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Andy Downes  says:

Kawasaki reveal two Z800s

Kawasaki as expected has just unveiled its new Z800 at the Cologne Show but the surprise is there is not one Z800 but two. The Z800 itself is all new and boasts multi-adjustable suspension, an uprated engine with 111bhp and 61.25ftlb of torque, it features flashier all new styling and is expected to retail for €9495 (apx £7585) when it goes on...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (02 October 2012 09:20)

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Sep 09

Posts: 107

mickofield says:


The Kawasaki stylist seem to be in love with the folded paper "origami" look. Flat planes intersected by more flat planes. The result is a very "uninviting" motorcycle that looks like it could give you a nasty paper cut!

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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

Great looking bike for..........

...............the younger rider but these days I need a fairing. Kawasaki normally produce a superb bike for the money. I really love the sharp lines of this one.

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:


I do prefer retro bikes in general but I'm really interested in this, I think it looks fab! I love Kawasaki's new sharp and bold styling, much like KTM but with a distinctive and dare I say more classy Japanese feel. I'd be interested in seeing what mpg they return as a viable commuter upgrade to my ER6. Having said that I would still like Kawasaki to turn out a retro-looking Zed bike with modern performance. I'm a fan of the W800 but it would be nice to have a bit more oomph on tap.

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Aug 05

Posts: 21

evilgenius says:


What have we got then?
BHP: 111. Good
Torque: 61 lbft. Could do better but not bad
Wet Weight: 229kg Fail
Why Kawasaki. Steel frame and not Aluminium, once again the small Z weighs more than the big, fail.
Z800's friendly character makes it an accommodating mount even for beginners? Then why a seat height of 834 mm, that’s higher than the Z1000`s, fail.
Once again Kawasaki you have screwed it up, this could have been a king of the middleweights instead of a bum.
Looks like the accountants win again in making manufacturing decisions.
Nice engine, shame it’s 39kg to heavy.


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Oct 10

Posts: 36

sandmacker says:

Absolute Bomb

I've always thought nakeds are about riding your favorite back road . Yet Kawasaki ,again as they did with the 750, make a buffalo when we're looking for a gazelle . Seriously Kawasaki , do you really think that we are going to buy this , even with the up rated suspension over say the 675 Triumph , F3 butalina, 845 ducati or the GSXR 750?. When it comes to the naked class of bikes, the Japanese makers are falling off the radar in terms of desireability .  How hard is it Kawasaki to get a ZX10 rip the fairing off, get the grunt down low and stick some upright bars on ? .  The 800 should be a resleeved version of that , and not this porker . Sad as the concept of a seroius 800/ 4 naked with some top shelf units hanging off it would be a real winner in my opinion . Desirability first Kawasaki , then price .

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Mar 12

Posts: 21

oscarman says:

The sad thing is people will be buying this bike by the truck load! just like the last one and simply because it looks cool at first glance. I myself find it hard to beleeve how crap the old z is every time i see one up close, it's well buit agrssive and close up you don't notice the stupid swingarm. Even the first 10 minuts in the sadle feel fine, it,s stable, refined and feels daned fast. It's only when you get it out of the sowroom and ride it home with an empti wallet that you start to realise it's not perfect. The main thing to remember is this, the new street triple will weigh about 50kg less than the z, thats like having your girlfriend on the back permanently! how is it than an enormous companie like kawasaki can't make a good bike but tiny ones like triumph and mv can and for a good price... then again kawasaki are not that stupid coz as i said, the z will sell coz dumbasses will buy it.

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Feb 10

Posts: 409


Z it be say it again... boring

Yes must admit Japan are struggling for ideas and this bike sums it up for the naked bunch. The basic Z8 looks too far forward in design as though you knees will be up toward you body and back like a jockey riding a thoroughbred,as for the 50kg disadvantage against the Street triple,remember,this weight is spread out over whole of bike so won't be like a girlfriend sitting on the bike permanently. Anyhow,both bikes are overrated in looks,too many panels on the Kawasaki,crap exhaust and swing arm(steel)crap brakes.Triumph crap exhaust,and odd styling.

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Jun 10

Posts: 5

mosserbett says:

a lot of bs

I would like to ask oscarman what he bases his opinions of the Z750 on obviously he hasn't owned one & looking on his profile he doesn't seem to have much experience & the bikes you have on there are quite embarrassing for such bold opinions either old Mens,suzuki gs or the woman's favourite honda hornet oh & that swingarm takes me around my favourite roads with as much control as any other bike I have owned as fast as i want to go & loves long bends at 130 mph as an ex bandit 600 & a gsxr 600 owner the only person who said he didn't like my swingarm was a blade owner he kept telling me about knee down 140 mph you cant ride like that on that z750 so i said come on then on the way home from work a 6 mile run 2 roundabout's then all dual carrigeway the trouble was he backed off chickened out on the first roundabout he stopped at lights on the inside of me so he would be set up for the exit i thought lets see what you can do he open his throttle i opened mine i cranked right over he went backward closed his throttle I never saw him again his excuse I thought I saw blue flashing light's, i thought they were white lights with a panic attack, too many people with too many opinions about something they've read in a matching leathers,boots & handbag magazine ie sportsbike if it isn't a litre engine or a speed triple it doesn't matter, piffle paying 10,000 on there bike, 700 on there helmet, 600 on there leathers, 250 for there boots & ride around behind cars sitting in traffic jams scared of opening up there bike if I had to ride like 90% of bikers I overtake I would take up cycling

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Mar 12

Posts: 21

oscarman says:


sorry to have ofended you. I know my experience may seem poor and my bike history worse however I enter into the young and skint category of riders. I don't totaly dislike the z. like i said, i find it well built, fast enough and i love the agressive manga stilling. all i'm saying is that i think a major company like kawasaki coold have done much better if they reely wanted to and that's my problem + there is one on every street corner. I'm not saying everyone shoold go out and buy a street triple, that would be boring but at least triumph and some others trie to make bikes purely to be the best and not just to sell as many of them as they can. as for your friend on the blade. well there are show offs everywear... returning to my bikes, well the gs was all i could aford as my first bike. admitedly it was crap but it's terible road maners forced me to learn to ride corectly and my curent hornet was the best i could aford for my second + it's verry relible, fast and at least as good as my friends z 750 for a third of the price...

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Jul 11

Posts: 27

Cypher6 says:

How about a Z636?

Its unfair for me to rant without at least having given this a go, but I can't help but think making it bigger and heavier is dragging it away from the class the z750 was built for. The ZX10 and ZX6 are both blinding bikes, I can help but think that a naked version of either would work far better than an inbetweener. The new ZX6 looks like it could be a great Supersport, so why not look at a detuned, unfaired, straight barred version. I'm certain it would be knocking on the door of the Street triple. I'm sure Kawasaki have their reasons, even if I don't see what they are, for this bike. Will be interested to see where it fits in and if it is any good in due course.

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