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MCN  says:

You ask/you answer: Why don't we nod anymore?

Last Sunday I rode from my home near Exeter to my in-laws' house in Birmingham. I must have passed over 100 bikes but, despite my cheery waves, only received half a dozen or so nods in return. What's wrong with bikers these days; why does hardly anyone wave anymore?  Your answer could help. The best will be printed in next week's MCN,...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 September 2012 15:20)

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Dec 09

Posts: 26

GFYALL says:

BMW & snot (aka snev)

I always nod, unless it's a cunt called snot or snev or something horribly common. The only bike I ride that makes nodding difficult is the BMW S1000 RR, because it's so bloody fast, by the time snot has nodded I'm already too far past. The reason GS riders look snooty is because if you are tall (1m90 +) your head height is above that of a driver of a Range Rover. I enjoyed looking down at some stupid vache driving a RR to school the other day. Like all female RR drivers she hadn't a clue.

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Aug 11

Posts: 437

Noddy & Big Ego's

I used to nod all the time and got fucked off with people not nodding back. I just wait until i'm nodded at 1st now.

I always nod to the small 50cc to 250cc bikes though as i want to encourage them onto a long biking affair and makes them feel part of the biking community. It did me all those years ago anyway.

Just a thought, how Gay do we all sound moaning about nodding lol.

PS i'm a Ducati rider and definately not got ego issues.


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Jun 09

Posts: 110

nigel966 says:

Might start now

Now we have ascertained that Piglet resides in America I may now start nodding. I think it was the thought of nodding at that cunt that put me off.

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Mar 04

Posts: 204

v2kiwi says:

Nod off

I never nod unless i actually know them.  I drive a HYUNDAI DIESEL VAN  and i don t  wave nod or wick at any other HYUNDAI VAN drivers sharing the same experience as me.  Still each to there own. LOL.

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Jul 10

Posts: 68

brmoore says:

I do try

...but when your undertaken on corners by idiots speeding...doesn't build your confidence that everybody should be nodded to...what a moron risk your own life not mine...anyone can go fast

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Oct 09

Posts: 223

ruxxy says:


Ha ha ha, true.

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Feb 12

Posts: 141

pissedsid says:

noddy but no big ears

:smile I nod

 after getting a  few nods off other riders despite riding a 125 cruiser on L plates:tongue: i now nod back
 also I use a battered series 3 landy  that means the landy wave 
but when driving the transit i find the middle finger is  most used, usually for German car idiots

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May 09

Posts: 43

gixerbeast says:


I nod :-)... I usually find its doods on BMW bike that don't nod. I have a vfr750 may be its too old to be bothered with eh u what.

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:


We used to nod but nowadays many just don't bother, I think it is a fading thing from the days when if you saw a biker broken down you would stop and give him/her a hand even to the point of giving them a lift to the nearest petrol station, now of course if you see a bike broken down not many would bother to stop because it is doubtful whether most could do a road side fix anymore on these new bikes, not many people carry electrical harnesses to link up to computers or for that matter the computers to fix them either.

In the old days if a biker broke down you might end up with a small group gathering all with bits of this or that on them such as someone might have spare fuses or someone might have bits of wire or a spare plug and so on, how many people bother to carry a spare spark plug now or even bulbs?

It's the sign of the times, the bikes are more reliable but are more complex, people now have fuel gauges and often no reserve part of the tank, we are having less and less in common with each other than of old.

But saying this deauville riders nod to each other even when riding in town so perhaps it's to do with the riders that ride the new bikes as the deauville is more of an older riders bike.


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Aug 12

Posts: 6


I rode a large capacity scooter for many years for the ease and economy... and never had anyone nod to me, until i test rode a new motorcycle recently, where within a 10 mile test ride I had 5 seperate nods.. It was an uplifting experience to no longer be invisible on a scooter.. and i felt at once accepted and noticed by other riders again.. so much so I bought the bike!! I get nods all the time now... I felt in an underclass as a scooter rider...Ignored by car and motorcyclists and scooter riders alike... perhaps riders stepping up from a scooter to a motorbike have been acclimatized to ignoring other two wheeled road users... this is definitely my experience...I have been riding for 30 years.. a nod is a friendly thing to do from the old school.

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