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MCN  says:

Poll: Should you be able to ride whatever bike you want at 17?

Motorcycling licence laws are set to change yet again in January 2013 and motorcyclists starting at the age of 17 could potentially have to take three separate motorcycle tests before they're allowed to ride an unrestricted motorcycle on the road. This is what the new laws mean: Anybody under the age of 19 and at least 17 years old must pass a test and...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (25 September 2012 17:44)

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Feb 09

Posts: 541

jon66 says:


i agree with a restriction ( it should also exist for cars) i think maybe 2 years on a limited bike/ car is a benefit while still learning , i believe you only start to use what lessons teach you after you have passed but dont agree with an other test ,

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Dec 10

Posts: 11971

preunit says:

Should you be able to ride whatever bike you want at 17?

Yes..............and it's called track :wink::biggrin:

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May 08

Posts: 213

SHIVA_ says:

18 in the US

In most states in the US, you can ride whatever you want at 18.  but even if you restrict people in the US to say 600s, from 18-22, that wouldn't help much, since the 600cc sport bikes are still amazingly fast.  Unless you restrict them to 250cc, but would never pass in the US.

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Sep 12

Posts: 9

Ian610 says:

I think the current system in use is the best way to approach it. But I would like to see new car drivers face some sort of restriction period, in line with that of motorcyclists.

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Jan 12

Posts: 9

I think it should be based on skill and there should be thorough testing but yes you should be able to at 17... My friend was a greatly skilled motorcyclist who jumped from a 50 to a 500... He was fine with it and had no problems with it... Sadly a month ago he was killed on his motorcycle through no fault of his own... No matter what engine size you have a motorcycle is a motorcycle and is just as unsafe as any other

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

Yep definitely.

The question should be:

Are you adequately trained to ride any bike at 17?

It should be about encouragement, training, supervision. monitoring and mentoring not about age or restrictions.

The new legislation that comes in next year is just adding to confuse and bewilder youngsters from getting a bike. With that comes the death of the motorcycle industry.

We (that's not true - I mean Governments) need to make motorcycling more accessible and not restrict access to it by age and age related sentences. Get the training right, encourage kids to get onto bikes for the right reasons and help them, not restrict them. 


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Sep 12

Posts: 1

NNGuzzi says:

So at 18, you can: 1. Drink alcohol 2. Go in the Army 3. Fight and Give your life for the Kingdom 4. Get married 5. Have and raise children 6. Smoke But, you are not trusted to ride a motorcycle. This is B.S. not freedom. My life, my choice. Simples.

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Aug 09

Posts: 3

Superslug83 says:

Any bike at 17

Who at MCN put this poll together? the choices are so leading its ridiculous. Are you working for or against motorcycles. Of course its crazy to allow any 17 year old access to ANY bike they (their parents) can afford but it doesn't make the current proposals right!! Unless you want us all to vote for a skills based option. A restricted bike at 17 is fine for a couple of years ensuring real road experience is gained but once this stage is passed then there is no reason to add further restrictions. Why not stick a poll up about newly qualified car drivers being restricted as we are and see what the results are?

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Jun 10

Posts: 288

bluehaze60 says:

Allowed to ride any bike at 17

You have just got to be kidding?,can you imagine coming home from work and some loonie goes past you on a gixxer 1000 at 140 mph, & some old fart about 75 years old pulls out of a side turning &gixxer boy hits him at the side of the car ,it'd be like a war zone bits of bike, body, & old farts car in a million pieces, plod arrives at the scene to identify the biker, whose 17 still at school on gixxer 1000 .come on mcn wake up & smell the coffee

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Jan 11

Posts: 8242

snev says:


lets just restrict the shit out of everybody that wants a little fun in their lives, then again lets just ban all fun. Flipping heck, where are we all going? 20mph ? One Life, Live It.

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