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MCN  says:

Poll: Do you have any idea what’s going on with the new licensing laws?

New changes to the law are being brought in in January due to EU legislation that will see new riders potentially forced to take three tests before being allowed access to bikes greater than 47bhp. With much confusion about the structure that will replace the current one when these changes come into force, we ask - do you have any idea what’s...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (22 October 2012 17:25)

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Oct 09

Posts: 103

BarbaricCub says:

Option B

I do hope it's sarcastic?
Only I believe I understand the new laws quite well despite not being subject to them, but don't want to mark my support down to an answer that seriously refers to anything the EU does as "useful"...

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Feb 09

Posts: 4769

philehidiot says:

Can we have E

I've joined UKIP?

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Mar 10

Posts: 1037

bmwgs says:


i got my test dont be for the last lot of test rubbish came in.

my wife just wonted to do one test then get a big bike as she is only 20 but look like she is going to wait and see what comes round.

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Jul 12

Posts: 21

Lewisboard says:


kinda understand whats going on. the worst thing is i peruaded a couple of guys to think about throwing their savings into doing it before the end of the year. but the EU's fucking idea worked and there gonna wait till they can do there DA . Killing the young bikers off :-(

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Jan 11

Posts: 8405

snev says:

Licensing Laws suck...

If I want to Drink then I should be able to do it anytime.

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Sep 12

Posts: 3

Sad but true

Hate to say it but my age group (17-18 years) are the last age group to be able to start their biking career off at a young age, and it does truly upset me when I think that people just a year younger than me won't be able to have a big bike until they're at least 19, and I think if anything having a big bike at 17 teaches the young riders to be careful with it as they know the capabilities of the bike, and that it's not just a toy that can be ridden in a t-shirt. I have a mk1 bandit 600 that I purchased and restricted to 33bhp the day after my test and it has taught me to be responsible and respectful of the bike's power and weight.

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Dec 10

Posts: 130

bikenutter says:

MCN Please read

Get EU law the hell off our roads. We welcome the trade partnerships and the conglomerate of intelligence but let each countries elected officials decide that countries laws. If it doesn't affect Europe don't bloody touch it. It ceases to be a democracy when someone other than who the people of the land ask for is making the decisions. It's high time we all realised that whilst leaving the EU might be unwise we don't have to roll over and accept the dictatorship we are slowly moving into.

Until then MCN please organise some rally to London not Brussels to protest the EU take over of our laws. A lot of changes are being made to UK biking because of it and I can think of about 100,000 bikers who would attend to protest!!!!

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Feb 09

Posts: 4769

philehidiot says:


Please give advertising space to UKIP for free, they could do with getting their message across that it's the EU that's hurting riders.

Plus when they force us to take these continental giant lorries (that exceed our 47 tonne limit) onto our roads with two wagons carrying massive loads, I'm going to have to get a faster bike to fookin' get past the bats turds.

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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

Sadly, yes I've been following it

Petitioned Brussels to give UK the hurry up (we were about 18 months late in publishing our implementation!), have been filing FOIs with the DSA, and so on.

I firmly believe that the only way that the UK's implementation will improve rider safety is by getting them off the roads.

17-18 year olds will have very little incentive to do anything beyond a CBT, then ride their YZF R125 (is wicked fast, innit) for 2 years.  How's that helping?

If there are any riding schools left in 2 years, the survivors can pay to have all their bad habits shouted out of them, and get themselves an A2 license for the same cost and on exactly the same bike that they'd currently use to do DAS.

How many of them are going to get 35kW bikes?  Or how many are going to keep them as 35kW for the following 2 years?

Eh, it's all been said before.  Europe, taken in the round, detests bikes.  As utility transport for getting to Worker Assets to Toil Pods, maybe.  For pleasure or leisure?  That hurts them where a human would have a heart.

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


Clear as mud

I am looking for a restoration project bike for my son who has just left school and started at motorsport engineering college. He is 16 and loves bikes but too young to ride. I want to get him a middle capacity classic Jap bike to rebuild/work on. A kind of leisure and learning situation.

But with these law changes, I cannot get a clear picture of what he can ride when he will be 17, by which time I expect the EU muppets in Brussels will have changed the laws again, or maybe the UK Governement will veto some of this? It is a mess for certain and will only damage British businesses even more when they least need it.

Personally I feel this is another step in the EU goal of getting rid of motorcycles from the roads. What they cannot achieve by direct action they will slime it in over a period of several years. We have muppets in the EU parliament and also muppets in UK government, what can do you do?

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