revoked.  How would that even work?  Write to everyone with a DL196 and tell them to tear it up?

It's bad for everyone involved in every way: road safety, cost, hassle, numbers getting into biking, legal hassles, the lot.  I can't be arsed typing it all again, it's pearls before swine anyway.

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Aug 05

Posts: 21

evilgenius says:


Why the third test? It should be 17yrs or older CBT 125cc, 19yrs or older test, fail stuck on 125cc, pass restricted to 47bhp and after two yrs any bike you want job done.

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Sep 10

Posts: 103

street3r says:

Car drivers?

It will be no good for motorcycling. Too many hoops to jump through. So instead of learning early and riding through their life, they'll wait until they're 40 (only time they'll be able to afford it) and start from there. Just like I did. What about your car drivers? What about limiting their car's bhp until they 20? It's not always the biker who causes the accident, it's the car driver. More needs to be done to educate them too.

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Aug 09

Posts: 2714

MarcusMarsh says:

New Tests

Fu*king stupid!

If you set out to design a system to kill motorcycling you probably could not have come up with anything better.  This is descrimination, plain and simple.  Two years on a 125 - bikes that have less presence on the road and can struggle to keep up with main road traffic.  Oh yeah, that's the way to reduce accident statistics.  Prats!     

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Sep 10

Posts: 51

dom501 says:

Trying to get bikers off the road

Why not restrict car drivers? If your under 21 your restricted to something like a 1.2L. I understand car insurance is expensive for younger drivers but money is all it takes. Looking on the government website the other day as of 2013 age 24 is the max age limit for any category of licence. So as I see it bikers are definitely been prejudiced against.

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Nov 10

Posts: 18

nathanlee says:


I'm 29, and I've had a car licence since I was 17. I did a theory test for that, and have just had to do another one for two wheels.

I'll be doing my CBT for the third time next week (why do you forget basic training after two years, but not if you've passed your test?). Mod1 and Mod2 is going to cost me around £600 with training.

It's all paper work, tests, and time. I'm going to be no safer on the road than I am now (I will ride exactly the same way), I just want something with a little bit more power to handle motorways.

No winder the bike industry is in trouble. It's so hard to get in to it.


A sensible normal rider who doesn't want a superbike

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Mar 10

Posts: 100

jahagon says:


In theory, any 17 year old muppet can pass their car test and get on the roads and drive anything they want. A Bugatti Veyron with over 1000bhp - ok that's an extreme example but you see the point I'm trying to make. All this new regulation will serve to put even more people off biking. It's killing biking.

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Jun 12

Posts: 18

ghostmikey says:

I think the idea is to kill biking. Conspiracy probably but the government get nothing from us. Free parking, we manage to evade practically everything and we come off worse statistically in accidents. They're probably trying slowly to just kill it off because we cause nothing but an inconvenience to them. Biking right now is a symbol of freedom, especially the custom world, and the new laws just highlight human craving for control.

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