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MCN  says:

Poll: Will the new motorcycling licence laws be good for motorcycling?

Motorcycling licence laws are due to be changed yet again in January 2013 and motorcyclists starting at the age of 17 could potentially have to take three separate motorcycle tests before they're allowed to ride an unrestricted motorcycle on the road. This is what the new laws mean: Anybody under the age of 19 and at least 17 years old must pass a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 September 2012 15:07)

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Dec 08

Posts: 31

petexjr says:

Young people

I feel so sorry for young people today. I'm almost 60 and all I had to do was ride around a square fro 10 minutes to pass my test. I've survived so far (44 years in January), with only two broken bones both cause by someone else.

These laws are nothing to do with safety. Some people just don't like to see other people having fun, doing something they don't or can't do. I suspect their mums wouldn't let them have a bike when they were young so they want to take their frustration out on other people.

I'd rather get killed doing something I love than live a boring, safety obsessed life. I also come from a smoke and pet filled home!

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Mar 12

Posts: 1

Skottie666 says:

It makes sense...

...because you see all these 16 y/o's on their 50cc mopeds riding with their phones in their hands or holding a can of coke (have been an actual witness to both these things!) and not even wearing proper gear! it annoys me how because they feel invincible that a 30mph slip won't hurt! maybe not being able to pass straight onto a 125+ will improve the average young rider! Don't get me wrong I'm only 21 myself and have only been riding a 600 for a couple months but having done a CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2 I feel a lot more stable on the road than just having done one test like many of the older riders may have done. I do feel sorry for them though, I would have been tearing my hair out if I had to wait to upgrade to a big bike!

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Foolish crap

So you can join the military at 16 go get killed for your country at 17 but can't ride a motorcycle of your choice until your 25, something not right there somehow.

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Sep 12

Posts: 1

davecapes says:

what a load of Bol'#/ks

firstly this is just another muzzle that is being put on the biking folk, do be careful tree huggers these muzzles may cause more injurys as I wear a full face helmet!!

so what there saying is you can be young and foolish and a complete pain in the arse and have lots of horsepower available but only in the form of a car because it only hurts others interesting .....

how about teaching the other road users some awareness putting restrictions on cars etc etc .and while your at it fix the pissing roads this may stop some of the accidents we only have to wheels if one of them are in a pothole we are pretty screwed.or are you thinking of putting hole filling in the new test (wont be long till then do )

over the past couple of days i have seen a woman brushing her teeth driving through exeter city centre ,a bloke in a van looking at photos on an i pad and another bloke with a drink in one hand and a sandwich in the other driving with his wrists dont see bikers doing this.

Clearly these spokespeople or as i like to call them the good idea fairys or FONC's (friends of no c~~~) have their blinkers on like most of the car drivers on the roads SORRY I DIDNT SEE YOU IS NOT A EXCUSE use your mirrors get some awareness and if you turn your head instead of releying on those crap blind spot mirrors you may see us nearly all of us have our lights on night and day .

being the smaller party that are using the roads clearly it makes more sence to you to shaft the little people as if you start changing the car test etc etc there would be uproar.

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Sep 12

Posts: 2

Pretty One Sided I Feel

I can kinda see where they are going with this, as myself have been riding for over 9 years now and feel some young new riders (not all just a small few) are quite dangerous these days, myself have been coming up to a roundabout and some little squid has cut right across me nose on mopeds or 125 crossers just get to it before me with feet to spare, these kinda riders p*ss me off and it is these that would worry me on a 600cc motorbike. But saying this it seem very one sided as feel if there going to force this on motorbike riders then they should also do it for cars as there is nothing stopping a young lad passing his test and then going and buying a Lambo (if they got the money of course) but where is the difference between the two. so if you 17 no more that a 1.1 for 2 years 19 1.2 or 1,3 for two years and so on. Make it for all not just two wheels, but i can't see it making much difference, will just end up with more young riders with no licence or insurance or something like that. Just my opinon lol

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Nov 08

Posts: 114

GixxerDream says:


It's not the worst idea. Yes maybe it's another way for the government to receive more money but thinking out side of that then it could be a good thing. Of course if i was 17 and trying to pass my test it would be frustrating but as we all know the almighty power that comes with some of these machines means controlling them and having respect is something that you earn from riding for years. Some people are against the new plans as it only affects bikers and not car drivers but in reality for £2000 an old R1 could be bought. To get that kind of performance you'd need to buy a Ferrari. Maybe it will reduce the accident numbers, only time will tell. Just think before reacting badly as you think it's an attack against bikers.

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Mar 08

Posts: 31

mrp192 says:

New training rules.

Too complicated and rather than test test test why not just take an accredited course when eligible to move to the next stage? That would put business into the training industry but cut expense for riders. Also the manufacturers need to bring some suitable bikes like the new Kawasaki out to keep new riders interested. Real incentive to take advanced training for all riders should be a priority too. In a country getting more and more crowded and crap public transport in rural areas motorcycling is the natural answer!

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Sep 12

Posts: 24

Fspider says:

Weird one this...

Bloody weird one this. 

So you can fly fighter jets for the RAF at 22/23. (my son gained his PPL for a Cessna 157 air frame at 17).
You can graduate as a millitary officer and lead a company of men into a war zone, commanding tanks and aircraft......
But you are not responsible enought to ride a big bike until one is 24?? How does that work?
Imagine the 23 year SAS trooper, just come back from a hot mission. Then jumps onto his 250cc motorcycle for a little R&R. Why a 250?..... Because by law a liter bike is to dangerous for him. LOL!!

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Jun 06

Posts: 9

nibi says:

Seems to me that a few points are being missed by the powers that be. If you are an inexperienced rider aged 17, 25 or 55 and ride a motorbike for the first time you are not skilled at riding. So training should be given to gain the skill to ride. The difference is that at 17 you are more likely to take risks than at 55 showing off. But this does not mean that you should be punished for trying to ride in the first place which is what the proposed system will do putting off new riders of any age coming into the system. Why would anyone, any age want to go through all the rigmarole of different tests etc. The system should be reverted back to the old style First year on a restricted bhp. Then second year higher bhp but with proper enforced training for all ages. Makes sense to me but not this ridiculous proposal which is going to cost people out of biking before they even start riding.... 

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Sep 12

Posts: 1

trainingatb says:

Not thought it through

As usual this has not been thought through,Firstly it will encourage youngsters to desrestrict there 125s to make them faster as they wont be able to take a test to ride a bigger bike and in doing so make them a better rider, once the bike is deristricted they are riding ilegaly. It  also discriminates against the shorter rider many ladies and older riders take the test on a 125 as they cant manage the heavier bikes there are no small 650 to train them on so they will not be able to take a test to ride a larger bike. Also disabled riders who take the sidecar test this will also be taken away.

If you want to make biking safer make all car drivers take a CBT they will then have a better insight into looking for bikes, also make it legislation that no only a helmet but jacket, trousers gloves and boots must be worn to get rid of the shorts and T shirt brigade who for some reason think they have Rhino hide for skin. Also it will have a major effect on training schools who have taken a beating since the last test was introduced, just as it gets on an even keel this comes in no more 18th and 21st courses as presents also have to buy 650 bikes totaly ludicrous talk the people in the industry this will do nothing but harm.


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