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MCN  says:

Poll: Should all new car drivers be required to do a CBT too?


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  • Posted 2 years ago (01 October 2012 16:33)

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

I think

everyone should do time on 2 wheels before they get near 4 - that way, they might be more aware of vulnerable road users (inc cyclists & pedestrians as well as bikers), and hopefully less inclined to use mobiles / shave / apply make up etc when driving.

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Jun 10

Posts: 49

CobbZ says:

How ridiculous...

SOME PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO RIDE BIKES. SOME ARE SCARED. Riding a bike won't make these people look out for us more! What is with these ridiculous MCN questions?

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Sep 10

Posts: 1319

SatNavSteve says:

Where will it end?

And whilst we are at it, make people learn to ride a horse then we understand their point of veiw, then an HGV licence to see how lorry drivers manage, then cycling proficiency for cyclists problems, then drive a bus for a couple of weeks etc etc etc!!!  The authorities just need to put a bunch of awareness questions into instruction and testing to make sure people have at least a basic idea about what two-wheeled transport is all about. And, as already mentioned, people could be scared of bikes and what about disabled people? They need to understand too! Education is the answer.

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Nov 11

Posts: 203

jimbo8098 says:

A bit of understanding

wont go wrong with the road users of our country but I'm on the fence with this.

On one hand , it would give them first hand experience of what it's like on a bike but on the other , a lot of people don't want to ride a bike. I think it should be commended that people are willing to see what its like on a bike but telling them to do so is a bit ott. I agree on more traffic awareness though.

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:

What's the point?

Does this mean everyone should pass a HGV test? No. The CBT falls woefully short of providing valuable road skills anyway. Why do you think so many of these 16 year olds on 50cc peds ain't got a clue how to use the road?

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Oct 12

Posts: 1

MrPotatoHead says:

Despite their reputation

Despite the reputation I'd much rather ride a bike in Italy and Spain than in Britain and that's because everyone there has been on a powered two wheeler.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

May I suggest a hazard perception test,in a simulator, to replicate all kinds of weather conditions and with motorcycles in the scenarios with and without headlights on? Observation and concentration are skills found sadly lacking with a lot of 4 wheeled users, so an approach of this type, with consequences for "at fault" manouevers carried out by the candidate if they cause an accident involving a bike (such as re sitting the theory test) to reinforce the need to be aware of the vulnerablities of other road users, such as bikes, pedestrians etc.

Just a thought.


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May 10

Posts: 19

aaustin2911 says:

Australia is Doing the Opposite

Down under, they have the reverse of this proposal going to government --- you have to have you car licence for  a year before you can even take a motorbike test.

Sorry to say this but motorbiking is on the governments hit-list in this country - and wouldn't be suprised if the idea gets taken up by a EU w.o.f.s politician, and then imposed on us along with all the other EU Bulls**t regulations...

i.e. new MOT policy, New Test regime, Hi-Vis vests --- and and lets not forgot every Anti-social regulation being manipulated by the pigs to stop you having a loud exhaust - so that people can HEAR you coming in there tin-cans

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Nov 08

Posts: 122

rcraven says:

rider training

I dont see it working so as far as i am concerned its a No No.

What amazes me is that in order to get into a car one first has to have a qualified ie fully licenced passenger and probably undertake something like 20 to 40 hours of instruction at costs just to sit the DSA test [ not forgeting the usual theory and awareness testing etc before hand]

On a bike, a  much more vulnerable [ notice i did not say dangerous  ]machine u can get away with a day or in most cases less than a day, sometimes mearly a few hours and away u go.

Then at some considerable later stage one can undergo some form of DSA training in order to undertake the test.

It is historic i now but in this day and age one would feel that more training and  earlier, similar to the so called Advance level could or would  be a good thing.  But then again 98% of up to 125cc machines cannot exceed the speed limit so how on earth are they going to make progress.?or overtake? Difficult one that.

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