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May 11

Posts: 25

yamadad says:

selling bike to buy a...?

Hi all

Dont expect anyone to tell me what to do as this is my decision but has anyone had to decide between their passion/hobby/love of motorcycling and the practicalities of paying the bills or keeping an expensive but loved pastime.

I am thinking of buying a van but would need to sell the bike to fund it.

 I drive a car all week for my job and wish I was on the bike but when the weekend comes I have to do all the crap jobs that I dont get done through the week such as renovating a house,shopping diy etc and feel as guilty as hell if I go out on the bike just for the hell of it. 

Do you let your head or your heart rule when making the decision to let go of your bike in order to fund other things that are more important.

I know everyone will have a different opinion on this.

I am not asking for the answer just other peoples thoughts


Cheers All



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  • Posted 2 years ago (16 September 2012 20:52)

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:

saving cash

As said previously, I am declaring the bandit sorn end of this month, had enough off of riding in crap weather in winter, so changing bars on her, n thats about it left..zzr is peeing me off on the other hand, dont mention exhausts!

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Nov 05

Posts: 1464

evlcatnw says:

Used to

get sick of juggling everything and its hard work when kids are little...

Thankfully had my life back these past 6 years and whilst i may get the odd 'twinge' about buggering off playing out whilst kids are at home hav to admit it doesnt last long...

Thankfully my youngest is 13-eldest is 22 and whilst they may not be housetrained can look after themselves remarkably well...

Train yours to cook and clean then by the time they're 10 the missus will appreciate the help that much she'll be begging u to go out... It gets easier as they get older but dont bank on them growing out of the ps3 stage or leaving home :lol:

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Jan 11

Posts: 8337

aehewitt says:

All work and no play

makes yamadad a dull boy,I work to pay for the toys.............. Sod the house,it essential to have your own time and space.Bikes a great for the soul.....:biggrin:

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Jul 08

Posts: 4365

ninjachica says:

Do both

Why save the DIY jobs for the weekend?

When I was a single working mum, I did all my jobs during the week, leaving the weekends for me and the kids.  I'd get back from work, put the oven on and stick dinner in, then mow the lawn while it cooked.  2 jobs done at once.  It can be done.

Or, if you don't want to do DIY jobs in the week, do them at the weekend, but ride your bike during the week, in the evening.

If you want a bike, you'll find the time and money for it.

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Apr 09

Posts: 908

m1ks says:


I'm not sure from what you're saying if you actually enjoy doing DIY and house renovating.
Fact, life is too short to do stuff you don't enjoy or get suitable appreciation from.
Do what you enjoy now, while it's there and you have the chance to do it.
If that is your bike, then theres your answer, if it renovation and DIY then likewise theres your answer.
I'm fortunate to have an understanding missis, who'll often wake me early on a Sunday, (the only day I get to lay in), to say, it's dry and sunny, are you going for a ride before you get up too late and moan about how you've wasted a nice riding day then?
I'm sure your missus has her pleasures, they may be indoor related hobbies but nonetheless......

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Nov 02

Posts: 1336

norris says:


Boat when first married, mortgage, wife wanted new car. Bought a cheap bike to keep on two wheels, surprising how much fun you can have without mega power and costs, even Whitham has runs out on old 70's strokers.

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:

cheap bikes

Yup, i bought the zzr as a bit of a heap, £700 if i remember whilst doing my das in 09, bandit was £800 off a mate at work..leathers, £30 off fleabay, new boots and the mag show last year £30 all frank thomas which i have always off my rg 125 in a two piece, saved my skin no end..i am juggling at the mo, it is a nice evening, then ill go out instead of weekends, mrs b knows i need to destress after looking after my 2! 

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Aug 02

Posts: 989

ANichol says:

you'll find that

buying vans is more expensive as a hobby than biking is

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