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MCN  says:

Poll: Is Honda's RC213V for the road a complete waste of effort?

Honda has officially announced it will be putting a road-going version of the RC213V into production for 2014 as it tries to give a massive boost of excitement to the Honda brand. But is there any point? pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (25 September 2012 17:32)

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Oct 10

Posts: 49

SStyloF says:

Homologation specials arent something new and Honda produced them way before the Desmo. As for trickle down of motogp tech, theyre just waving a carrot in front of consumers.  the tech they have on the race bike is decades ahead of what they will release to the street. We'll get a basic shape and engine, tc etc, nothing mindblowing. I would love to be wrong but Im willing to bet on it.  Increasing a products lifecycle and promotoing the brand is more important than giving consumers the latest and greatest.

And I bloody well hope it doesnt look like anything close to whats in MCN

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Feb 10

Posts: 410


Ducati Desmoseidici.......

Ducati a few years back went all out and dared to bring MOTO-GP technology to the streets....... AND WON!!! The bike was as close to the track prototype as was possible... Looks and performance. We see the mock up of this HONDA Rc212v and what do we see ...Bland Typical looks,once again from Japan. What is it with the manufacturer's?

 Firstly Honda brings out the NR750 oval piston super bike that weighed more than 500lbs but cost £36,000,when it should have looked similar to the factory NR750,then.... the RVF 750(RC 45)still too tame to give Ducati 955 owners any night mares,(RC 30 was a good un',i'll give them that accolade)the SP1-2, 1000 twin, nice bike but so bloody reservered in the clothes dept. If people are prepared to pay £30-40,000 for two wheels then they should get what they pay for in looks,after sales and performance,as the Ducati did,only right.

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Nov 08

Posts: 17

cyclehog says:

Not like their last one

The last one I remember had oval pistons and requires an almost FFX like care package. This one needs to be in the cost range of the Desmo, have a far more advanced V4 then the current VFR 1200, have the maintenance program and parts availability of the CBR1000RR, and have the styling of Padrosa's bike. Otherwise, it WILL BE a big waste of time... and money.

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Nov 07

Posts: 129

good looks and handling

its got to look good, goes like a fireblade and handle like a cbr600rr

if it goes faster than a blade and handle better than the cbr600rr

they'll be onto a winner

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Oct 04

Posts: 98

slickhillsy says:

Will be nothing like the RCV...

Personally I think it's going to be a massive compromise. GP rules state that a prototype cannot be based upon a production bike (engine or chassis). The only reason the Desmo exists is because the change to 800 cc from 990 gave Ducati the green light to do a production run...

If Honda do a production run of a 1000 cc RCV then it will reverse engineer the GP rule invalidating the race bikes entry. The only way they could do it would be to significantly change both engine (bore / stroke) and chassis (geometry) to distance it from the race bike thus releasing a road bike built full of compromise.

The Desmo was built (albeit using different materials / additional piston ring / lower rpm all for longevity) still carrying over the core design of the race bike. Chassis still the same (mega stiff / same geometry) and to the engine (bore / stroke / capacity).

For me the Honda can only be another (indeed a highly spec’d one) RSV4. Which in itself is no bad thing as it too is a brilliant bike...

... But! It's no RCV!

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Oct 05

Posts: 543

evilamnesiac says:


...I'm pretty sure the guy from Honda said it was going to be a road going version of the RCV213, if they aren't racing that model in 2014 it wouldn't be an issue anyway. As for the desmo, if you think it's a few tweaks away from being a moto gp bike you really have bought into the lie. It isn't, not by a long shot. A frame and a few shared components doth not a moto gp bike make, take a look sometime at just how much a real moto gp bike costs, hell, how much a BSB fireblade costs to put together, 40k doesn't come close. It does however get you a very very focused sports bike, which is good. as for the honda It will be a tamer, watered down version of the real deal, but so is the desmo, which will be the Honda only real competition, and is no worse a bike for it. so they certainly won't be looking to release a bike further removed from the real thing that its only competition. As for trickl

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Jan 04

Posts: 157

venturer says:

a road going RCV engine

i think it's a great idea to make an RCV because......

Honda have been lost for the last few years, the road going RCV could be a get out jail card for Honda and a way to get away from functional fast bland inline 4's,  their VFR 750/800 range stopped any  progress or vision years ago, but could have been in 1000cc form  a  world beater in any class.  You can buy a gaggle of inline 4's that will run to 180mph+  from the last  5 years, so what would another revamped fireblade offer to a new buyer.

i'd be hoping that part way through the road going RCV development Honda  came out with a statement like

"due to modern design/manufacture/testing and production the new RCV engine project (RCV 4 and RCV 5 cylinder) will be a keystone of Honda Motorcycles, providing a compact and slim multifunction form factor to power the next generation of Honda Motorcycles"  

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Aug 09

Posts: 12

opos79 says:

im going to re morgage the house to buy one i think this will be good for honda and for the likes of the fireblade

as things for the bike wii roll down to the new blade and come on whos not excited about a new rc213 for the road  

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Oct 04

Posts: 98

slickhillsy says:

Mr Evil...

... Clearly didnt read my post properly (Desmo framework is the same with materials being dif) and have never been near a Desmo.  The things are so removed from standard Jap road bikes, you need to ride one sir.  It's also known that (just like the Veron) Ducati made a huge loss on each bike as saw it more (like Bugatti) of a technical excercise than pure revenue generator.  They could (and probably should) have charged double the £40K.

As for the RCV - dont care what they call it and there are no major reg changes in place for 2014 so if things stay as they are there is now way they can release a bike to the street with the same core design (engine bore / stroke plus chassis) as it will infringe GP rules.  Tis the law - dust off the rule book and check it out for yourself...

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Blimey ! Looks like the old days of corporate willy waving are coming back then?

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