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Sep 12

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Fspider says:

Restricted licence and this weeks MCN

I noticed that in this weeks MCN newspaper on page 38. The following was printed in the section, THE LAW EXPLAINED... ( which is explaining next years new bike laws)...

Quote ] Already ride?
If you are 17 and on an A1 or A licence (125 or 33bhp bike) nothing changes. Unless you want to ride a big bike. [ End quote:

This section seems wrong because it implys that any one who is riding on a 33bhp licence will have to take another bike test to ride a bigger bike.
The printed text may well be a mistake on the part of the MCN newspaper. Or indeed I might have misunderstood what was wrote. Please read the section I am talking about and tell me if I am right or wrong.
I have a personal interest in this because my 18 year old son is currently on an A ( restricted licence)  He has one more year left on his restriction before the licence will AUTOMATICALLY become a full licence in November 2013.
I know that a lot of young guys are trying to pass there restriction this year before January's deadline.
Therefore I think it's right to point out what I think is a printed mistake.
Please feel free if I have some how got hold of the wrong end of the stick. But please read page 38 first. Thanks.

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  • Posted 2 years ago (17 October 2012 23:52)

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Jul 11

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MakemRider says:

From what I understand

Granfather rights are taken in to account.

For example, someone who passed their class 3 prior to the EU changes to the categories (which did away with the 4 wheel HGV Class 3 many years ago) were automatically issued with a 'C' licence (which included 6 wheel & over, formally HGV Class 2) as they could not remove their licence to drive over 7.5T 4 wheelers which required a 'C' licence.


AFAIK if you have been granted an A licence with a 2 year power restriction which, under present rules, means then when the 2 years are up you then have a FULL A licence then can not legally take away you full A licence or apply any futher restrictions (unless you lose you licence for any reason and are ordered to retake you test, which would have to be carried out under the rule that apply at that time)

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Nov 05

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evlcatnw says:

No idea

But daughters bloke has now got all of his kit to do his cbt on dec 1st (donated him my bro's kit and my old lid) but what i'd like to know is this

do the same rules apply to 22 year olds under the new laws? i.e. can he pass on a 125 then have his licence for 2 years or does he have to then take another test after ?riding around on a 125 for ?how long?

He keeps asking me but I'm stumped by it all! I've said no to lending him my 400 tho even tho he's sat on it (once) just to see how heavy it is lol

Kid and sweet shop

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Jul 11

Posts: 244

MakemRider says:

Under current rules

he will be restricted for 2 years if he passes then get he full A licence for any bike.

DAS now would give him a full A licence unrestricted

At 22 under the new rules the biggest he could take his test on the mid power bike (not 100% sure or size/power so not saying in case I'm wrong) but would have to take another test on a 'big' bike once he was 24. or stay on Ls on a 125 till 24 then pass on a big bike & miss the inbetween tests out.

Under the new rules, pass on a 125 & you are stuck with a 125 unless you pass on a larger bike.

His best options are

1: DAS under old rules = A licence

2: 125 under old rules = Restricted A for 2 years then restrictions lifted.

3: Wait till he is 24 then DAS on a big bike (I believe 600 or above) = A licence


Depending on how desperate he is to get a big bike I'd say 125 pass & get restricted A for 2 years.

IMHO it makes for a better rider being limited for 2 years or so as you build up your skills & confidence etc. but then each method has it's pros & cons others will have a different opinion.

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:


Having only an RG125 as a road bike many moons ago, I passed DAS in Nov 09 and jumped straight on my zzr1100.  Admittedly I had been riding off roaders before so bike control was something i had.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:


At age 17, you're limited to 33bhp for 2 years.

There is *currently* (and it'll probably change with the new rules) what's termed "Accelerated Access" - but this is for those people who turn 21 before the restriction time is up. Basically, you do the 33bhp test at age 19 or 20, then when you turn 21, you can apply for the full (unrestricted) licence by taking a second test.

Your son won't be in this position as far as I can tell, therefore he simply has to wait for the 33bhp limit to expire (as he's passed the test already, the new rule as it stands won't apply to him).

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