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MCN  says:

Poll: Are electric bikes the future?

Electric bikes are slowly but surely catching up to traditional motorcycles, with electric bike manufacturer Brammo claiming their Empulse makes 54bhp and has a range of up to 120 miles. With the relentless charge of technology it's only a matter of time before electric bikes are equal and better than what we have today, but would you ride one? pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (08 October 2012 17:13)

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Nov 11

Posts: 109

Please god no

I facking hope not.

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Sep 07

Posts: 2860

James600zx says:

Face it.

Consider the history of battery development and bear in mind the amount of funding which must have been thrown at it by the electronics, electric vehicle and environmental industries. It's a pretty poor story suggesting a dead end.

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Jan 04

Posts: 152

venturer says:

2000 years of oil under canada

all this eco stuff has been put into poeples heads to tax them, they have done such a good good people were almost asking to be taxed to save the planet, in fact we have killed our own country adding taxes to fuel/air fares/gas/elec to save nothing, have you ever visited america !. Now people want to sell us electric motorbikes, like GTF, there is 2000 years of oil at current useage under canada so what is the rush, stop people having hot drinks using boiled water if you want to save something. Bugger me, it's got to the point that people think elec/battery pushbikes are better than old fashioned human powered pushbikes, thats how daft it's got.  

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Jan 04

Posts: 878

fogie says:

electric bikes?

Not while I've got a hole in my arse.

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Possibly but .......

..........for now it depends on how the power used to recharge the bike is generated. At the moment any electric vehicle is using power mostly generated in gas fired power stations. This may change but right now electric vehicles are not environmentally friendly. You also must consider the whole-life carbon footprint of any vehicle, from manufacture, through it's working life, to disposal. For an electric vehicle this is worse than for a petrol engine. The rare earth metal used in the batteries is particularly nasty stuff.

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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

I didn't vote because..........

.............none of the options suited what I thought. There needs to be a huge leap in battery technology before they become remotely useful outside going five miles to work and back. And,,,,,,, there will be nothing "green" about them as the electricity that charges them is produced at polution belching power stations. The lythium-polymer batteries lose a fraction of their capacity every single charge cycle. That means after three months of travelling to work you'll be down to only two thirds the mileage limit that you had when you bought it. After six months you'll need a new (and VERY expensive) battery. They may be the future; but not for at least another ten years of battery improvements.

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Sep 09

Posts: 898

Rogerborg says:

I am hearteend by the comments here

It looks like the greenwashing has been recognised for what it is: making the pollution Somebody Else's Problem, while reaming us in the tax-hole in order to subdisise it.

Say, did you hear that UK's wind farms are operating at under 20% of their marketing capacity?  And that we're paying power companies to build and maintain horribly expensive rapid cycle gas fired power stations as well as wind turbines?

Green is an industry, just like any other, and we're being scammed, hard.

If you want to see some interesting and realistic eco-technology, have a Google for "5 stroke engine".

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Oct 12

Posts: 10

kerbfinder says:

Another fuel option, why not?

Electiric bikes should just be viewed as another choice when visiting a showroom.

It is pointless arguing if they are enviromentally friendly, surely not all petrol users assume petrol gets to the pump without drilling, pumping, transporting, refining (which uses a lot of electricity), transporting again to the pump. Some oil fields are quite far away. Exhaust gasses aside, this is no better than a coal powered power station.

Batteries are now getting better too. The new 2013 Zero DS ZF11.4 pack will do 316,000miles before its capacity is reduced to 80%. How does a petrol engine perform after that amount of milage?

I ride petrol bikes but if I could afford it I would like an electric bike.


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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:


You say it's pointless arguing if they are environmentally friendly and I agree with you up to a point but electric vehicles are so often presented as the green option; electric good / petrol bad being the mantra chanted as a reason to drive one. The simple fact is that they are more polluting than a modern petrol-engined vehicle. Maybe when the hydrogen fuel cell is perfected we will have something for the future.

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Apr 04

Posts: 5

andyhrc says:

Electric bikes are the future. Just as kids now don't recognise an RC30, or have never ridden a 2-stroke, it'll make no difference to them. They are not nostalgic, they just want to ride.

As a bike designer, the future technologies are always were it is at, and believe me we're long overdue for this next quantum leap. I have designs just waiting for the battery technology to catch up. Anything that does away with eletronic fuel injection has to be the way forwards. I still refuse to ride anything fuel-injected except for my YB4. 14 years of development, and it's still unperfected, so let's move on and try something else. Let's ditch the engine, clutch, gearbox, fuel tank, airbox etc etc, and produce something new from the ground up.

Trust me, when 2 wheel drive takes off, bikes are going to be crazy fun to ride. Throw in all the modern rider aids and they'll be out of this world. Emissions may be a con, but noone ever bought a bike for green reasons. Jet fighters are fly-by-wire, and so will bikes be. The only thing holding them back is the obsolete internal combustion engine. No matter how much we hanker for a TZ750, we still ride characterless inline four 4-strokes. Buy one now as a keepsake, whilst they're still in production. They won't be around for much longer....

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