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Apr 07

Posts: 462

DrFutura says:

Are driving standards falling?

Is it me or are there more wankers out there. I have seen weaving from lane to lane all the way down the A41 from birkenhead to the motorway by a wanker in a Audi A5 (it got him nowhere as I passed him in my tiny Honda). I have also seen weaving and near collision with a Post Office truck by a wanker in a Vauxhall Vectra (The truck would have come off best).

How can they drive at all with one hand on their penis?

Do they do it because they can? Because they like annoying other road users? Is there special wanker training they can get?

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  • Posted 3 years ago (20 September 2012 18:00)

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Apr 07

Posts: 462

DrFutura says:

I was taught same way as Entus

courtesy to other road users, and doing everything in the Highway Code correctly. I was driving a big 17 seat minibus today and got cut up and had to brake when some tit in a Vauxhall Zafira decided to try taking my front bumper off as he dodged round something turning right and I was in the left lane.

When this "recession" hit everyone seemed to slow down. I know I did as why should I cough out my hard-earned as gas and fork more money to that bastard Osborne? I am still feeling the pinch and now drive a farty little car instead of the luxury job I had, so how car these demonstrators of bad driving afford it? Sometimes I think that I will just not brake when some tosser does something, but of course its instinct.

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Sep 11

Posts: 1103

entus says:

Upon reflection

I'm wondering if there were standards in the first place. As jaffa said, people aren't taught to deal with snow, ice, rain, darkness, motorways etc. I'm wondering if the apparent lack of standards is more due to the fact that people are just more selfish than they used to be. Society in general has changed.

Nobody seems to be capable of using the road without thinking it's a human right to be in the particular piece of space/time they happen to be occupying and fuck anyone else.

I think what I'm trying to say is that people in general are a lot more selfish, less thoughtful, more into self interest and telling the world via text or facebook how hard done by they are by the rest of the world while they're driving and basically, it seems to me, a bunch of cunts!

Shit, that means me too, sat here typing my angst out. Bugger!

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Oct 11

Posts: 3054

roseyeric says:

I think

What you're referring to is not really about driving standards. For me the attitudes you describe reflect he society we now live in.

The 'I know my rights', ' I want everything now', 'I come first', 'every man for himself', 'I can do what the fuck I like and no-one can tell me otherwise' society.

Well, that's what I put it down to anyway.

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Feb 12

Posts: 141

pissedsid says:

driving standards ?

BMW drivers. ignorant arrogant road hogs with a piss poor attitude towards every one else both on and off the road, caution  vehicle may be carrying drug dealers

AUDI drivers, see BMW drivers
TOYOTA drivers, should be shot
WHITE VAN MAN ,like the BMW driver but more dangerous more smelly and a lot less educated 
HORSES this form of transport is not good, the exhaust is stinky dirty and slippery, the steering often goes wrong and unlike any other road vehicle is liable to become uncontrollable without any reason what so ever these hairy bastards should be run off the road and the fukkers who own them should be gassed  

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Jan 09

Posts: 264

boydtrans says:


blame the theory test, at least when most of us learned we had to know the highway code as you just didin't know what you would be asked.

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Apr 07

Posts: 462

DrFutura says:

Yes Rosie

perhaps you are right. The me, me, me generation.

So that means the answer to one of my questions "Do they drive like wankers because they can?" is "YES!"

Ah well, out on the bike today in Wales, so its tractors, ancient farts in slow cars, and slicks of shit across the road instead!

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Sep 07

Posts: 2827

James600zx says:

Are driving standards falling?

In part I blame power-steering, air-con, parking sensors, sat-nav, etc. There's even somewhere to put your coffee! These things take the driver into a comfortable, minimal-effort bubble. What they need is something to remind them they're piloting a ton or two of steel at high speed.

Often quoted, but, "Driving a car is a bit like watching a film; riding a bike is like starring in one."

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Aug 10

Posts: 321

gaz1982 says:

They seem to be falling

Yesterday morning I had a woman heading towards me the wrong way on a round about. The mind bogles with some of the twats that are on the road.

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Nov 02

Posts: 1338

norris says:


Also too many distractions. As an example, had to go into Manchester centre for work, not been there for years. What a nightmare, signs everywhere, no left turns, no right turns, restricted access at certain times, bus lane only, raising bollards at certain times, cameras watching your every move, one way no f***ng way. Then you've to concentrate on pedestrians, other road users.
There's far too much to take in for a stranger to the area, and I'd guess many other cities just as bad.

Its telling, that near where I live, there's been a lot of accidents where they've put speed cameras up, there'd been none to my knowledge before they went up. Two have been removed after a spate of accidents.
Years back, you could concentrate on the job of driving without the plethora of signs,distractions.

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Jul 11

Posts: 244

MakemRider says:

Driving standards have dropped

and I think the blame is shared between

1: The selfish attitude many people have these day.

2: The extras such as power steering, sat.nav. reverse sensors, automatic lights & wipers, ABS etc.etc. that make driving a car 'childs play'.

3: The authorities mistaken belief that speed humps, chicaines, speed cameras and a multitude of signage & road paint will make driving safer when they do sod all to to improve the driving standards of these that don't know or don't care about the HC.

On my way to work I see countless examples of very unsafe (bordering on dangerous in lots of cases) driving which are repeated on a daily basis & nothing is done yet do 35 on a straight, clear road with a 30 limit & you'll get fined & points.

Follow any driver for 5 mins & 'score' them as if they were on a test & most would fail in less than 10 mins (some in less than 3mins) getting 15 'minors', loads would commit a 'serious'  and quite a few would commit a 'dangerous' (which would result in an abandoned test within a 30-40 mins drive.

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