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Steve Farrell  says:

Second city plans bike parking charges

Liverpool could follow London’s Westminster in scrapping free roadside motorcycle parking. A charge for motorcycle parking in the city centre could be introduced as early as this year under plans. A Liverpool Council spokesman said: "A range of proposals are currently being considered, including the introduction of a small charge for motorcycle parking.”A public consultation is due to start within...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (04 October 2012 17:18)

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Nov 09

Posts: 39

Jarrefan says:

City Parking

Liverpool's not the kind of place I would park up and leave my bike. The government should introduce "Walking round a city center on the pavement and shopping TAX" or "Holding hands in a public place with your girlfriend/wife TAX" how about "Wearing jean's in a public place TAX"

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Trouble is..... starts at £1 and then we find a hideous monster (the parking admin) has been created which absorbs all the charges and needs more and more to self-sustain. The original purpose of the charge is forgotten and nobody can kill the beast. We've seen this happen so many times. What good does it actually do for cities like LIverpool?

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Jan 04

Posts: 16

wombat4 says:

Parking & General war on Motorised Road users

Just a thought - what about some mass disobedience, if we all just refused to pay up, removed identities from our vehicles etc?

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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:

An excellent idea

But it is far too cheap.  Motorcycles are grossly inefficeint and pollute much more than cars.  It should be £10 a day.  Then we can live in a utopian land of clean air and our hard-pressed council workers can afford all those little niceties that will keep them efficient.

I for one look forward to the day when all the motorcycles are priced off our roads and we live in an accident free world.

My pills?  Oh why, thank you nurse....

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Jun 08

Posts: 137

Ridefree says:

Hang on!

As ratepayers, don't WE own the roadside and properties that councils use for parking?

So why do we have to pay again for what's ours?

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Feb 09

Posts: 26

Bigdog365 says:

A bit late....

Typical of MCN to finally pick on a story that was mentioned on the BBC nearly 12 months ago! 

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Dec 10

Posts: 242

blue200tdi says:

Welcome to rip off Britain!

I've been to some of the most spectacular places in Europe, places that our councils would charge a fortune for us to park at, except in Europe they're mostly free to park and admire.

It wouldn't be so bad if we actually got value for money. We don't! No security whatsoever, the roads are seriously dangerous (pot holes) and frankly filthy!

I guess the parking charges go towards making more cycle lanes.

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Jan 09

Posts: 6

Rredrider251 says:

Do councillors read MCN?

1. Second City and The Second City are two different things. i.e. Liverpool and Birmingham in that order.

2. Councils live by rules and procedures. If you want to stop this you have to write in accordance with the rules opposing the traffic order otherwise you are pissing in the wind. The Council will then completely ignore your views preferring the unsubmitted views of the Councillors neighbours and unfounded facts about motorcycles. This is how it happened in Westminster. The largest ever number of objections were received by Westminster Council in respect of the parking scheme.

3. Where will the money go? Veritas (company running phone service), Councillors pensions (parking fees ring fenced - my arse), promoting further use of cars on the road (council will say subsidisiing bus fares) - At the same Council meeting in Westminster that NTBPF presented 3 excellent reasons to retain free parking the last item on the Council agenda was an Item relating to installing electric car recharging points. How would this be paid for....from the bike parking fees. The meeting may still be on the web if you search for it.

4. NTBPT is run completly by volunteers giving up their free time and often money. It is one of the largest single campaigns going. Its efforts and those of the riders attending have significantly halted the spread of this charging system (by phone and credit card not tickets. No cash payments. Pre booking doesn't guarantee a space). The fact that the law is an ass is not their fault. If anyone could have done better and personally put their life on the line now's the chance to prove yourself.

5. Yes this will become an uncontrolled monster and there will be money made by councillors and their friends through interests in semi-related companies.

6. Promises of security - sorry its not a suitbable area, its a protected area, can't decide what's best will arise.

7. When Sunday parking fees was to be introduced by Westminster the theatres and other businesses came looking for support from  NTBPT. When the proposal was dropped did they stay and help bikers? Like F... they did.

So good luck Liverpool, regular riders start looking for an extra £220 (£330 before taxes plus call costs) a year to pay for your parking charges.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

If councils would provide secure, well lit attended bike parks, I might not feel so bad about having to pay. This just seems to be yet another stealth tax by councils who, instead of vigorously pursuing council tax and other debtors, use another group of road users to top up the coffers emptied by their own ineptitude. Dear me, this once proud nation really is becoming a pit of a place to live. There'll be a tax on being a wanker soon, which should recoup some money from Audi, Mercedes and BMW drivers ! Please feel free to add others to that list.........

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Oct 12

Posts: 10

DorisM88 says:

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