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MCN  says:

Poll: What do you want from the RCV road bike?

Tetsuo Suzuki, the boss of HRC wants to hear from MCN readers about what they want the promised V4 1000cc RCV road bike to be like, and how much they think it should cost. One of the internal debates within Honda is just exactly what form the bike should take. One camp wants to make the bike as near as possible...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (10 October 2012 13:09)

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Mar 10

Posts: 2

dag110 says:

It should be better, even marginally, than Aprilia RSV4 Aprc Factory in terms of handling having the same level of gadgetry including ABS and adjustable suspension. Ohnils components, magnesium wheels, engine cover and full carbon. At least 185 at the back wheel (not the crankshaft). Sound-wise should become more interesting and aesthetically more appealing than the current Fireblade. Closer to the racing machine's lines. Strictly single seated. Price between 25000 - 30000 euros. I wouldn't say no to 5 cylinders if it didn't affect weight too much. Personally I would prefer a same spec but two stroke machine, with revolutionary power delivery (I mean friendlier). That would blew me off.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2669

Piglet2010 says:


Built-in panniers with a pass-through, so can I do my shopping on it.

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Aug 08

Posts: 242

Paulvt1 says:

Shame that Honda has rediscovered their mojo when most of us who drooled over RC30 / 45's are too creaky to enjoy this bike.

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Sep 07

Posts: 8

ida71 says:

If they want to sell bikes & as there is NO reason to build a MotoGP replica as they would not sell in any appreciable numbers, then the simple answer is to either upgrade the RC45/46 engine to 1000cc which would be simple & cheap & could deliver 180rwhp in road trim & slot it into a Fireblade chassis with new body work.& top notch suspension. Instant WSBK racer base with all the advantages of a V4 power plant.

Alternately they could create a new even more powerful engine & do basically the same, would cost a lot more & take longer.  Either of these two options would produce a good road bike which would be a good base for SBK racing with race kit parts. Or as a CRT base engine !

The 3rd option to build an elite bike for a few well healed indivduals who already have the choice to buy last years proper racer if they want it that bad is crazy & will not make money.  It should be more than a blade in performance & style, but not a Desmodesi type replica with not useful purpose.

Either way I hope they built it, but it better NOT be based on the VFR1200 engine :(

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Mar 04

Posts: 204

v2kiwi says:

RC for the mass ,s

I,ve been waiting for this bike for years. I was working in a HONDA shop in NZ when the RC30 was on the floor for $17500 dollars, a GSXR750 was less than 10 k. The RC was still afordable if you really wanted one. Here in AUSTRALIA you can currently buy a 2012 CBR1000 fireblade for 15990 if you look around. it does,nt cost any more to produce a bike no matter what the configuration of the engine is,  IE. WHY is a CRF250R cheaper than a CRF450R the only real difference is the piston size , they both require the same amount of materials labour etc to manufacture it.  Aprilia can produce a V4 with good quaity components for an affordable price,  So really if you want to be a player that surely is the benchmark. If you look around you can buy a second hand DUCATI DESMOCIDICI for less than half  what it cost in the US so what,s the point of that. Hopefully HONDA will see the light an produce a bike along the lines of the RC51 SP2  that is a little bit exclusive but still afordable for the true enthusiast, who want,s to personalise his own bike by adding Ohlins shock/forks, Akrapovic pipe , light wheels , and all the accessories as their budget allows. Honda could have an RC line of accessories as Triumph, Harley, KTM to name a few have for their bikes, Motorcycling is only kept alive by enthusiasts, spending all there spare cash  on there personalisation of  said pride and joy.  COME ON HONDA BUILD A BIKE FOR US ALL, THAT WE CAN USE , NOT AN ORNAMENT FOR RICH POSSER,S  LOUNGE ROOM.

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Feb 10

Posts: 394


Global politics= GREED

In response to v2kiwi i agree if Aprilia can make a bike like the Mille 1000 with Ohlins and OZ forged wheels for the price of a Honda Blade,suz Gsxr 1000,etc,then something is seriously wrong in the global politics of manufacturing. This is all about...... GREED,pure and simple,markets keep prices sky high so inducing economies and currencies to conflict,causing price differences all round the world. How is it possible you can buy a 2012 car with the dealership knocking £2-3000 off asking rrp an still make a profit...simple make the vehicle for for £8000 promote it at £14,000,dealer buys in at £9500 then tell the unsuspecting gullible public they can have it for £10,999,saving nearly £3000,everyone happy and in profit. Simples no.

As to this RCV 2013,if the mock up is anything to go by then NO WAY,not for the proposed £40,000,you have to be joking:laugh:
Two routes Honda should think about first the really ltd ed routeof 1500 bikes w/w only the rich can afford or second the RC 30/45 SP1/2 route...Exclusive,limited edition,expensive but within the reach of the person who dares to mortgage the wife to get one and yes Honda providing a range of goodies for ALL pockets to customise the bike to each and every tase and like i say more importantly budget.

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Jul 08

Posts: 134

kennygorrie says:


this project isnt about profit for honda, its like vw with the bugati veyron project.  This is what biking needs, manufacturers need to build more extreme bikes, rc213v's M1's, blah blah, and if you disagree then there is still plenty of boring bikes out there

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

What do I want from it? A realistic price would be a good start.

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Aug 10

Posts: 26

Krisrexter says:

Instead of rcv

If Honda are listening I would like the new Honda nc700s with the fairing off the integra scooter stick a shaft drive on it . make the passenger seat a bit bigger and sell it with panniers as standard boom new deauville, little R&D good profit to be had. There you've met the sensible bikers. So stick lights number plate and stand on pedrosa bike win WSB supply most of the CRTs

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Aug 04

Posts: 1

iainpagan says:

RVC road bike

If Honda are bothered about the price they should just launch a limited addition fireblade with a fancy paint job and some extra carbon fibre.

We all know Moto GP bikes are priceless so when anybody says they will build a moto GP bike for the road what is the customer actually getting?

I would hope that in terms of design philosophy, material specifications and manufacturing techniques it will be something that can be as close as possible to MOTO GP technology but possible to mass produce in the desired numbers. This is what will make the bike exotic and desirable.

In real terms I think the bike needs to be totally focussed so obviously no luggage hooks, single seat is a must. Unlike the RVF and NR750 it shoudnt be a white elephant so the bike should push the boundaries in terms of power to weight ratio and handling with a mental engine, even if it means regular maintenance but  as a road bike it should have variable mapping and rider aids to make it safe.

I think Honda shoud consider offering a track version with race fairing / race exhaust and track focussed suspension and a road version.

Essentially Honda need to decide what this bike will mean to them as a class leader in moto GP and what they wish to acheive in building such a bike, at the end of the day if the bike is going to be made of one off components made of magnesium alloy, titanium and carbon etc and perhaps a blueprint engine it's going to be expensive! That's the price of technology applied to exotic excusivity which is what will make the bike desirable...and I won't be able to afford one but that's what I'd like Honda to build.

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