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MCN  says:

Poll: Have electronics gone too far on bikes?

Electronic aids on bikes seem to be developing at an amazing rate, with ABS and traction control becoming more and more common, and semi-active suspension beginning to appear on bikes.   pollcomment

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  • Posted 2 years ago (01 October 2012 16:18)

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Sep 07

Posts: 2813

James600zx says:

Electronic aids.

If this was about bike alarms most of the posts would be against them because of a perception of unreliability, so why isn't that prejudice evident here? The attraction of new gadgets, perhaps?

If you're the sort of rider who buys a new bike and sells it before its first MOT for half its original value with 3000 miles on the clock (hey, thanks!) I expect these electronic "aids" will appeal. I'd worry about reliability in the following years though especially if the bike is used year round. There's a risk you'll be left stranded by a silly little problem. The bike could also fail the MOT since a fitted component has to be operational assuming it's part of the test, and remember the EU wants to add more elements to the MOT. If the ABS stops working but the brakes are OK that could still be a fail.

The aforementioned carbide lamps and steam engines were replaced because new technologies could do their tasks better. Most of these electronic aids are different. What problem do traction control and power modes solve on road bikes? Nothing, in my opinion, so they are pointless. If manufacturers want to engage in corporate cock-waving I'd be more impressed if they spent the R&D money on fuel economy, weight-saving and anti-corrosion technologies whilst maintaining good power and performance.

I know it's a digression but forget electric vehicles, they've had plenty to time to develop, but batteries which are both light and long-lasting elude them. Without that they'll never be a replacement for internal combustion. Bio-fuels will be the thing, with microbes producing fuels from waste materials.

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Sep 09

Posts: 397


We've been  saying for a long time that there are way too many electronic aids on bikes. What does it all mean with the recent introduction of these electronic gizmos? Honda have a large share of blame on this issue.

Just more of the global nanny state where they take away peoples ability to think and to do things for themselves I suspect.

If riders are that useless they need infinitly more complex rider aids, they shouldn't be on a bike.

Get some rider skills or get off !

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May 09

Posts: 4

mikeyff says:

As long as they are for safety- abs, traction control etc- and you have an option to turn off if you must then why not, If we're honest there's only a small percentage of riders good enough not to benefit from them at some point and if they sit in the background unobtrusively for 99% of the time and save your neck just once then I'd say they're a good thing.



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Feb 12

Posts: 49

frugaltail says:

blah blah blah...

im sure at one point someone said we dont need, DOHC, radial tyres, disc breaks etc etc etc..... hope the innovation continues!

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Nov 07

Posts: 180

bird1050 says:


No we dont need all these electronic aids , The more electronics the more to go wrong and cost a fortune.

The anti wheelie is your right hand, If you are looking far enough ahead and concentrating on your riding you will stop in plenty of time , so abs is out the window.

They are absolutly no advantage to 99% of riders as most arnt capable of ever reaching the potential of these bikes. 

You ride to the conditions of your enviroment , no one in thier right mind would ring the neck out of any bike if it was icy, so why have these usless aids for the roads.

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Oct 10

Posts: 138


The electronics have gone way too far for my liking.All this means is that any home maintenance will eventually be taken out of the hands of the owner & firmly put in the grip of incompetent,rip off dealers,they must be rubbing their hands together at the thought.I'll stick with & maintain my own bikes to my high standards,the thought of giving money to a shop sticks in my throat knowing the levels of 'service' i've endured in the past when buying new bikes.

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Nov 08

Posts: 122

rcraven says:

Gone to far

Most if not all of the new or latest gizmos come basiclly from the race track where speeds reach over  200 mph.

On the track there is a greater need to control the power train whilst braking and accelerating into and out of corners. track control can be usefull in these areas as it takes out of the riders control of  what otherwise could be a manouver ending in a spill be it either a front wheel slide off or a full bang rear wheel problem and a high side.

It naturally follows that such technoligy will be introduced into road legal racing bikes and then or also into other bikes.  However i understand that during a race technology will allow the altering of such electronic devices by the  pit crew. and that the setting up of every bike before every race is required . Something we dont all have is a pit crew with all  the experience to set up a bike not only for the type of riding that we are to undertake but the use to which the bike is to be put. and our own riding style etc.

That said to my mind the racers are now relying to much on such out of their control, controls and indeed are suffering more accidents as a result of it.

Something we dont want is for a bike to be set up wrong by a novice and then for them to end up in a coffin because they believed that they would be imune from accidents just because it was being  catered for electonically.


I dont think that that would appear on any police accident report, 

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Sep 12

Posts: 7

barks12 says:

Seems appropriate on the road but it's got a bit silly in racing

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