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Aug 05

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babyblade41 says:

thoughts ?

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  • Posted 2 years ago (28 September 2012 18:50)

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Aug 02

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ANichol says:

Horses have a right

to the roads and to be treated with due respect. Pedestrians don't pay road tax, and kids can be unpredictable...but that's no defence for whipping past them at the ton.

Fast on the road is dangerous. Someone may beleive they have the skills to ride at warp speed, back it into corners, knee down on every little bend, and so on. In the highly unlikely scenario that this is a true refelction of their talent, other road users may not be prepared to respond to such road usage correctly and may endanger themsleves and others as a result. In such cases, it is not the role of the other road user to make allowances for someone who wishes to ride well beyond the limitations of the laws and codes of the land.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2737

spondonste says:

Time and Place

Whilst I enjoy spirited riding from time to time I have to remember that the road isn't my own personal race track. Cyclist, walkers, jogger, horse riders etc have rights to use many of the roads and most will be on the side of the carriageway trying not to cause too much obstruction to the flow of traffic. The fact that I pay road tax doesn't give me the right to demand that these people are denied the rights they currently have.


This guy was unfortunate in that he was caught on camera but a great many 'power ranger style riders' can probably recognise that they could have done the same thing themselves (he was also somewhat inconsiderate of other road users). Use the throttle wisely when it's not going to cost you your licence or life or become a real issue for other third parties

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Nov 04

Posts: 3833

750FLYER says:


should've slowed down a LOT earlier.....

That walking dog-food factory should be in a field.... Why the fuck do horses ever need to be on roads.. use the fields!

If the driving age for humans is 17... WTF sort of road sense can we expect from a 14 yr old girl??? ..She should not be allowed to ride dog-meat on the roads.. neither should anyone!


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Dec 10

Posts: 11940

preunit says:

Not just dog food

according to Wikipedia..

Horse meat production levels
as of 2009
Country Tons per year
Mexico 78,000
Argentina 57,000
Kazakhstan 55,000
Mongolia 38,000
Kyrgyzstan 25,000
Australia 24,000
Brazil 21,000
Canada 18,000
Poland 18,000
Italy 16,000*
Romania 14,000
Chile 10,000
France 7,500
Uruguay 8,000
Senegal 9,500
Colombia 6,000
Spain 5,000*

* Including donkeys.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8411

aehewitt says:

I don't fancy eating horse meat...

But a friend of mine wants to open a restaurant that just sells horse meat.The restaurant`s name will be "My Little pony "He hates horses...... as you can tell..:biggrin:  

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Dec 10

Posts: 11940

preunit says:

He could sell

Shetland pony burgers :ph43r::laugh:

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Sep 06

Posts: 8579

fuzzrr says:


I wonder if he'll have Shurgar to go in the tea?

Or serve bottles of Red Rum........ :blink:

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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:

To be honest, if

he was convicted on the basis of that 9 sec clip of film he should have better representation and he should appeal the conviction, look at the two stills, the cross hairs of the camera are in different places,  look at the vid the camera is moved around, first off he's not in the crosshairs, then the camera is swept across to get him in the crosshairs, also  you begin to see anothe bike appearing in shot, all seems very dubious evidence to me, and as some have pointed out he does appear to slow down too, now as most of us are aware it's good practice to slow down for animals, cyclists, pedestrians on the road, however it's not as far as I know required by law, particularly when approaching from the front only advised in the Highway code to exercise caution and regard for other road users, it appears to be a quite wide road in fact. 

All looks a bit fishy and trumped up to me to be honest :upset: To be honest the thought that I wouldn't as a motorcyclist receive fair treatment in North Yorkshire (as also North Wales) is enough to encourage me to spend my money elsewere in other counties :huh:

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Dec 10

Posts: 11940

preunit says:

"serve bottles of Red Rum"

to be drunk out of stirup cups :unsure:

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Mar 09

Posts: 768

jonny68 says:

reckless riding

Just for my pennies worth on the matter. I live in a village where we have race horse stables and I am well aware of the hazards. Yes the biker was riding too fast for the circumstances but having said that I do think horse riders often don't help themselves and are quick to point the finger at motorist and bikers alike for not slowing down or giving ample room.

The amount of times I have approached horse riders on the road that have taken no precautions to ensure that they can be easily seen. On one occasion close to my home I was confronted with a rider at dusk who was wearing dark clothing and a black hat, on a dark brown horse and I know who would have got the book thrown at them if I had rammed the horse from the rear in my car ! :mad:

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