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Matthew Birt  says:

Dorna to run MotoGP and World Superbikes

A major reshuffle of the organisation of MotoGP and World Superbikes will see Dorna manage both championships in the future. Bridgepoint, the private equity firm that invested in Dorna in 2006 and World Superbike owners Infront Sports & Media last year, confirmed the re-organisation yesterday. Dorna will now take full responsibility for MotoGP and World Superbikes, with Infront Motor Sports undertaking a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (03 October 2012 11:48)

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1608

Wosi, a fair critic will always put themselves in others shoes.

Honda does not force anyone to make these decisions, you are confusing their business savvy with Ezpeletas greed my friend.

Only weak people who are too lazy and stupid to believe there are other options have opinions like yours!

And I thought I wa a conspiricist!

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Jul 12

Posts: 3297

wosihound says:

The third reich..'s an opinion. But this is not news, it's history. It's happened before. Why did HRC leave Superbike?

They got cut out of the rule making process.

They're threatening to leave for a series they dumped not 10 years ago, where they'll be on far shakier ground than GP. Back then they said all the manufacturers would follow their lead and quit WSB.

They didn't and look at it now?

Free electronics in Superbike. Spec in GP? Dream on. 

There are too many ill informed people, including Casey Stoner ffs, who haven't got the nous to read between the lines and who are dumping on Dorna. The only mistake they made was letting Honda take control of the rule making, through the MSMA. Honda are the senior member and have the most clout. There's only Ducati and Yamaha left to bully?

The minimum weight issue at Valencia last year..Honda lied about the vote. They said the proposal to increase the weight was unanimously vetoed by the three members. It wasn't, they got found out and the new limit was adopted. They tried to manipulate proceedings to favour themselves..fkin snakes. Yet Stoner blames his whole season going pear-shaped on Dorna, weight and tyres?

If the lazy little prick had got his finger out in testing, rather than concentrating on grabbing "cheeky" top spots on the time sheet, his team mate might not have shown him up for the mug he is.

Business savvy is one thing. Abusing a position of power to tilt the odds in your favour is different. They are competitors in a sport and should not be allowed to influence proceedings by holding a gun to collective heads. 

No options Bob? Only weak people who are too lazy and stupid to believe there are other options..?

You're fascist Nazi heritage comes bubbling to the surface and lets you down again son..disappointing.


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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:


your life away, whatever the points your trying to make it still read as bullshit as your not real, we read the headline and listen to the employed staff invloved in motorcycle racing not a "wanna be" with a "fatal attraction" to someone who they wont ever meet or understand as a person.

i dont care what happens via the rules but i am worried on how many young spanish/italian/french riders with personal sponsors(with plenty of euro)will get rides they dont deserve as over the years have proved more than now as such.

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Oct 10

Posts: 138


WSB will just become another feeder class for Spanish riders now,as if there isn't enough of them taking every top ride in the GP classes as it is.I just wish they'd make the full switch to CRT bikes ASAP,dispense with ALL rider aids,no factory teams & a standard ECU for the whole series,they are the only changes that are going to save Moto GP,the series is dead right now.

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Nov 08

Posts: 129

phinmac says:


MotoGP is doomed and now the virus is going to spread to WSBK.

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Jan 11

Posts: 301

yzrm1 says:

A song for ezpelata



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Mar 08

Posts: 315

vmax4steve says:

Only one Motogp championship since 2006 for Honda Wosi, that's hardly demonstrating their hold over the entire series. The 800's and the 21 litres of fuel were both measures brought in to curb power and top speeds and were not instigated by Honda but by Dorna.  As for Moto3 being half full of Hondas, well the engines are all 250 single four strokes and all the top manufacturers make off roaders of the same dimensions but didn't bother to enter the championship. Where the fuck are Suzuki and Yamaha and Kawasaki in Moto3, KTM are in it and looking good for the title. How about CRT in Moto3, that's a series that's ripe for it at little cost.

Moto2 when it started had to be four stroke but Dorna had a dilema with the engine size. It really should have been 500cc but that was too close to the 600cc road bikes used in WSS and it was feared that the manufacturers wouldn't bother building engines just 100cc apart for both series and of course WSS would have sued if the engine size was 600cc and open to all manufacturers so it was turned into a feeder class for Motogp with Honda supplying a control engine. Not Hondas idea but Dornas.

Honda setting the rules for WSB, what a load of rubbish, they even built a 1000cc Vtwin racer for the road because the rules favoured Ducati and also did a Stoner when they signed Koscinski to race the RC45 to the title when Foggy failed on it 'cos he didn't have his 250cc advantage.

Honda can see the way Motogp is going and are now looking to build an RCV for the road to homologate for possible WSB entry in the future. That's not them bending the rules, that's the rules as they are. If the Foggy Petronas was allowed in then so should any other bike that doesn't sell thousands or hundreds or whatever the total must be 'cos that one sold no units at all.

See how some see things differently when they don't have an agenda.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3297

wosihound says:

My giddy aunt..?!

Yeah..and who's been their main rider up until Stoner joined and what happened next? Pedrosa has under achieved.

You're completely wrong again..The technical rules, including 800, 21litres and six engines were NOT Dornas idea. They were the brainchild of the factories.

Moto3 engines are not out of dirtbikes. CRT in Moto3?..FFS man.

Moto2 - 500 was too close to 600 so they used 600s..Jesus.

WSB - Nobody said Honda set the rules, but they left with SOME of the other JAP manufactureres because Flammini had had enough of them and cut them out of the rule making process -  just like has happened in GP.

If Honda build 2000 RCV replicas they will homologate the bike. Their threat to leave GP is because of the spec ECU and they think, under the present rules, WSB will allow them to develop their own electronics because they say it trickles down to prodduction bikes.

I say bullshit and that WSB will not be allowed to remain a free electronics series by the owners who, also own GP and will want that series to remain the blue riband class. MotoGP will not have free electronics either.

What exactly was the point of all the ill informed shite you just spouted..have you got a crush on wosi too?


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Aug 02

Posts: 45

mrdata says:


"Both have been seen to be in competition whereas the new structure it is hoped will strengthen both championships"


Basic economics: Competition is good for consumers. Monopoly is good for shareholders.


Any Bridgepoint shareholders here?


Assume the position gentlemen and make sure you brought plenty of lubrication.

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Jun 10

Posts: 288

bluehaze60 says:

Only one winner here & that's Dorna

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