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MCN  says:

Poll: Who do you want to cull?

Legislation has been agreed today that will lead to badgers being culled. Who should be next?  pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (18 September 2012 18:19)

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:

mobile users

Trouble is they arent just talking on them now they are txting and on twitbook etc, nearly killed my mate ran into the back of him at a roundabout and did his back in.wanker.

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:


Sneaky underhand gits.

At least you've got a fighting chance with mobile phone idiots if you keep your eyes peeled.

Politicians will shaft you behind closed doors.

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

mobile phone users

what about the young girl who kept posting on facebook while driving along the motorway, over 50 times until the last message she put on was something like 'i should really get off facebook i keep almost crashing lol'... and then she crashed and died

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Jan 11

Posts: 8250

snev says:


Now I know someone is taking the piss, but.... my list would include ... Chavs, women in tanks, ignorant people who flick ash out the window, safety camera money revenue assholes, people who ignore this countries laws and traditions but are happy to claim every tax payer funded benefit, middle lane hogging fuckwits, Vigilante Speed gun wielding N.I.M.B.Y.S. Who are so pure and innocent that they have never broken any speed limit ever in all their 80 years. have I mentioned Middle lane hogging FUCKWITS?, Council road workers that can't mend pot holes, Road planners that think putting drains, 4 inch high cats eyes 4 inch high yellow strips coming up to roundabouts when smooth braking is a safety requirement, is a good idea. The same people that think chucking tons of loose rocks on to a road and placing warning signs at the last possible place is also helpful, the traffic cone manufacturers that keep on making billions of the damn things... enough already, traffic lights that ignore bikes, traffic cops that have heard all the legitimate excuses,Middle lane hogging FUCKWITS, women who are too busy texting to realise that they have just pulled out in front of you, run you over or just forced you off the road, Blind drivers, Deaf drivers, Blind and deaf drivers that use the middle lane only, harley riders with straight through pipes, the entire cast of TOWIE, Bianca off Benders,erm.... have I mentioned Middle lane hogging FUCKWITS????

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Aug 02

Posts: 3277

eatcs01 says:

Anybody who drives while wearing a hat, and especially gloves.

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Sep 07

Posts: 2839

James600zx says:


Talking of badger culling:

Link to video

It seems it's all about politics rather than science.

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Jun 12

Posts: 89

micepunk says:


all the kamchats:lol:

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May 09

Posts: 881

CH987 says:


What about the lorry driver who txt  ' Got to go, just run someone over'.


Who would I cull,    Born again Power Rangers

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Dec 10

Posts: 11971

preunit says:

European sc"u"m

The EU and it's fat arsed, lazy, no good, over paid,unelected,ill informed,bureaucrats and their retarded, dracoian bike law making machine......................Fcuk'em. w*nker.gif's

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Feb 12

Posts: 17


Its people on mobiles that get me, i was stuck behind someone in the middle lane at 8pm sunday down the M3. not many other people around but enough to make it a pain in the ass for everyone.

so i flash him.....nothing. go for the overtake and hes on his phone AND reading a map! I felt like beating the crap outta him!

But also young drivers really, going back to the whole test thing i cannot believe that a 17yo can go out and buy any car depending on their bank account! fed up of seeing low life chavs in a 20yo BMW or honda civic racing around. there should be a limit for car drivers too. Plus i dont think the theory test shows any car drivers about how to act around motorcyclists .

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