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Steve Farrell  says:

Second city plans bike parking charges

Liverpool could follow London’s Westminster in scrapping free roadside motorcycle parking. A charge for motorcycle parking in the city centre could be introduced as early as this year under plans. A Liverpool Council spokesman said: "A range of proposals are currently being considered, including the introduction of a small charge for motorcycle parking.”A public consultation is due to start within...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (04 October 2012 17:18)

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Sep 10

Posts: 195

Here in Sheffield the council must save another 25 million pounds ,so we will probably  be in the firing line for parking charges . But  our local council cannot  make -up their minds on anything ,so it could be a while before it happens . They allowed bikes in bus lanes , then stopped it , then re-instated it  , the same goes for the inner city tram gates , they allow bikes through again but haven"t  put the signs back ,causing more confusion . They  must go to a special school for  thinking up excuses , because if you ever confront a councillor they always have one ready .  [P.S. WHY is M.C.N. allowing all the spam ? ]

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Nov 02

Posts: 1340

norris says:


In North Yorks has been charging for motorcycles for a number of years. The parking meter asks whether you're parking a bike or car, if you indicate bike, it issues two tickets, one for the bike and one to keep if the one on te bike stolen. At the moment you can still find the odd spot to park free, but no doubt when they realise, that loop hole will be closed.


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Sep 09

Posts: 12

KernelKeld says:

Liverpool is already terrible for bikers

If this is true then I hope they are going to use the money to create more parking for motorcycles in the city centre. At present the availability of bike parking in Liverpool is terrible. There are a handful of places you can (legally) park your bike in Liverpool. Most are out of the way or only have a small number of bike spaces squeezed into the corner of a car park. One of the listed bike parking facilities on the Liverpool Council website has literally 2 spaces! And the ones that are in a convenient place and/or have a decent number of spaces, all fill up really early. In fact the only decent places to park in Liverpool is Victoria Street car park which has about 12 spaces and anchor points or near the bottom of Bold street which isn't even official parking. The others are either out of the way, have too few spaces or have nowhere to chain your bike up. There's the NCP near the Adelphi but it's a multi-story with car drivers flying up and down the ramps without looking. And unlike nearby Manchester where you see motorbikes parked on the pavement on every street and in cycle bays, good luck trying that in Liverpool with the traffic warden Nazis. In my experience of working in Liverpool over the years, Liverpool City Council seem to do everything they can to make it difficult for motorcyclists. Which is insane considering how pathetic it is getting in and out of the city during rush hour and how terrible car parking is. So to cut my rant short (sorry!), if they increase bike parking and install more anchor points then I'm all for it. Otherwise it's just an even bigger piss take of bikers than it already is. Now don't get started on the number of scouse birds who have tried to kill me while putting their lipstick on while coasting up to traffic lights when I'm filtering!

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Jan 11

Posts: 35

Sign the Petition to Stop This

There's a new e-petition to stop these proposed charges. Sign it here:

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Sep 12

Posts: 24

Fspider says:

The problem with the petition is...

To sign the petition, one first has to register on the council website to sign it. Knowing how people are regarding these matters, not many will be arsed to register. The Council tosses know this as well.

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Feb 06

Posts: 4

MikeyFZS1 says:

Easy enough to sign really

Just registered and signed the e-petition, takes all of a couple of minutes to do, including the registering bit.

There's a whopping FIVE signatures on there now !!!!!!! Bet the council are cr@pping themselves !!!

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 226

Fly by night says:

Off the road

Look as bikers we have to recognise that the govt does not want motorcycles around anymore, just look at the biker test now and the cost.

This is just another step in the direction of making bikes a play thing only, for once you ride a play thing you don't normally park it.

Any sensible person in govt would see that bikes are the solution to congestion, but it is not about congestion it is about making money.

This and every successive govt has no interest in motorcycles easing congestion, in fact the more congestion there is the more money they make off the people needing to use private transport to get to and from their work place.

The price of fuel has gone up, the price of insurence has gone up, all the time you are stuck in a cueue of traffic y are putting money into the pockets of the greedy councils all the while you are stuck in your car searching for parking spaces driving up and down you are putting money into the pockets of councils, and every illegally parked vehicle puts money into their pockets.

Pollution and congestion is of no significants to them so long as  you pay to do both they couldn't give a fig.

The only way this can be changed is by people simpathetic to the cause taking and challenging the councils positions, people that truly want to see real changes for the better taking up the council posts.

The only way to stop this madness is from within, demonstrations will do nothing, but well placed councillors can make a huge difference can turn the tide, can stop the rot.

More bikers need to get politically minded, more bikers need to campaign and become councillors any other method will get us nowhere.

Which is best banging your head against a brick wall over bike charges or becoming a councillor and voting it down, if we don't want these charges we need to get people into the seats of power that will listen to what we say.

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