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Matthew Birt  says:

Dorna to run MotoGP and World Superbikes

A major reshuffle of the organisation of MotoGP and World Superbikes will see Dorna manage both championships in the future. Bridgepoint, the private equity firm that invested in Dorna in 2006 and World Superbike owners Infront Sports & Media last year, confirmed the re-organisation yesterday. Dorna will now take full responsibility for MotoGP and World Superbikes, with Infront Motor Sports undertaking a...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 October 2012 11:48)

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Jul 11

Posts: 29

FLAT6CYL says:


Didn't they have their fingers in the BSB pie a couple of years ago? Must have got burnt or bitten by some of the tough hard bitten managers and team owners in BSB. Can you see the likes of Rob Mac ,Neil Tuxworth ,Paul Bird etc putting up their shit?

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Aug 09

Posts: 217

Dear oh dear oh dear oh dear

The state of motoGP is criminal, how has it come to its current state, the early 4 stroke days are a distant memory. Dorna it seems are still pussyfooting around the electronics war by making a standard magnetti marreli ECU 'Available to all teams', they haven't yet said it's a must.

Their is one reason this has happened, MotoGP is fucked, WSBK is providing cracking racing week in week out and Dorna want a piece of the action.

I doubt we will be seeing some of my favourite SBK circuits for a few years then...

RIP Monza slipstreaming!

On the plus side, that spanish gremlin is nowhere near BSB which is once again consistantly serving up some of the best motorsport viewing I have honestly ever seen.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3054

wosihound says:

Glass half full?

How many here have looked forward to their GP weekend of racing, to be left cold by the show on Sunday?

Since the start of 800, 21 litres of limited fuel and the expolosion of electronics in racing, it's been dull..simple as if your honest..unless you are a purist geek.

Take away Rossi - haha - and how many battles have Jorge, Casey and Dani been involved in against eachother, racing at the front?

Go on!..list them, you can do it it on one hand.

The factories made the rules that are responsible for this anemic state of affairs..NOT Dorna. They made them to exclude competition and to give themselves an advantage. Only Honda and Yamaha are capable of winning. They are the MSMA.

Their deal with Dorna to make the technical rules for the sport ran out on Jan 1st this year, after 10 years, and it was not renewed. They cannot make the rules anymore. They promised to fill grids, supply bikes and engines at reasonable cost but they lied. 3 million to lease a bike then give it back so it can go in the crusher.

Ask yourselves..Why don't they sell last years crusher bound race bikes to race teams? They are scared of the competition and they don't want to give their secrets away and jepordise top dog status.

Ezpeleta has had enough of the MSMA and Honda in particular. CRT may not be perfect yet, but without the bikes we'd have just 12 prototypes on the grid. That is not enough to command world championship status..It's like the Americans calling the winner of Superbowl football world champs and would be a joke.

Honda have got the right royal hump about having no power anymore, they are struggling to get their head's around the fact and, like the kid in the park whose football is used, they are threatening to take their ball home if they don't get things how they want..

Problem's not their ball game. Ezpeleta has a spare behind the goal. It may not be a world cup spec Sondico or Adidas, but the boys can still play and the game can go on.

On the other side of the park there's another game - world superbike - and Honda threatens to jump ship with the shiny ball and go and play with them.

Problem is..they already have a nice football and worse for Honda, they used to play with there and left in a huff too. Supebike are wise to the tactics and will let Honda play..but not with their ball.


BSB changed it's technical rules and points scoring system. Not everybody is happy about the points, but the bikes are ace and we have some cracking racing. No horrendously expensive electronics that automatically ensure you're a contender IF you can afford them. Full grids.

If the FIM, who sanction world championship bike racing, could roll out the same set of rules globally..Superbike would go back to its roots. We'd have wildcards once more. It may even be possible to see a return of some Transatlantic type matches.

Imagine a bike racing world cup..USA, GBR, AUS, ITA, SPA etc. their 3 top riders on similar spec bikes, racing to be crowned world team champs in the closed season? 

Superbike des Nations.

Take the tournament to emerging countries, let them host it with their own teams entered..We might see some interest and more importantly some sponsorship dollars forthcoming.

GP can have more free rules but NOT open electronics and limited fuel. Their lap would be faster, the bikes more exotic and they would retain the blue riband status. Manufactureres for GP. Teams for Superbike.

Open your minds and think about the possibilities instead of being so negative. Something had to be done to re-align world championship bike racing.

Fuck's a brave new world.


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Mar 09

Posts: 5190

Nostrodamus says:

Bridgepoint and the future

On the face of it this is a good deal. The last thing Bridgepoint want is a dilution of their investment in both series. They have obviously had enough of this drift and want to build and grow both series sustainably and independently.

Let's hope this impending meeting between the FIM and all stake holders sets a clear directional path to long term sustainable and stable rules. This factional cold war between Dorna and Infront over the past few years has been no good for either side. WSBK have stepped forward onto the toesof MotoGP, and this year has seen MotoGP step back onto the digits of WSBK with their rather ill defined CRT's.

My only fear in all this is that Ezpeleta will remain in charge. Dorna have squandered the good years of MotoGP and the world economy with their Iberian Pennisula dominated series focused in the main on one rider. They have pointedly failed to gain mass market appeal with their expensive mutli media access and T.V rights where other global sports series have had the foresight to expand into new markets.  A closed shop that's getting smaller and smaller. Nice one Carmelo.

Yes to this announcement, no to Uncle Carmelo.

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Feb 11

Posts: 87

draper12807 says:

Fuck Dorna

Increase the spanish moto gp popularity by neutering world superbikes isn't going to work. They want to run gp on a sbk budget but sbk will always be cheaper and more available to more teams. If they wanted more money and probably more sponsors for teams why not have 1 race in spain and the other 3 gp's move to india and china and other emerging markets where bikes are big instead of a country going down the shitter. F1 went to india and got a team that are willing to pay hundreds of millions of pounds a year. Repsol pay around 25-30 million a year.

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

its all about the money

wsbk is the more entertaining and competitive class at the moment and im guessing with losing a big gun like casey because of the rule changes dont want any more ducking out as such(no dissing casey here) , this is a result of the crt fuck up and tyres being controlled and changed so often, sbk's rules are a reason why its survived and provided great racing, and not just a ride round with no passes failure because i certainly agree with wosi that ive forgot how many gp's ive watched and been a bit bored to be honest , this aint good new for riders with deals done as they may end up worse off ,by ythis i mean forced to riding in a series with rule changes happening mid season costing more moeny in the long run,

wsbk will always be in my eyes the best class ive ever seen racing since the mid 90's.rant over. 

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Aug 11

Posts: 697

Bootlegger says:

Devil in the detail

I think its a good move to have a complete seperation between prototype and production.The technical rules are the big issue between the classes. CRT was doomed to failure from the outset. One look at CRT shows classes within a class. ART Aprilias vs the ex IODA  Aprilia. Compare that with Biaggi's SBK Aprilia. The lines are just too blurred. World Superbike should be just that. Lose the ancilliary equipment,fit the slicks and aftermarket exhaust and that should be about that. Buy on Monday,prep during the week and race on Sunday.

World wide exposure and circuits. This is an issue they will hopefully adress. I would like to see them run both series at the same circuits. Obviously not on the same day. More along the lines of dropping Jerez and as they do currently,race at Aragon. Drop Misano and race at Mugello,both classes. Drop Donnington and run both classes at Imola.

I would go as far as to suggest they do this for consecutive weekends and the hell with F1 clash of interests. The bi orientated can always watch their favourite discipline live whilst recording the other.

Bernie,like Carmello has enough money.

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Sep 11

Posts: 2284

YamahaGYTR says:

They (Dorna) best not involve those shet CRT bikes in the WSBK field I just hope Yamaha make their return to the grid.

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Jul 12

Posts: 79

tobyj says:

Glass half full?

Yep I am agreement with all but the last line, nicely written too :-)

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Apr 06

Posts: 1216

CosherB says:

oh aren't we all of the 'head in the sand' types, with the exception of the likes of Bootlegger  ..... haven't you seen this coming to WSB for the last couple of years?  it was inevitable that WSB would have to cut it's cloth in exactly the same way as MotoGP because it is going down exactly the same technology road as MotoGP.  the original concept of racing 'production' motorbikes has been long lost to the extent that what we now see are MotoGP clones that you or i will never ride in a hundred years.  BSB have led the way with the spec ECU, so i daresay with the same ECU now being available to the MotoGP grid next year, it'll be introduced into WSB pronto.  i reckon that Dorna will want to align WSB as feeder series for MotoGP, kind of making official what it has actually become in reality (and a retirement home for the likes of Biaggi et al).

for those that like to hop on the Dorna-bashing bandwagon, if i remember correctly, Dorna promoted BSB between 2004 and 2008.  and i rarely see any acknowledgement for the fine jon they've done for Moto2 and particularly Moto 3.  if only we all exerted a bit more energy on commenting on what is actually the two better GP series in terms of the racing ......


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