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MCN  says:

Poll: Will the new motorcycling licence laws be good for motorcycling?

Motorcycling licence laws are due to be changed yet again in January 2013 and motorcyclists starting at the age of 17 could potentially have to take three separate motorcycle tests before they're allowed to ride an unrestricted motorcycle on the road. This is what the new laws mean: Anybody under the age of 19 and at least 17 years old must pass a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 September 2012 15:07)

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May 11

Posts: 28

Kando says:

Too expensive

How are people expected to pay for three bike tests and the lessons to go with them, especially when under the age of 25. It will end up costing thousands of pounds by the time you get to ride a big bore bike. (Can see this putting huge amounts of people off, no doubt this is the long term plan to phase bikes out)

On top of this why is it still okay for a 17 year old to theoretically jump straight into a 1000bhp Bugati Veyron the day he passes his test, after riding nothing more than a nissan micra!!?? Massive bias against bikers yet again.

The third annoying thing is that if you fall off / crash a bike your only likly to hurt / kill yourself. Crash a car and you will likely injure / kill the other people involved. With this fact in mind why is it bikers who keep getting targeted? I dont see car drivers doing swerve tests at DVLA test centres either.

Bikes are mostly a lot more enviromentally friendly than cars to. The government should be promoting it to keep down conjestion not promoting a witch hunt. Ahh rant over... Whats coming next??

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Mar 09

Posts: 52

oily1984 says:

Kando, bob on. In principle I can agree with more rigourous trainning and testing but, for all road users not just bikes. On a side note looking at insurance I can't see biking dying anytime soon but EU are doing the best they can citing safety although more people die falling from windows than on the roads in the UK surely this is a far more pressing concern? Everyone has too face the terifying ordeal that is a window everyday and nothing has been done! Also the green arguement is a load of bull, the underlying science is largely unproven and probably only promoted so much as tax can be levied.

Aha, so that's why they don't care about windows.

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Sep 12

Posts: 4

Rustum says:

Right approach

There is a reason why insurance is more expensive for under 25 year old. It's because they are involved in more crashes. Inexperienced rider go into corners faster don;t know how to brake correctly (these are thing you only learn with experience) Most kids I see on mopeds drive without caring for other road users and their own safety. Now imagine these kids at 19 riding a 600cc 100+bhp bike they will not just get themselves killed but also put in harms way other road users. Also there are a few comments on how are kids supposed to pay for this, well they still do have an option to ride a 125CC bike till they can affrod to pay for a mod 1 an mod 2 at 21. If they want to ride soemthing more powerfull at 19 they need to find the money to do so.

British bikers are one of the saftest bikers in the world and it is due to our rigrious licence testing process. I wish they had more rigrious licence testing processes for young car drivers as well.

Sorry not to have agreed with most of the comments here.

Ride Safe!

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Oct 11

Posts: 2792

Piglet2010 says:


The pants the examiner is wearing are wrong.

Very, very wrong.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2792

Piglet2010 says:

Not Swine

@ Rogerborg – “I can't be arsed typing it all again, it's pearls before swine anyway.”

Hey now, please do not insult the swine.

(Yeah, I hate most of you too.)

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Sep 12

Posts: 9

Ian610 says:

It's a joke!

Of course they won't! Making people jump through more hoops to achieve the end result, will just put them off motorcycling. I found the stress of having to do mod 1 and 2 enough, let alone having to go through three stages of testing. It's just another money making scheme for the Eurocrats, related governments and appointed agencies (DSA). Travelling by bike has been proven to reduce traffic and emissions, so why aren't they promoting it? MONEY! It's pathetic how car drivers don't have to endure anywhere near the restrictions set upon ourselves. They're trying their damned hardest to kill the industry off as we know it!

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Nov 07

Posts: 182

bird1050 says:


What a frigin joke. Why are they not doing the same to young car drivers, Who kill more inoccent people than anyother age group.

A young driver can pass thier test and drive  the most powerful production car straight away, with no restrictions what so ever .

Its about time this country stuck two fingers up to europe


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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:


Boris Johnson I Swear it is. PS... Piglet I Love you.(and Hog roasts)

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Sep 12

Posts: 1

ryanwalls924 says:

This is wrong

I cant see how making you jump through more hoops, at your own expense I might add, can be benificial for the industry!

Secondly I feel this will have a detremental effect to uk bike sales, having a proportion of bigger bike sales removed just on the basis of age.

I also think the restictions are a joke considering at 17 I could pass my car test and jump straight into 500+ bhp mercedes or BMW.

This is beyond funny now when are they going to leave us bikers alone. Theres only so much people are willing to do to get on and around on two wheels and these changes might just be the straw that broke the camels back.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2

alilowson says:

makes no difference

I'll just say to any people who doesn't have a full motorbike it, do it now. I'd pay for my licence 10 times over if I had to. That's because riding a bike is more that just a mode of transport. So let all the "Powers that be" roll out all the shit-istics or throw as many tests in the way as they want because when you hit that road, every last penny spent getting there was worth it.

If you're not living life on the edge you're taking up too much room!

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