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Steve Farrell  says:

Banned for 103mph wheelie past camera van

A motorcyclist was banned from the roads for 12 months for wheelying past a speed camera van at 103mph. Lukasz Wisniewski, 26, of Leeds, did the stunt on a Honda Fireblade on the A63 near Selby on June 20. He was already doing 93mph when he began the wheelie. He was ordered to take an extended driving test and given...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (20 September 2012 13:26)

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Oct 11

Posts: 87


F@%^ Off  you wanker, what harm did our Polish friend do to anyone - exactly, nothing - leave the bloke alone, what he did should be applauded on here not put down by miserable "lets all follow the law" pratts like you.

After all it was pretty impressive.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3468

Bultoboy says:


what he did should be applauded on here not put down by miserable "lets all follow the law" pratts like you.

Well done dickhead - someone else with the attitude that will eventually put the final nail in the coffin of motorcycling on our roads as we know it.

There's a time and place for having a bit of fun and a road like that isn't it.

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Oct 11

Posts: 87


Well done dickhead - someone else with the attitude that will eventually put the final nail in the coffin of motorcycling on our roads as we know it.

If we are all going to ride around like the local Vicar just in case people think we're criminals then biking as "I" know it is dead and gone. I personally don't care what other people think about me.

Biking used to be about the freedom of having a bit of fun with your mates, maybe break a few silly laws but if you don't hurt anyone what does it matter.

The country has been taken over by the "what if" brigade, "what if he crashed" "what if he hit a car".

Well he didn't crash, he obviously knew what he was doing, so why are we bothered.

I hope this episode doen't quash his "biking spirit" and he returns to the road ready to enjoy some more stunts.

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Sep 09

Posts: 898

Rogerborg says:

RIP Lukasz Wisniewski

Speed kills, right?

Eh, he's got no complaints.  The mong probably thought that scamera vans only record to the rear.

So, I was following one the other week doing an indicated 45 in a 30 limit.  We both decided it was appropriate for the conditions, so in conclusion they can all die in a fire kthnxbye.

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Jul 12

Posts: 2

Stebinners says:


Chimneyportions - your ill educated and remedial comments clearly identify you as one of the many morons on the road, whether that be a motorcyclist or a car driver. Infact waste of time even bothering about your comments, and name calling me a "pratt", clearly you unable to construct a sensible argument on any level. This conversation with you is benneth me.

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May 10

Posts: 26

d0nkeychop says:

Two things....

1. Pride comes before a fall......

2. Getting caught by this type of law enforcement only adds to the argument for their continued use.


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Nov 10

Posts: 296

COZ69 says:

so he gets a ban for a wheely

And the cunt that killed a fellow biker with his jag gets nothing!!!!

our country is a fucking joke what a piss take

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Feb 09

Posts: 4771

philehidiot says:


other traffic doing that kind of speed.

If he'd come off in front of that car and the driver run him over the poor car driver would have had to live with it for the rest of his life.

Otherwise, you can't feel sorry for him as he knew the risks of getting caught. It's illegal so regardless of your opinion you can't argue you're going to get screwed over if caught and after that it's your choice.

EDIT: So agree with the above (COZ69).

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Nov 03

Posts: 159

chrisyzf says:


T.W.@.T.S like this should be banned for life, same as drink drivers, and people who kill other road users they should all be banned for life and sent to prison.

Nobody has the right to ride or drive it is a luxury that has rules, which unfortunately we have to follow.

And yes before anyone starts a slagging match, i have speeded and been caught and will again, but to wheelie past a camera van is insanity.

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Jan 11

Posts: 115

luckyskua says:


de Magicstrates or dem Cops bring out de 'God Gun'.

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