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Steve Farrell  says:

Crosstourer too sporty for pillion insurance says Aviva

The UK’s biggest insurer is refusing cover for Honda Crosstourers unless riders agree to never carry a pillion. Aviva says the VFR1200X is a sports bike and on a list of machines the firm will not insure for carrying passengers. A spokeswoman said: ‘As you’re aware, some classes of motorbike are restricted regarding insurance for pillion passengers and this is...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (04 October 2012 17:07)

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Nov 11

Posts: 75

HkUk says:

Any test cases yet ?

I'm with you flat6 - a pillion is third party so every third party policy by law must cover pillions; the insurer would have to deal with the claim under the RTA. However, there's nothing to stop the insurer then coming after the policyholder to recover the third party's claim if the policyholder has declared they would not take a pillion. Would the insurer succeed ? This kind of thing is bound to end up in court sooner or later. 

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Their loss, just go elsewhere

They're perfectly within their rights to refuse to offer cover based on any risk factor, including carrying around a mobile "3rd party" who's likely to put in a big claim against you.  That's all it is, a risk factor, same as if you wanted courier insurance, or to do 30,000 miles a year.

Where it gets tricky is Plod's current hard-on for doing road users for not being insured for their current "use" of a vehicle.  To my simple mind, that's a civil matter between you and the insurer: if they can "void" the cover (as they claim) from one moment to the next depending on what you're doing, then it doesn't seem that it complies with the RTA.  On the other hand, the RTA does specify "use" of the vehicle, so it could be viewed either way.

This'll take some stubborn principled bastard to fight it all the way up the court system to get sorted out one way or the other.

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Mar 10

Posts: 1049

bmwgs says:

just go with a comp that gives free pillion cover

i am with ebike as they give me free pillion cover that you dont need to ask for. they told me as long as i have a full license then i can carry a pillion at not cost.  is the list of bike that you cant get pilion cover on line some place?  i need to check as i wont to buy / make a street fighter out of a sport bike and carry my wife on the back every day with free pillion cover.

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Mar 09

Posts: 35

Dweeb says:

"Aviva says the VFR1200X is a sports bike",......are they looking at the same bike as me ?.

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Nov 11

Posts: 202

jimbo8098 says:



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Feb 12

Posts: 165

plumber01 says:

sporty Xtourer

Ok, I admit it I have one of these, people think of it as a Jap GS, its not, it says on the tin, x"TOURER ", yep just a tall Tourer, yes it does have a slightly detuned VFR1200 engine, and I did have a VFR 1200 before, and the crosstourer is in all fairness a better bike for me, comfy, nice rding position, more low down grunt, better for commuting, and has a proper size fuel tank etc

And if I push it hard I can keep up with mates on sports bikes on the road without too much problem, however on track against a Blade that has more horses , wider rear wheel, better brakes stc, not a chance. you need a 12-5 stone pillion on the Blade just to equal the wieght!

Grt a grip Aviva

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Apr 11

Posts: 17

snapple says:

New Policy

Must be a new policy then as I had them cover me on my 05 R1 with pillion cover and if I'm not mistaken that bike seemed to be quite "sporty"...

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Jan 11

Posts: 115

luckyskua says:

Unfit for purpose

We've seen this nonsense from the Japs before when they advertised the Mazda RX7 [car] they had it driving thru rivers and such. Quite the same here with a 1/4 ton bike and riders being encouraged to rip off road on it. Anything rougher than a campsite will write the thing off and anyone unlucky enough to be under it will have broken bones. It's about time that some of this shit was black-listed from UK roads with blanket policy refusal.

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Well They're Wrong

It's plainly wrong of Aviva to class the Cross Tourer as a sports bike but unlikely to be within the remit of the "spokeswoman" to correct it. So in the time-honoured fashion of all jobsworths she trots out the "commercially sensitive" (i.e. no comment) line rather than saying "thank you for this information, we'll look into it".

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Jul 11

Posts: 29

FLAT6CYL says:

INSURERS have......

the last say at the end of the day as to what they will insure you for and what they cover within the policy. So go find one that gives you what you want. Having recently re insured it just goes to show that their playing games with what they charge and AVIVA were one of the dearest quotes i had ,so dear that i couldn't have insured with them otherwise i wouldn't have been able to buy a metal detector and some new Chest waders!!!!.The part that pisses me off with the massive variance in quotes is that a lot of them are with the same underwriter ,so it's a case of who will take the smallest commission. I recently insured with E bike who were several hundred pounds cheaper than the renewal i received from MCE ,MCE's excuse for being dearer was that they sponsored if that mattered to me so they didn't get the job!!!!  

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